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In the latest edition of CHANEL’s 24-hue Le Vernis range, the brand has tweaked both the formula and the brush, along with launching 17 new shades. As a long-time collector (over 30 years now!), I’ve seen many iterations come and go, and what impresses me the most is that CHANEL is always looking to improve & innovate. Oh, and the colours are absolutely FAB.



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Le Vernis (CAN $44.00/each) | The iconic square bottle and removable outer cap remain the same — it’s basically the contents that have undergone a few changes. The collection is divided into 5 colour families:

  • Colours that energize – fiery red, vibrant fuchsia pink,  bright coral, intense plum
  • Colours that soothe – (soft neutrals that inspire calm) light pink, latte beige
  • Colours that bring joy – cloud blue, fresh lilac, zesty yellow
  • Colours that disrupt – (in between 2 worlds) pinkish terracotta, androgynous gray
  • Colours that provide strength – three assertive & alluring reds

As I said at the top, I’ve been collecting and wearing CHANEL nail polish for over 30 years and to this day, this is still the brand I turn to 99% of the time. That said, there have been some less than stellar formulations over the years, but this latest launch shows not only an improvement in the pigmentation, flow, and finish, but even the brush has been given an upgrade, now being slightly more dense and rounded, so that it hugs the curve of the nail bed with ease. As someone who likes to keep things cohesive, I always pair my Le Vernis with matching base & top coats, and my preferences are La Base Camélia (reviewed here) along with Le Gel Coat for the most brilliant shine and durable finish. Another product that I absolutely love, is the L’Huile Camélia (reviewed here) — not only is it great to prep cuticles and a product that absorbs beautifully without leaving a greasy residue (plus it smells divine), but I also like to rub it in once my nails are dry to keep my cuticles nourished and healthy.

All the Le Vernis here display common features: excellent colour saturation, a smooth & even flow, and coming to a naturally glossy finish. Depending on your preferences, the white hue Insomniaque may need a third light coat for total opacity, but I’m happy with the look of two coats. A few of the shades such as Diva and Incendiaire have a great opacity even at 1 coat, but I always apply 2 just the same. TIP: do not skip base coat for any of the red or deep colours, in order to avoid any potential staining. For the swatches below, all shades are with 2 layers of polish, no base or top coats applied.

  • Insomniaque – crisp yet creamy white
  • Ovni – tangy yellow
  • Muse* – dusty cloud blue
  • Première Dame* – bright coral pink
  • Diva – fuchsia pink
  • Incendiaire – red orange
  • Phénix* – shimmering gold
  • Fugueuse – deep marine blue
  • Le Diable en CHANEL* – midnight black





If you’re  nail polish lover as I am, and if you’re also a CHANEL nail polish collector (again, me), then I highly recommend you check out this latest launch. I’m also super happy that none of these shades are limited edition, so no need to drive yourself crazy trying to track them down (guilty of that too). The only dilemma? Which to choose — I already have my eye on a few more that I absolutely need to add to the family!

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Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

*Purchased product

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