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Today’s post is part 2 of the CHANEL Les Beiges Summer 2022 Collection (see part 1 here) with the focus being on these stunning powders. Jumbo compacts might not be the easiest to tote around, but I’ll definitely make an exception for these because spoiler: they’re AH-MAZING.



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Totally feeling this vibe

As can be seen in the above photo, the new Oversize Healthy Glow Powders are exactly that: quite a jump when compared to the regular sized Les Beiges powders in the lineup, but in reality it’s more the exterior packaging that’s larger, as the contents vary by a small percentage (15 g/0.53 oz versus 10 g/0.35 oz). The biggest advantage to the bigger compact & pan size, is that you can use a larger brush and therefore also apply product not only your face, but to the body as well with ease.

Les Beiges Oversize Healthy Glow Sun-Kissed Powder, limited edition (CAN $100.00/each) | The iconic beige lacquered compact has ballooned this year, and I absolutely do NOT hate it. There are a couple of things to note right from the start: the protective velour sleeves usually found with these powders have been eliminated here, and while there is a protective plastic over the powder, the usual demi-lune brush is also gone — both factors that makes me happy to see, as even these small gestures really help minimize any carbon footprint. The surface of each powder is embossed with a raised pattern that replicates the compact — how cute is that? But the biggest change I’ve seen is in the formula: beautifully and definitively pigmented, the texture is creamy to the touch, yet manages to blend so seamlessly into the skin. While I’ve loved most of the previous releases from this range, I confess that this year’s iteration blows them all out of the water. There’s an almost magical quality to the powder which not only keeps it from oxidizing once applied, but somehow manages to continue looking better with wear. Note that while there is a fragrance, it’s quite subtle and one that seems to dissipate quickly after application.

The only shade not shown is Sunshine – Light, and while I was hesitant to pick it up thinking it might be too pale for my complexion, I’m now considering going back for it after having tested these two. The reason behind my decision comes down to the velvety texture that also displays such lovely colour saturation, meaning even the lightest shade will provide excellent payoff — and which I can use once my light tan fades. That’s what I’m going with.



Sunkiss – Medium | medium beige tan hue, satin finish

Sunbath – Deep | deep tan hue, satin matte finish


If you’ve read any of my previous Les Beiges posts (I’ve basically documented almost everything from the range since it launched — check my CHANEL tag on the right sidebar for more), it’s no secret these are my favourite and most used products from this brand. So naturally, I immediately wanted to compare these new powders to previous versions but I wanted to keep the comparisons cohesive; to that end, I opted for mono-coloured releases (there have been a few collections that also included multiple shades and/or a blush hue), as well as anything with a similar performance (luminous/illuminating versus a face powder finish). That said, I selected the four shown, but surprise, surprise: they don’t even come close. I’ve included swatches below for reference, but it’s obvious that the Oversize Healthy Glow Powders stand alone.



Les Beiges Oversize Kabuki Brush, limited edition* (CAN $72.00) | As this brush was previously reviewed in part 1 of this collection (found here), I won’t go into too much detail, but after testing it out with these powders, I can tell you that it lives up to its appearance & feel: the dense yet incredibly soft [synthetic] bristles work beautifully with this powder formula, helping to apply the product evenly onto the skin and what’s more, enables you to buff it in for the most seamless and natural looking finish. In other words, a worthy investment.


Once again, CHANEL has not disappointed with this most recent Les Beiges launch, and even if I weren’t already a fan, all of these products would convert me in a heartbeat. I honestly cannot recommend this collection enough and if anything here has caught your eye, I wouldn’t hesitate too long in picking up as the key pieces are all limited edition. I’m confident enough to say that you won’t regret it!

Available at CHANEL counters for a limited time



Product marked * provided by CHANEL

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