CHANEL · Fall/Winter 2022 Les Accords de CHANEL


CHANEL has just launched their fall 2022 collection, Les Accords de CHANEL, consisting of harmonizing lipsticks and nail polishes — all inspired by the brand’s ULTRA LE TEINT Fluid Foundation, of all things. Tone on tone nudes? Sign me up.



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The collection may indeed be inspired by one of CHANEL’s foundation ranges, but both the lipsticks and nail polishes can easily shine on their own. Divided into cool and warm tones, there are 12 new shades of both to pick and choose from. The beauty of this collection is that it allows you to go completely coordinated (tone on tone), or you can switch things up by wearing contrasting hues. No matter which direction you take, you can’t go wrong as there is a nude for everyone.

Rouge Allure Lipstick Fall 2022 (CAN $52.00/each) | The Rouge Allure lipstick formula ranks as one of my favourites for many reasons, the top one being how incredibly comfortable it is to wear. With 6 cool and 6 warm shades in the collection, there’s a colour (or 6) to suit all tastes and complexions. Buttery upon application, these all come to a shiny finish and while reapplication may be needed after eating or drinking, the darker hues do leave a light stain behind for a bit of added colour. In the swatches below, the darkest shade photographs a bit patchy-looking, although the overall finish looks much smoother in person. That said and while I don’t usually go for vampy lip hues in general, I really like this one blotted down for the barest hint of colour — so much easier to wear this way.

  • 198 Nuance – pinky rosewood
  • 204 Sensation – chocolate plum
  • 209 Alter Ego – hazelnut light brown
  • 212 Caractère – chestnut brown




Le Vernis Fall 2022 (CAN $39.00/each) | The 12 new nail polish shades of this collection may also be divvied up into cool and warm tones, but you should always go with the shade that speaks to you. The brush is super easy to work with and all have an excellent formula. Every shade I tried — with the exception of Dénudé that leans a touch sheer — are well pigmented and full coverage is achieved with 2 coats. As to Dénudé, I’ve shown it with both 2 and 3 coats in the swatches below; my personal favourite is with 2, as I personally like the transparency effect as it reminds me of sea glass. Note that all 12 shades are limited edition.

All swatches are with 2 coats of polish, no base or top coat added (for photography purposes)

  • 949 Dénudé – transparent beige
  • 941 Spontané – dusty apricot
  • 953 Essentiel – caramel beige
  • 945 Émotion – pink/brown rosewood
  • 959 Infinité – dark chocolate brown




As a long time fan of both CHANEL and neutral makeup shades, this collection sits squarely in my wheelhouse. Apart from the wearable colours, what makes these pieces worth investing in, is the performance: they ALL deliver. In my book, the fact that these are not “seasonal” and can be worn throughout the year, is also a selling point. The only downside? The nail polishes are all limited edition … which makes no sense to me, as my thought is that CHANEL should definitely consider adding them to the permanent lineup — pretty sure they wouldn’t regret it, either. And of course, now I want the rest of the shades, darn it.

Available at CHANEL counters and online



Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

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