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In 2013 when CHANEL launched Les Beiges, to say that the concept turned out to be iconic wouldn’t be an overstatement, and since then the brand has continued to add something to the range every year. For 2018, Les Beiges has grown to include new items along with varying tonal intensities — because there really is more than one way to go nude, nest-ce pas?



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Torn between wanting to display and/or use this bag – love!


Sheer Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer in Medium (CAN $60.00) | When it comes to foundation, I’m all about a sheer coverage and after playing with this tinted moisturizer for a short while now, it’s quickly become the one I reach for the most. Available in 6 shades, the formula features a mineral pigment that reacts with red light to help provide skin with a satiny radiance, along with a slight ‘soft focus’ effect to even out tone. Also included in the mix is hyaluronic acid for its plumping action, combined with antioxidant kalanchoe extract — as well as SPF 30 (although regulations here in Canada don’t allow for the SPF to be advertised. Don’t ask).

After giving the bottle a little shake to ensure everything is properly combined, I prefer squeezing the product out directly onto my CHANEL Retractable Foundation Brush for application, although you can certainly use fingers as well. Spreading effortlessly along the skin, the finish is a bit of mystery to me; it literally lays down quite sheer and allows your natural skin to almost show through, yet still manages to imperceptibly cover and give an overall evenness to the skin. Magic stuff, I tell you. I experience no oxidation throughout the wearing, and neither do I find the product breaking up at all (the usual culprit being around the nose area), and when layered with the Healthy Glow Powder, the finish looks quite natural upon the skin — and even better throughout the wearing, I might add.


I reached for my Les Beiges Healthy Glow Fluid to see how it compared to the new Tinted Moisturizer, and found that the latter is a marked improvement on the former. For starters, the finish is less dewy with the Tinted Moisturizer (which means less oxidation upon the skin as well) and the staying power appears to be stronger as well. Colour-wise they are quite similar, although I do notice a touch more pink in the Healthy Glow Fluid.


Healthy Glow Natural Eyeshadow Palette in Deep (CAN $70.00) | I first saw glimpses of this palette when it was used backstage at CHANEL’s recent Fall/Winter Ready-To-Wear Runway show, and I absolutely couldn’t wait to see & try it for myself. I was right: it’s a STUNNER. There are 3 colour harmonies available, with both the Light and Deep versions new to the range, while the Medium palette was previously released last year (reviewed here).

With colours ranging from light to relatively dark, and a nice mix of finishes as well (matte, satin & shimmer are all represented), the textures are quite impressive and show excellent colour saturation. That said, the two shimmer shades will display some fall down if swiped on, so I recommend either patting them on (I like to use my finger for that), or using a dampened flat synthetic brush for the job. Staying power, when worn over primer, is bang on — staying colour true until removed.


A quick comparison to last year’s Natural Eyeshadow Palette (which is this year’s Medium version) — in case you were wondering if there were any similarities. There aren’t, thankfully.


Healthy Glow Luminous Multi-Colour Powder in Medium, limited edition (CAN $75.00) | From the brand that basically perfected the ‘bonne mine’ (or healthy look) effect, comes the latest addition — a bronzer that may also work in a blush capacity, thanks to the colour striations. Housed in a square beige lacquered compact case that holds a full-sized mirror on the inner lid along with a natural hair demi-lune brush, there are 2 other shades available (Light and Deep). The formula is enriched with beeswax and Shea Butter to provide moisturizing properties, while the finely milled texture lays down like a light veil along the skin, further melding with the your natural oils and warmth throughout the wearing to create a flawless glow. Note that this powder bears the brand’s iconic rose fragrance, but which seems to dissipate quickly after application.

The rippled surface pattern is not only aesthetically appealing, but useful in not allowing your brush to grab too much of any one colour. That said, trying to pick up some of the individual hues might prove a bit challenging but as the intent is to use them all together, I suggest swirling your brush across the entire pan and tapping off any excess before application. Of course, it goes without saying that concentrating along the upper portion will yield a deeper tone, while the bottom half is not only lighter but adds a peachy tint as well. Overall, the effect is amazing and I find that it gives my skin that healthy-looking radiance one gets from being outside in the fresh air. Paired over the Tinted Moisturizer is a match made in heaven, as well as helps to increase the longevity of both products.



I believe I have every single shade of previously released Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powders, so I pulled out the ones that came closest to this year’s version to compare. The swatch below is relatively self-explanatory but to sum up: the only real similarity lies with the finish of all (with the possible exception of Duo N°01 which is deeper and therefore does not give off the same sheen). Colour-wise, Marinière N°02 comes the closest, but this year’s Medium is still unique since the balance of colour can shift quite a bit, depending on which hues are picked up by your brush.


Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick N°25 (CAN $53.00) | It’s a no-brainer: if looking to give your skin the most believable-looking flush of colour, then a cream product is the way to go — however dipping one’s fingers into a pot can not only be messy, but fairly unsanitary as well. Enter one of my go-to faves, CHANEL’s Colour Stick. Housed in a retractable case, it’s not only ridiculously easy to use but eminently portable as well. The beeswax base helps to provide that second-skin effect, while the pigmentation is absolutely buildable and goof-proof to use. This rosy-red hue with its wash of golden shimmer is the latest addition to the range, and has already hit favourite status in my makeup rotation; a couple of light dabs that are then blended out (fingers are a must — leave your brushes behind), are all that’s needed for blush that looks like you were born that way.

Healthy Glow Lip Balm in Deep (CAN $43.00) | Brand new to the Les Beiges range, lips now get their own share of the spotlight via the release of 3 new Balms (the other two shades are Light and Medium). With emollient oils in the base to provide lips with the ultimate in comfort, the texture glides on creamy smooth and has a distinctive moisturizing feel. At first, I confess to being a bit put-off by the dark berry tone of this balm but I was quickly won over by the very first swipe. With enough colour to give life, but not as fussy as  traditional lipstick can be, staying power is — not surprisingly — on the lighter end of the scale (it is a balm, after all), although the hydrated feel it imparts lasts long after all traces of colour have faded. PS: this shade is now living happily in my makeup bag.


A quick comparison of 2 other Colour Stick shades in the range — all of which are well loved, as can be seen by their condition.



I won’t mince words: I love CHANEL’s Les Beiges products and will even go as far as saying that they rank as some of my favourite beauty items from this venerable brand (which if you know me, that speaks volumes as I’m quite the fan of all things CHANEL). Every single piece shown here is phenomenal, from inherent quality to application, and while I know I should be playing with the tons of other makeup I have, I can’t help but want to reach for these oh-so-wearable shades over & over again. And can we talk about that beige neoprene makeup bag? Hands down my most oohed over press package perk, that’s for sure. Bottom line: mark your calendars for this collection’s release — it’s 100% ommorphia approved.

Available May 1 at all CHANEL counters


Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

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