CHANEL SS/17 · Coco Code Blush Harmony & Élégance Blush



How’s this for an interesting contradiction; while a snow storm rages outside my window, I’m bringing you pieces from the CHANEL’s Spring/Summer 2017 Coco Codes Collection. Then again, this may just be the perfect antidote to the blizzard, no?

Coco Chanel was inspired by 5 shades: red, black, gold, white, and beige and for Spring 2017, Lucia Pica, Global Creative Makeup and Color Designer for the brand has found a way to reinvent these classic hues with several new twists, yet still manages to maintain their harmonic purity.

“Elegance is being equally beautiful inside and outside” ∼ Gabrielle Chanel

“Red, black, gold, white, beige: these are the ‘secret codes’ of CHANEL beauty” ∼ Lucia Pica







Coco Code Blush Harmony, limited edition (CAN $70.00) | The undisputed star of the collection as well as being the namesake piece, these are four blush hues — two matte and two satin — in one compact with raised lettering embossed across the surface, that are “wearable and more radiant reworkings of the original codes”. Create a customized shade by swirling all the colours together; the level of intensity will depend on which shade you pick up more of. Alternatively, you can use the top right shade as a warm-leaning contour product, or use it to tone down the red hue. Both the peach-leaning beige (top left) and the honey gold (bottom right) can serve as softly elegant highlighters, or combined with either the tan or red to add radiance. Honestly, there’s no limit (well, maybe there’s some limit) to how many combinations can be created.

There is some powdery kickback seen in the pan when a brush is swirled across the surface, but which doesn’t translate as any fall down, while the texture lays absolutely smoothly along the skin. CHANEL has mastered the art of creating a powdered blush that applies perfectly seamlessly and blends like a dream, and lasting power (over foundation) stays true for the duration.







370 Élégance Joues Contraste (CAN $53.00) | As a huge fan of the Joues Contraste formula and considering the fact that I’ve actually been on the hunt for a blush this exact shade, I believe there may have been some squealing involved when this beauty came in. A gorgeous mix of peach, nude, and dusty pale rose, there’s also some ultrafine gold shimmer thrown in — but not the obvious kind, mind you — to create a unique subtle rose-gold hue. Considering its pale nature, this shade is actually quite pigmented and even though this too displays the same powdery kickback as Coco Code, it nevertheless applies seamlessly along the skin. Absolutely STUNNING and a colour that will be universally wearable on so many skin tones.






I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to kick off CHANEL’s Spring/Summer 2017 Coco Code Collection than with this lovely cheek duo. Apart from the obvious aesthetics, each piece is also eminently worth of adding to one’s ‘blush wardrobe’ (I’m going to make this a thing) and both can easily transcend the seasons by virtue of their wearability — no crazy colours found here, thank you very much. Yes, the price point veers towards the steep side, but that’s not exactly unexpected for a luxury brand; thankfully the excellent quality makes up for that.

Available early January 2017 at all CHANEL counters



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