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CHANEL recently launched the Codes Couleur Collection, a fun group of products that happen to be both useful AND great additions to one’s makeup bag. Created to match 9 of the new & revamped Le Vernis shades (reviewed here), this is a perfect example of how form & function come beautifully together. Plus, everything is just so darn cute!



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The 9 colour combos in all their glory

Hot on the heels of the recently launched Le Vernis polishes, CHANEL took 9 of the shades and created matching nail files, dual mirrors, and makeup brushes that come housed in a colour-coordinated zip-top leather case (not shown). As much as I adore the brush sets, I opted not to pick any up since I already own the brushes they come with and use them often — although the collector in me really wants them. Like, REALLY.

La Lime à Ongles/The Nail File (CAD $38.00/each) | Each nail file comes in etched glass and housed in a protective velveteen sleeve. There is only one abrasive side; the other is a smooth glass backing. It’s a well-known fact that glass files are gentler on nails and provide a smoother finish with less micro-tears, but the downside is you do need to be aware that they can shatter if dropped — also, make sure you’re not applying to much pressure to the actual file when using to avoid snapping it. That said, they actually last much longer than conventional cardboard-backed files and are more sanitary as well; just make sure to rinse after use and allow to thoroughly dry.

Mirror Double Facettes/The Mirror (CAD $48.00/each) | Each slim profile mirror comes with its own protective velveteen sleeve and includes 2 sides: regular and magnified. The thin shape of the case makes it convenient to keep in your makeup bag, while the quality and size of both mirrors is stellar, with zero distortion seen. This is the perfect accessory for any on-the-go makeup touch-ups, and what’s more, will make the job look so chic at the same time.

I received the mirror and nail file in Cavalier Seul, one of the newly launched hues, and I’m absolutely loving the soothing sage green colour — so much so, that I literally went out and picked up the matching nail polish. Please note that the mini leather zipped case was a PR perk and to my knowledge, is not available for sale.


I also received the mirror and nail file in the cult-classic Rouge Noir shade, and pulled out one of my matching nail polish bottles to show how perfect colour-matched everything is. This shade has been one of my most-used nail polishes since it originally launched, and I’m fortunate enough to actually own a first run bottle that I purchased back in 1994 — which still applies beautifully to this day.

The last item that I received was the nail polish in Incendiaire, and as can be seen with the matching nail polish, happens to be one of the most perfect & classic fiery red shades.


Taking care of my nails is hugely important to me; in fact, my very first post here on the blog over 13 years ago was based on nail polish! What I really appreciate about these files is not only the excellent craftsmanship, but how portable they are. Same goes for the mirrors, because I can’t count how many times I needed to check something and regretted not having a mirror with me — no excuse now. The collection is limited edition and I know some colour combinations were only available online (which promptly sold out), but it’s still worth your time checking your local counter for availabilities.

Available at CHANEL counters and online





*Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration


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