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The latest additions to the CHANEL Le Vernis range and brand new for Spring 2017, are the four shades featured today (CAN $32.00/each). Out of the four, only one — Tulle, the peach shade — is limited edition and surprisingly it’s not the one I would have expected, but then again I’ll never figure out how brands determine which product gets this designation; I’m just glad it’s not either Androgyne (the deepest hue) or Washed Denim ∗sigh of relief∗.


When CHANEL revamped their nail lacquers, they not only tweaked the formula to be longer-lasting and less prone to chipping, but to provide a high-gloss finish that’s best maintained by using the accompanying Le Gel Top Coat. The brush was also somewhat changed up, but I personally feel that this is where the brand needs to step up their game further and take a few lessons from others that offer a truly great brush, such as Dior, Guerlain, Essie Gel Couture and L’Oréal Le Vernis à L’Huile. Then, the game will truly be ON.


566 Washed Denim | A greyed-out blue with greenish undertones in the base in a crème-jelly hybrid formula that applies just beautifully. With excellent coverage & opacity, self-levelling and coming to a natural glossy finish, this shade looks like your absolutely fave pair of worn-out jeans — you know the type, when they become all soft & flannel-like. LOVE.

PS: I needed to see Washed Denim mattified and am all about the suede effect it gives off.

Coats: 2, no top coat


568 Tulle, limited edition | A soft salmon pink hue with peachy undertones that make it more warm than cool-leaning, in a crème formula that’s also quite glossy at the finish. As expected with a pastel shade in this colour family, there’s some patchiness seen with the first coat but which gets filled in with a second layer — just bear in mind that you do need to apply the barest pressure on your brush and use featherlight strokes for the smoothest look.

Coats: 2, no top coat


570 Androgyne | YESSSSSSS. Let me say from the start that capturing & describing this shade takes all my skill; a greyed-out/dirty chestnut/plum hue with ultrafine “secret” teal shimmer. See? I wasn’t kidding. The formula is absolutely superb: crème but jelly-esque which means it lays down with some bounce to it, coming to a plush, cushiony, & brilliant finish. Add to that fabulous opacity and self-levelling properties, and you’re looking at a colour that sits well within my wheelhouse: totally unique, moody and kind of brooding. I only wish that the teal shimmer was more apparent, as it’s so unexpected and gives such a nice twist — but I’ll take it just the same. BONUS: non-staining upon removal.

PS: I suggest you click to enlarge the photo to see the shimmer detail. Also, I thought that by mattifying Androgyne it would bring out the shimmery bits more; it didn’t, but it does enhance the teal/plum look of this shade which still looks pretty cool.

Coats: 2, no top coat


572 Emblématique | A blue-based oxblood/blood-red hue in a rich crème-jelly formula that displays some bounce to it and leans a touch thick, but that’s nevertheless quite easy to apply just the same. Ridiculously glossy at the finish, this is a true vampy shade and totally femme fatale, made even sweeter by the fact that it’s relatively non-staining upon removal — just don’t skip base coat first.

Coats: 2, no top coat


It’s no surprise that I have a long-standing love-affair with anything CHANEL and in fact, I’ve been collecting this brand’s lacquers for decades now (one of the latest pics on my Instagram feed displays my collection in all its organized glory). From the four shades here, my favourites are easily Washed Denim and Androgyne … for all the reasons stated earlier. Emblématique, while nothing revolutionary colour-wise, is still a stunning red to have and props to it being stain-free (for the most part), and even though Tulle isn’t my usual cup of tea, I can still see this looking just fabulous as a pedi shade and against a light tan. So yeah, I’m grooving on ALL of them. Quelle surprise, non?

Available March 3 at all CHANEL counters


Media samples kindly provided, all opinions are my own

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