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CHANEL’s Holiday 2022 Collection, Demander La Lune, channels all the aura, mystery, and light of the moon and brings it to earth level … and in time to get you party ready, no less. Just when I thought that this brand couldn’t possibly top previous releases, they go and launch this masterpiece. Be still, my beating heart!



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Les 4 Ombres 937 Ombres de Lune*, limited edition (CAN $80.00) | Housed in the brand’s iconic black lacquered case, it comes with a gold rendering of the double C’s on top. Inside, each shade is embossed with a symbol of the House — details like this are quintessentially CHANEL, and I absolutely love that! Each hue is richly pigmented, super creamy to the touch, and blends beautifully; just be sure to tap any excess off before applying to minimize any fall down, in particular with the gold shade. You can also take things up a notch by using a damp brush for application — the effect is unbelievable! And while this palette may lean relatively warm, it can still be easily worn by those with cooler complexions; it’s all in what you pair these shades with.


  • Top left: copper, satin
  • Top right: bronze with a soft pearlescent shift
  • Bottom right: mink brown, matte
  • Bottom left: amber gold, sparkle



Duo Lumière Multi-Use Illuminating Eye Gloss, limited edition (CAN $69.00) | I feel like this product is such an editorial one for the brand, yet so on point with the entire holiday theme. Both shades have a balmy texture and never fully dry down, but when they do/or become wiped off, they leave a soft sparkle behind. A multi-use product, these shades can be applied to the the eyes (either solo or over eyeshadow; just note that the latter way will most likely result in your eyeshadow moving, great if you like a more deconstructed effect), along the eyebrows — which I think is just genius as it not only sets brows but zhuzhes them up a bit as well, or along eyelashes for an extra bit of je ne sais quoi. While technically not a highlighter, you can also dab this along the high points of the face — either on bare skin or over foundation. See? Very multi-use, indeed.




The outer packaging on the two face powders and the eyeshadow quad with the beautifully rendered moon and iconic N° 5 bottle, is also worthy of a special mention.

Almost a collection within a collection, this year’s Holiday grouping also includes a special homage to CHANEL N° 5 via a scintillating body lotion along with a pearlescent Coco Mademoiselle gel — both products that are as gorgeous on the skin, as they appear in the bottle. I’m preparing a separate review on these, so stay tuned for that.

Éclat Lunaire Oversize Illuminating Powder, limited edition (CAN $100.00/each) | Housed in oversized packaging with gold double C’s on the lid, there are two shades of this illuminating powder, with one definitely warmer leaning and the other more neutral/cool. The surface of each powder has an exquisite embossing and I really like how each is wide enough to be used with large brushes — convenient if planning on applying to larger areas of the body such as collarbones, shoulders, or décolleté. The texture is velvety smooth and richly pigmented, so I definitely recommend going in with a light touch and building up. Both also blend beautifully and lay down seamlessly along the skin, without ever coming off as powdery. Note that while neither powder is glittery, they both have a lovely shimmer that I have to say looks simply stunning along the skin.

Or Rose, limited edition | shimmering rose gold

Cuivre Doré*, limited edition | soft brilliant copper



Rouge Allure Laque 89 Rouge Ombré (CAN $52.00) | Also available in Rose Mystère (not shown), this is a liquid lip product that comes with a flocked applicator and provides long-lasting comfortable wear. The bottom half of the bottle is transparent so you can see what shade you’re reaching for, along with helping to monitor product usage. This particular hue is a lush shimmering burgundy red with both cool and warm undertones, making it suitable for a broad range of complexions. Intensely pigmented, the applicator makes it easy to lay the product down with precision and reach all areas of the lips. Unlike traditional liquid lip products that come to a matte finish (and usually dry lips out), this one is unique in both how comfortable it is to wear, as well as the lustrous shimmer in the formula.


Rouge Allure L’Extrait (CAN $74.00/each) | There are 4 shades released with this collection (Rose Invincible and Rouge Royal not shown). Housed in a slim profile tube that opens by clicking on the top, this is a new formulation for the brand and is also refillable. The high intensity colour saturation needs to be seen to be believed, while the texture is unlike anything I’ve experienced before — and I’ve experienced a lot. Buttery, creamy, velvety — take your pick — these glide on the lips, feel so smooth, and come to a luminous finish. While emollient, their staying power is nonetheless quite impressive and leave a lovely stain behind.

  • 817 Rouge Sélène*, limited edition | fiery orange-red
  • 827 Brun Lunaire, limited edition | plummy brown



Le Vernis, limited edition (CAN $39.00/each) | Housed in the brand’s traditional rectangular bottle but with gold double C’s on the removable outer cap, the two nail polish shades of the collection draw inspiration from minerals, while the topper calls to mind a celestial body. The nail lacquers are both richly pigmented, come to full coverage by the second coat, lay down in a self levelling manner along the nail, and come to a naturally brilliant finish. I do recommend applying a base coat first (in particular with Super Lune) to avoid any potential staining. The top coat has a pale amber base and is filled with tons of golden micro glitter, and can even be made opaque by applying 3 coats, giving you options with regards to wearing it over other polishes, or on its own. All are bang-on perfect for the holidays … and beyond.

Note that in the swatches below no base or top coats were added (for photography purposes)

  • 963 Super Lune, limited edition | Garnet red crème
  • 965 Clair de Lune, limited edition | Golden khaki
  • 347 Étoilé Le Top Coat, limited edition | Coppery amber top coat with micro glitter


Love the gold double C’s on the removable outer cap

The above swatches are shown with both options: the polishes on their own, and with the topper added. In the swatch of the top coat, note that my index finger has one coat while the rest have 2 coats, in order to show the differences.

Is it just me, or does this entire collection look like a work of art? I’m super impressed with the performance of every piece and while the Duo Lumière does have a learning curve, it’s a fun product to experiment with. As this collection is limited edition, you can bet it’s going fast, so you know the drill … run, don’t walk.

Available at CHANEL counters and online for a limited time




Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

*Purchased products

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