CHANEL · Les 4 Ombres Tweed Collection 2022


Chanel’s latest Les 4 Ombres Tweed Collection is nothing short of a masterpiece, and ranks as one of the most beautiful that the brand has launched in recent memory. In short, if ever there was a ‘must-have’ collection, this would definitely be it. All of it, in fact.



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The four palettes personified



Les 4 Ombres Tweed, limited edition (CAN $103.00/each) | The four palettes of the collection each come housed in their own tweed sleeve, with the shades of each palette echoed in the pattern of the sleeves. Even the inside hasn’t been overlooked, as the lining is stamped with the iconic double C’s as well. Honestly, as if the colours of each quad weren’t enough, how gorgeous are these tweed sleeves? As I always say, it’s all in the details. The compacts are the usual black lacquered cases with the logo embossed on top, with a full sized mirror on the inner lid. All shades last beautifully without creasing or fading, provided a primer is applied first (a critical first step if you happen to have lids that tend to get oily, as mine do).


Each eyeshadow quad comes with a harmonizing colour story and in varying finishes from satin, matte, shimmer, metallic and even a glitter topper.


01 Tweed Cuivré | The colours in this palette may appear warm, but I find that they’re neutral enough to be worn by all complexions. The hues are richly pigmented, blend effortlessly and can even be amped up if applied with a dampened brush. Three out of the four have a satin shimmer finish and while the gold is more of a topper, it can also be worn solo for a sparkling wash of colour along the lid. Shades include (clockwise from top left):

  • rust/chocolate brown, satin shimmer
  • copper shimmer
  • sparkling gold, glitter topper
  • rich bronze, satin shimmer



02 Tweed Pourpre*| The colours here appear more cool-toned to me, but I was surprised to find that there’s a warm undertone throughout. The texture of these shades feels slightly different than the other three palettes; a bit dryer but still very workable and super easy to blend out. In fact, I like that all the hues have a slightly muted application as it makes them easier to wear. Shades include (clockwise from top left):

  • dusty rose, satin matte
  • pale pink, satin matte
  • plum rose, satin
  • antique pink, satin



03 Tweed Fauve*| This is definitely the warmest leaning of all four quads … as well as displaying the most unique colour story, thanks to that vivid orange. All four hues are richly colour-saturated, blend effortlessly, and can be used to create a variety of looks from soft all the way to editorial. Shades include (clockwise from top left):

  • terracotta, satin matte
  • true gold, satin shimmer
  • rose gold/pink, satin shimmer
  • mink brown, satin matte



04 Tweed Brun et Rose | The most ‘neutral’ and in all likelihood the most easily wearable of the bunch, all four shades apply beautifully, displaying excellent pigmentation and blendability. Interestingly and while the colours here appear muted in the pan, I was surprised by how easy it is to create an intense look just the same. Shades include (clockwise from top left):

  • golden beige, satin shimmer
  • soft taupe, satin
  • rich brown, satin shimmer
  • silvery pink/mauve, shimmer




Stylo Yeux Waterproof, limited edition (CAN $43.00/each) | These are my absolute favourite eye liners from all the brands I’ve tried, and also the ones I reach for the most. Housed in a retractible pen format (which keeps them hygienic), you can also pull off the top to reveal a built-in sharpener. The texture is ultra smooth and glides easily along the delicate skin of the eye, and they can also be worn safely along the waterline where they last incredibly well. Intensely colour-saturated, they can also be smudged/blended out but just be aware that you’ll need to work one eye at a time to prevent them from setting too quickly. Once they do set, they are basically budge proof and will need a dual-phase remover to take off all traces. For the record, I am obsessed with wearing copper liner — especially along the inner lid as it’s not only an easy way to wear liner this way without making eyes appear small, but the perfect shade to set off my green eyes.

  • 52 Cuivre Doré | a true golden copper
  • 58 Bois Noir | blackened brown with a khaki undertone

I went through my collection of CHANEL Stylo Yeux Waterproof liners to find matches to both shades, and above are the results. Both Cuivre Doré and Bois Noir stand unique, although the latter has some similarity to Khaki Intense, but without the shimmer.


I’d run, not walk, to pick up this collection — elbow people out of the way, if you have to (lol — but don’t, please). Pricey? Absolutely but in my opinion and as a long-time CHANEL collector, every single piece is worth the money. I even contemplated getting back-ups of the palettes because they’re all so display-worthy, but in the end I’d rather use and enjoy the products, because that’s what it’s really all about.

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Products marked * kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

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