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CHANEL’s Holiday 2023 Collection draws inspiration from the “magic and opulence of the Roaring Twenties” and I am ALL about this exquisite detailing. With shimmering hues for eyes, face, lips, and nails, I seriously don’t think you’ll find a more holiday-worthy collection.


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Lumière Graphique Eyeshadow Palette, limited edition* (CAN $105.00) | The five hues comes housed in the brand’s black lacquered packaging with the iconic double C’s done in gold on the lid, and also includes a full sized mirror plus a duel-ended mini brush. Embossed fine a finely rendered sequin motif, the surface of the powder is a true showstopper. The five shades come in a range of shimmery finishes, from satin, metallic and even a sparkle (the white). The colours may not initially seem to offer much contrast visually, but as can be clearly seen in the swatch below, they all display excellent saturation along with a complex shimmer. The fact that this palettes doesn’t include a matte is not an issue, as the darkest shade offers plenty of grounding options. All in all, I’m so impressed with the stellar performance of each hue and I honestly cannot think of a more festive palette from my CHANEL collection.

From left to right:

  • platinum beige metallic
  • khaki bronze shimmer
  • black with gold shimmer
  • pale rose gold shimmer
  • diamond white sparkle


Duo Lumière Illuminating Powder Duo, limited edition (CAN $100.00) | With the same black lacquered packaging as the eyeshadow palette, this highlighter also includes a well-crafted brush that works surprisingly well. I had a hard time marring the exquisite sequin motif on the powder’s surface — it’s THAT stunning. The two tones are a pink champagne on the top with a crystal white along the bottom, and each portion is actually large enough that it can be picked up individually, provided you use a narrow brush for the job. That said, the real beauty lies in combining the two shades together. The texture is incredibly fine-milled and once applied, melds so beautifully with your skin’s natural oils and warmth, leaving behind the most lovely ethereal glow. So, so, so GORGEOUS.




Rouge Allure L’Extrait, limited edition (CAN $78.00/each) | There are four shades in the collection (Midnight Red and Roaring Purple, not shown) in the brand’s luxe L’Extrait formulation. Dressed with gold accents for the holidays, the case has a reinterpreted Art Deco aesthetic and opens up by pressing the logo on top (the lipstick then pops out). Texture-wise, this formula is creamier than cream and glides effortlessly along the lips. Displaying perfect coverage from the very first swipe, these come to lush shine finish. Given their emollient nature, staying power is great with the red shade also fading to a light stain. Note that this lipstick case is refillable — a nice touch that’s also environmentally mindful.


  • 812 Beige Brut – rosy beige
  • 854 Rouge Puissant – intense red


Le Vernis Nail Colour, limited edition (CAN $44.00/each) |The three nail shades of this collection are absolutely stunning and so perfectly in line with the theme. All have an excellent formula that flows extremely well and comes to a natural glossy finish. As to opacity, 167 White Silk (NOTE: ‘167’ was the number given to the brand’s iconic Ballerina, which is now number ‘111’) is semi-sheer with one coat, but covers up nicely with two. Depending on my mood, I actually prefer some translucency with pale shades like that, but I like that I can increase the opacity with a third coat, if desired. The complex metallic shimmer of 169 Tuxedo is gorgeous and applies smoothly, leaving no streaks behind. The last of the trio, 171 Sequins has a rich black base and comes filled with tons of ultra fine silvery shimmer — giving major starry night vibes. Due to its intense nature, I definitely recommend applying base coat first to avoid any potential staining.

All swatches below are with 2 layers of polish, no base or top coats

  • 167 White Silk – white with a subtle rose tint
  • 169 Tuxedo* – pale antique gold
  • 171 Sequins – black with ultra fine silvery shimmer


Wow. I mean … WOW. To say that CHANEL really hit it way out of the park with this collection, would not be a lie. Every single piece is stellar and what’s more, absolutely delivers on performance. I can’t even pick a standout, as I love it all. Naturally, this is a limited edition collection but so worth your time and effort to track down (hint: the website still shows many pieces as available, but that won’t be for long).

Available at CHANEL counters and online for a limited time




Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

*Purchased products

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