CHANEL · Le Volume Stretch Mascara & Le Liner Rouge Noir


Out of all the makeup products in the world, the one that I’d say can make you look instantly “done” & wide awake, has got to be mascara. And while not all mascaras are created equal, CHANEL’s Le Volume has been my go-to since its launch years ago. Recently added to the range is the new Le Volume Stretch* … it’s got quite a lot to live up to, so I put it to the test. The iconic Rouge Noir* family also has a new addition in the form of liquid liner, and even though I tend to reach for pencils, you can bet that I’ll be giving this one a whirl.

*Graciously gifted by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration



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Le Liner de CHANEL N°516 Rouge Noir (CAN $45.00) | Housed in a rectangular black lacquered casing, this liner comes with a finely tapered flexible applicator, but one that’s still rigid enough to allow for precision work. The formula is said to be long-wearing (it totally is — I can vouch for that) and leaves a latex-like film, meaning it has enough flexibility so as to not crack with any eye movement. I received the cult-fave Rouge Noir shade, a rich blackened berry hue and one that I feel is a unique alternative to wearing traditional black … plus it really makes my green eyes stand out, not to mention rounding out the rest of my Rouge Noir products.


Le Volume Stretch de CHANEL N°10 Noir (CAN $45.00) | Apart from the black ridged cylindrical tube, this new version shares another feature with the Le Volume Révolution mascara (reviewed here): both come with a 3D-printed brush, one that also happens to be entirely hollow for improved flexibility. The spiral spike bristles of this brush head have been designed to specifically “catch, roll, and stretch” lashes quickly and efficiently, depositing product with every stroke. The formula contains jojoba extracts for conditioning and a latex-type film for flexibility, along with state-of-the-art pigments for intense, long-wearing colour.

My mascara standards are high; I prefer volume (over all other features) with length a close second, and I want it to be long-lasting, crease/flake/smudge proof, yet easily removed at the end of the day. Finally, if black, the pigmentation must be true and not a watered down version. So how does Le Volume Stretch fare? So far, it has met all criteria, and while the lengthening factor is clearly visible, it may not be as voluminous … yet, but I suspect that that will improve once I’ve used it 5-6 times — something I’ve experienced with other CHANEL mascaras.


In comparison, the original Le Volume still provides the most volume and to be honest, I can’t say I’ve noticed a big difference in colour between this and the Le Volume Ultra-Noir (reviewed here). Le Volume Révolution is a close contender to the original and might even be an improvement formula-wise. Where Le Volume Stretch stands out, is in the length it provides and how easily it separates lashes.



I’ll keep it simple: I definitely approve of Le Volume Stretch. Apart from providing both length and volume, I appreciate that it removes so easily at the end of the day without any undue stress on my lashes. I also like how clump-free the application is, making it effortless to separate lashes. So if you’re in the market for a mascara that does all that, look no further — we’ve got a winner here. As to the liner, I may not reach for liquid versions often, but the Rouge Noir collector in me is very, very happy to add this to the roster … bonus points scored for how beautifully it performs.

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