CHANEL Neapolis: New City Spring/Summer 2018 – Cheek & Lips


Legend has it that when a mythological siren washed up on the shores of Naples, she used her charms and female power as temptation — a concept that meshes perfectly with CHANEL’s aesthetic, in my opinion (especially if this collection is anything to go by). Then there’s the fact that against all odds, this brand somehow managed to find a way to make red lips unique and original … again.



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The trio of lippies shown here perfectly embrace the Neapolitan vibe, one which is at once femininely coquettish and sophisticatedly urban. With finishes ranging from glossy, buttery, to velvet-smooth, each offers a different spin on the colour red along with being totally wearable by a broad variety of skin tones.

  • 786 Sibylla Glossimer (CAN $37.00) | a coral red hue in a sheer formula that is non sticky yet feels totally hydrating upon the lips. The ultra fine shimmer in the base adds a slight depth of tone but nothing overt, mind you. Staying power is average for a shade this light (approx. 2-3 hours) — can also be layered over lipstick and/or liner.
  • 184 Incantevole Rouge Allure (CAN $43.00) | a blue-based red in a silky smooth formula that despite having quite a bit of slip, manages to display excellent wear time just the same.
  • 164 Entusiasta Rouge Allure Ink (CAN $43.00) | an orange-based red shade in a formula that dries down to a velvety smooth finish and feels comfortable (and not drying) throughout the wearing.

410 Rosso Pompeiano Poudre à Lèvres, limited edition (CAN $44.00) | Inspired by the pigments, colours and tempera technique of Pompeiian frescoes, this has to rank as one of the most innovative lip products released in the last decade (if not longer). The concept is simple: the clear balm is meant to be applied all over the lips, then the powder layered on top — but basically both wind up combining for a ‘blurred, painterly effect’. You can use either your finger or a brush for application (the included brush works brilliantly, in fact) and you also have the option of pressing the colour in a touch for a light wash, or packing more on for next-level intensity. The feel is unique as well: powdery dry to the touch but not drying upon the lips, the end result somehow manages to look realistic, as opposed to colour sitting at just the surface level of lips. And this particular shade? SO MUCH LOVE ❤️


430 Foschia Rosa Joues Contraste (CAN $53.00) | It’s no secret that I adore the Joues Contraste formula; exceptionally fine-milled and displaying a superior blendability, this latest shade has completely won me over and is the one I’ve been reaching for since it arrived. The vibrant coral pink seen in the pan, translates to the most exquisite shade once applied but tread carefully as it is quite pigment rich — a little really does go a long way so make sure to tap off any excess off your brush before laying it down upon the skin.


Do I even need to say it? Just when I think that CHANEL has to try even harder to impress me, the brand produces a collection like this and BAM … I’m a goner. Every single piece I’ve tried to date has pushed all my buttons, but Rosso Pompeiano has gone and blown me the hell away — which, for the record, was a no-brainer as my lip shade of choice this past Christmas. And then there’s Foschia Rosa, a gorgeous blush that magically makes my skin appear brighter and well-rested looking, something that’s pretty welcome after all the holiday revelry. Bottom line: you’ll want to check these out once they launch, but I’m guessing you’ll be equally impressed.

Available January 5, 2018 at all CHANEL counters


Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

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