CHANEL Neapolis: New City Spring/Summer 2018 – Le Vernis


My first post of 2018 also happens to be my final review of CHANEL’s Neapolis: New City Collection: these four incredibly Summery-looking Le Vernis shades (CAN $32.00/each). Inspired by the colour saturated landscape of Naples, all four are a traditional take on the season — and then some.



Previously reviewed from this collection:


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Recently when CHANEL launched the three shades of Collection Chiffrée, I was so happy to note that the brand had finally upped their brush game, but for some bizarre reason it appears that they’ve gone back to the former brush with this collection — not that the current brush is unusable, but the slightly floppy bristles and dense splayed end make for a tricky application. Why, CHANEL?

All swatches below are with 2 coats of colour, no top coat


588 Nuvola Rosa | a cool-toned cotton candy pink crème hue with blueish undertones, showing good pigmentation although there’s some patchiness seen with the first layer but which becomes opaque by the second coat.

590 Verde Pastello | a drop-dead STUNNING aqua green crème hue displaying excellent colour saturation and an easy flow, along with some jelly-esque characteristics upon application (cushiony feel and look). Bonus: non-staining upon removal.

592 Giallo Napoli∗ | an egg-yolk yellow crème hue with some patchiness visible upon the first coat, but which becomes opaque by the second layer. Ultra colour-saturated, this is a yellow that just borders on neon, but without any of the associated garishness.

634 Arancio Vibrante∗ | one word describes this orange-red shade, and that is SPECTACULAR. Pretty much a one-coat-wonder, this is 100% colour saturated with the crème-jelly hybrid formula applying effortlessly along the nails — coupled with the added benefit of it being totally non-staining upon removal.

∗Product purchased by me

  1. Sweet Lilac – lavender based pink, cool toned

  2. Tulle – soft apricot pink

  3. Beige Rose – dusty light pink, closest in overall tone to Nuvola Rosa

  4. Nuvola Rosa 

  5. Fraîcheur – seafoam green with ultrafine shimmer

  6. Riva – palest baby blue

  7. Nouvelle Vague – aqua green with ultrafine shimmer, closest in tone to Verde Pastello but a few degrees visibly lighter

  8. Verde Pastello

  9. Giallo Napoli

  10. Mimosa – sunshine yellow with a thinner formula & bearing ultrafine shimmer

  11. Arancio Vibrante

  12. Espadrilles – same colour family and extremely close, but a few tones lighter

  13. Holiday – similar family but visibly more orange based

  14. Coquelicot – similar family but several degrees deeper and more red based

Note that with the exception of today’s featured shades along with Espadrilles, the other comparison hues are no longer available.


When it comes to CHANEL lacquers, I own plenty and have been amassing them for several decades now yet it still surprises me when the brand is able to create colours I don’t already have. One such shade is Nuvola Rosa and while I’m not the biggest fan of pale pinks, I appreciate that it is unique in my collection. Giallo Napoli is quite retina-searing yet I can absolutely see myself wearing it once I’ve acquired a light tan — especially as a pedi shade. Lately I’ve been obsessing with orange-based reds and Arancia Vibrante sits comfortable in that spot, although its stellar formula makes it truly stand out. Finally, if you missed out on CHANEL’s cult-fave Nouvelle Vague, here’s your chance to make it up with Verde Pastello, and since I suspect it’ll sell out lightning fast, I wouldn’t wait to long to scoop this up … which reminds me that I’ll be needing a backup.

Available now at The Bay and all CHANEL counters


Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

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