CHANEL · Le Vernis Summer 2022 & New Nail Care


As a longtime CHANEL nail polish collector (and I mean LONG), I was super excited to hear of this latest launch. What I hadn’t known at the time, was that two new nail care products were also being launched, so naturally I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. Spoiler alert: everything is just perfection.



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Le Vernis Summer 2022, limited edition (CAN $39.00/each) | The six new shades of this collection couldn’t be more summer-perfect, but I definitely intend to wear these colours all year round. The formula is excellent and applies beautifully, coming to a natural glossy finish. With one minor exception, each shade is also well pigmented and all come to excellent coverage by the second coat. On my nails, CHANEL polishes last easily a week + without chipping and only show minor wear.




La Base Camélia Fortifying, Protective and Smoothing Base Coat (CAN $42.00) | Listed as limited edition on the Canadian website, this is a treatment base coat that not only provides an anchor for nail polish layered on top, but helps to nourish the nail bed while also strengthening it and smoothening the surface to help give the best possible finish. The formula contains Camellia Oleifera Oil which helps nourish nails and prevents dehydration, while Cellulose fills in irregularities on the nail to help provide a smooth surface finish. Finally, natural mineral pigments help neutralize the appearance of any nail yellowness. It’s said that after one month of use, nails feel stronger, are more visibly nourished, and appear naturally shinier. It applies so easily and leaves an ever so slight rosy hue that comes to a soft satin finish and while meant to serve as a base coat, it can also be worn on its own for a clean & simple nail look.

L’Huile Camélia Hydrating and Fortifying Oil (CAN $42.00) | I have always been rather preoccupied with hand & cuticle care and have tried many products; that said, I have literally become obsessed with this oil since the first use. Housed in soft squeezable packaging, the product is dispensed from a rigid tip — a detail I actually prefer, as it makes it so much easier to keep clean. The gel-like texture quickly transforms into an oil upon application and a little really goes a long way; I actually found that 1 drop per hand is more than enough to cover all cuticles. It takes a few minutes to fully absorb and it also does an excellent job of keeping the cuticles hydrated and nourished for quite a while. Oh, and did I mention the absolutely divine fragrance? A definite perk, for sure.


Above, a comparison shot of the brush for La Base Camélia (top) versus the nail polish brush (Blanc Écume shown) which clearly shows how much wider the La Base Camélia brush is, making it effortless to fully coat the nail with a couple of strokes.

All swatches below are shown with 2 coats of polish


925 Rose Coquillage – A creamy coral rose that can appear both delicate and vivid, depending on the light, and a shade that will suit both cool and warm skin tones. This shade was pre-sold out at my usual CHANEL counter, and I totally get why: this is the perfect hue to wear when you want impact but still want to stay on the soft side.

927 Blanc Écume – A soft yet intense white that somehow doesn’t come off as chalky and still manages to have a hint of warmth to it – without any yellow tinge. By the way, I’ve been obsessed with white shades since CHANEL first launched Eastern Light years ago (no longer available), and this might be my favourite version to date.

929 Pastel Sand – Like a Creamsicle, no? This is a soft & luscious apricot yet still edgy enough to keep it from looking too dainty. I rarely wear shades like this as I find they don’t stand out against my complexion, but DANG if this one isn’t just the most delicious!

931 Moon Shell – First of all, I love the name. Secondly, this ethereal lilac manages to somehow be both cool and warm at the same time. Magic, I tell you. I should also note that depending on the light, it can take on a deeper tone and for some reason this shade makes me want to play around with some nail art — I’m thinking pairing it up with a dark tip would look really cool.

933 Cap Corail – A juicy tangerine with impact yet still soft enough to easily wear. How stunning will this be against a tan? I love how it’s super vivid but doesn’t stray into neon territory, which makes it so much more sophisticated — but still playful too.

935 Sea Sea Green – While I love them all, lately I’ve been on a seafoam green kick and my heart started racing as soon as I saw this shade. Of them all, it’s the only one that goes on a tad sheer with the first coat, but a second layer takes care of everything. I freaking LOVE this shade and am already planning a backup.

I went through my CHANEL collection and pulled out any shades that came close — apart from the three white shades (Blanc Écume and Pure White may appear identical, the latter is actually brighter in person and has a slightly thicker formula), you can clearly see that there are no real duplicates here.

I was able to find closer comparisons for both Cap Corail and Rose Coquillage in my collection, but still nothing identical. Many of the shades in all the above swatches are no longer available so if you did miss out on previous versions, you can make up for that with any of these new shades.


As I said at the top, I’ve been collecting CHANEL nail polishes for a long time — over 3 decades now, to be exact. I’ve seen the brand improve both the brush and their formula and I can honestly say that these are some of my favourite polishes to wear. This new collection of shades checks off all my boxes: the colours are beautiful & totally wearable, and the quality 100% delivers. The new nail care products are also welcome additions to my collection and CHANEL if you’re reading this, please make the La Base Camélia permanent because you’ve got a major hit there.

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