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For Spring/Summer 2023, CHANEL has launched a collection inspired by red, aka: Mademoiselle’s favourite colour. With oversized palettes that serve triple duty (eyeshadow, highlighter & blush), the word that comes to mind when I think of red, is “passionate” but “empowering” is definitely a close second. Let’s add “sexy” in there as well, while we’re at it.



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Using plenty of creative license, the colour red has been reinterpreted for this collection and reimagined with how far (or little) you’d want to take it. The underlying theme is actually rather playful, but still loaded with sass, while the pieces themselves invite you to mix, match & experiment. All in all, this collection fits so perfectly in my red-loving wheelhouse!

Les 4 Rouges Yeux et Joues (CAN $103.00/each) | Each oversized palette is housed in the House’s signature black lacquer case with the iconic double C’s on the lid. Comprised of one softer-leaning palette and the other much bolder, there’s a mix of satin and matte shades that can be worn individually, or combined for creative new options. Each colour pan is also large enough to easily accommodate a larger brush if planning on using as a blush. The texture is finely milled and beautifully colour saturated, applying effortlessly along the skin. Staying power when worn over primer (eyes)/foundation (cheeks), is excellent as well. TIP: the highlight shade (upper right) of each palette can not only be worn as a traditional highlighter, but also applied to the inner eye corner, layered over any other blush, or even dusted along the collar bones for some extra ooh-la-la.


957 Tendresse | Definitely the ‘easier’ palette to wear of the two, as the colour red here is somewhat more subdued. That said, each shade can also be applied in a more concentrated way to provide considerable impact. On those with fair-light complexions, the nude shade (lower right) can also double as a bronzer/contour. Limited edition.

  • soft terracotta, upper left
  • apricot rose highlighter, upper right
  • rosy beige, lower right
  • peach, lower left

958 Caractère* | While this palette definitely leans more vibrant, it’s interesting to note that you can still tone things down if desired; it’s all in how much product your brush picks up and the pressure used to apply. The layering options here are also quite wonderful and makes it easy to create a statement/dramatic look. Can we also talk about that STUNNING highlighter shade?

  • warm rosewood, upper left
  • rose gold highlighter, upper right
  • tomette tile red, lower right
  • sienna red, lower left


Stylo Yeux Waterproof 72 Or Rose (CAN $42.00) | I’ve said it a million times before in previous posts and I’ll say it again: CHANEL’s Stylo Yeux Waterproof liners are my Holy Grail favourites. Something else that I’m obsessed with is copper coloured liners, as they really make my green eyes stand out. Housed in a retractable pencil style format, you also get a built in sharpener on the other end — it actually took me years to realize this. Sigh. Moving along … With its true rose gold hue, the texture is buttery smooth and glides effortlessly along the delicate skin around the eye, without ever pulling or tugging. You can also safely wear this along the waterline and if planning on using as a base or simply want to wear it along the lid, just make sure to work one eye at a time before blending, because these liners are budge-proof once they set. Lasting power is AMAZING. Limited edition.

I feel like CHANEL has previously released something close to Or Rose, but if that were the case, I for sure would have it in my collection (unless I did and used it all up). I pulled out other similar CHANEL liners to see if there’s a dupe and while Sable comes close, I’m happy to see how unique Or Rose is.



Noir Allure Volume 17 Rouge Grenat (CAN $55.00) | Zhuzhed up for this collection, this is the newest mascara from the brand and comes housed in a slim black lacquered tube where you click the top to reveal the wand. Meant to provide length, volume, and curl, the brush head can easily grab even the finest of lashes and coats them effortlessly. Apart from the wonderful formula which, by the way, never smudges, flakes, or smears, this lush garnet shade with a hint of metallic shine, is a show-stopper and there are several ways to wear it; on its own (for major drama), along the bottom lashes only (for a really cool mod effect), or layered over black mascara for a more subtle, yet still original look. Limited edition.



The first red-based mascara I wore was CHANEL’s Rouge Noir that launched years ago, but as that shade was quite deep, any red in it was rather toned down. Then when Armani launched a true red mascara, I remember wondering how wearable it would be and while on its own the look was highly editorial, I still loved the effect (let’s just say that it was a conversation-starter). I went looking through my collection of coloured CHANEL mascaras (the unexpired ones) and it’s clear from the above swatch, that Rouge Grenat stands unique among them.


Baume Essentiel 67 Rouge Frais (CAN $60.00) | I probably have every Baume Essentiel that CHANEL has launched to date (the original continues to be a fave) and find that they provide skin with the nicest glow. What makes this one unique, is the level of colour saturation: definitely the most pigmented released yet. You can wear this on its own for a luminous flush of colour, and even layer it along the lips. The emollient nature makes it feel super hydrating throughout wear, although reapplication may be needed at some point (but that’s purely a personal preference). You can also dab this over blush for a deeper glow; I recommend using your fingers to grab product from the stick and then pat along the skin in order to avoid muddying the Baume’s surface. Limited edition.


I pulled out the other 2 Baume Essentiel’s from my collection that looked closest to compare, but you can clearly see in the above swatch that Rouge Frais is much more pigmented and original.

Le Vernis (CAN $39.00/each) | The two shades released with this collection are quite different both visually and in nature, yet I find that they compliment each other rather well. Both formulas are excellent, and the brush makes it a breeze to apply. Each comes to a naturally glossy finish, while staying power — provided you apply a base coat and end with a top coat — is wonderful as well. Personally, I’m completely obsessed with Watermelon and something tells me it’s going to be my 2023 summer shade. TIP: for a longer lasting finish, ensure your nail bed is clear of any oils/moisturizer first.

Swatches below are with 2 coats of polish, no base or top coat added (for photography purposes)

  • 967 Watermelon* | A lush coral/watermelon hue with a jelly-like texture, two coats gives a slight translucency (which I LOVE), while three coats will provide opacity. The brilliant shine is outstanding. Limited edition.
  • 969 Rouge Cuir | A soft burnt red hue with a crème texture, this gives really good coverage even with one coat, but two makes it fully opaque. Very flattering on a broad range of skin tones.


I’m that girl who can never get enough of red makeup and that’s why this collection makes me so incredibly happy. Red is a shade that not only provides drama, but what people don’t realize is how this hue can also serve to brighten the face — it’s all in the application and what you pair it with. As they say, it’s only makeup so why not have fun with it? Note that apart from 2 items, everything else is limited edition so … you know the drill.

Available at CHANEL counters & online for a limited time





Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

*Purchased product

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