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This is the year (and well into the coming years, I might add) that I’ve decided to be even more proactive with my skincare — in particular when it comes to age-benefiting products. So when CurrentBody reached out to me to try some of their devices, you can be sure that I jumped all over it! Plus, how freaky cool is that mask? By the way, make sure to read all the way to the end for something special!!



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CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask (CAN $475.00) | This LED (for ‘light emitting diode’) mask comes packaged with a USB charging cable, manual, storage bag, and several outlet sizes to accommodate plugs in a variety of countries. So what is this, exactly? The short answer is that it provides “age-benefitting” properties (I’m really not a fan of the more common ‘anti-ageing’ term, so I’ve decided to use my version from now on). As we age, our cell production significantly slows down, resulting in collagen loss (you know: the stuff that keeps our skin looking bouncy and fresh). Add to the mix environmental factors (hello, pollution), diet and any other bad habits, all of which give our skin a nice beating over time. The technology of this mask combines Red (633nm) and Infrared (830nm) Light wavelengths to help support and correct the aforementioned skin issues. Red light repairs your skin by regenerating the production of new cells — which leads to the stimulation of production of new cells. Infrared  light works by stimulating  the ‘wound healing’ cells in the skin, which in turn causes new skin to form. Penetrating deep into the skin’s surface, it boosts circulation, improves blood flow, and increases oxygen to the skin’s cells. In other words, exactly what we want to maintain our skin health, without any invasive procedures (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I prefer to avoid going under the knife until I absolutely have to).

The mask is made of patented flexible silicone and comes with an adjustable strap, and while initially I had my husband help me figure out how to properly fit it around my head, it’s pretty easy after that. The inside of the mask is dotted with the dual lights (see below) and it covers the entire face quite well, ensuring that the maximum amount of lights hits the lower layers of the skin to help deliver both immediate and long term results. What’s interesting as well, is that this mask has been created to medical directives and actually delivers the same clinically proven wavelengths as professional salon/spa machines. It is 100% safe, 100% pain free, and there’s never a risk of having too much exposure, as the mask has been designed to automatically shut off after 10 minutes.

I haven’t been using it long enough to pronounce myself (yet), but I did my research prior to receiving and when I learned that even dermatologists give their stamp of approval to using a device such as this (in many cases, this one in particular), it made me even more excited to try. It’s quite comfortable to wear and if your eyes are sensitive, you can probably pop on a pair of glasses to shield them, but I just close my eyes for the 10 minutes that the mask is doing its thing and relax. I have to say that I find it’s not as comfortable to wear if you’re lying down but with a few minor adjustments it was perfectly fine. As to using, once the mask is fully charged, you simply pop it on cleansed skin (free of any products), adjust the straps, and let it work for its allotted 10 minutes. The brand recommends pairing it with one of their Skin Hydrogel Face Masks underneath — something I’d really like to try, as the effect of the LED lights works synergistically to promote a deeper penetration of the Hydrogel Masks’s beneficial ingredients into the skin.

Can be used 5 times per week (and I highly recommend visiting the website to see some impressive before & after results)

The chicest Hannibal Lecter vibes

CurrentBody Skin LED Lip Perfector (CAN $229.00) | The first LED device created for the lips, this comes with its own charging base and USB charging cord (you’ll need to provide the mains if planning on plugging into a wall outlet; alternatively charge through your laptop), manual, an extra silicone ‘insert’, and storage bag. What this is: a wearable LED device meant to target and soften fine/feather lines, marionette & smile lines, lip thinness, as well as boost lip pigmentation. With 56 deep-penetrating LEDs in 4 wavelengths, this device is an excellent alternative to injectables (albeit you need to give it time, as the results aren’t immediate). Used just 3 minutes per day, with time expect to see your laugh/sad/feather/marionnette lines visibly smoothed out, lips plumper, and a boost in lip pigmentation. Zero pain, zero downtime and made with body-safe silicone, the 4 different wavelengths work as follows:

  • The red and deep-red LED wavelengths penetrate into the lower layers of your skin. The light breaks down nitrous oxide which blocks vital nutrients causing your lips to look older. And they help you make more ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which you need for cell renewal
  • The amber and infrared light supercharges cell renewal for fresh, new skin. It may improve circulation & tone too. Combined, these LEDs are a painless alternative to lip fillers that boost your own natural collagen for a plumper pout whilst helping to reverse the signs of ageing

You can also use this device even if you already have injectables, as it helps enhance that effect and possibly even maintain it over a longer period. Always use on bare, product-free lips.

Like an adult-size pacifier, no?!



The Power of Four Skincare Set (CAN $91.00 $76.00) | The brand was kind enough to also include this serum set that consist of 4 serums that can be used with any of your LED devices, or incorporated into your existing skincare regimen. Each comes in a 45 ml glass bottle and includes ‘a potent mix of botanicals and hydrators that plump, firm, lift and tone the skin plus hold in moisture all day‘. The serums are:

  • Daily Restoring Serum to start your mornings with a burst of rejuvenating caffeine
  • Glow Serum for a bright, glistening complexion
  • Hyaluronic Acid Serum to lock in moisture
  • Green Tea Serum to amplify the effects of your LED mask treatment

Vegan-friendly yet potent skincare, I’m thinking that this set also makes a great gift for skincare lovers (like me). I adore serums and have been known to layer several at a time. Hyaluronic Acid is a staple in my routine and I slather that on morning and night. Out of the four here, the one I’ve actually begun testing is the Green Tea Serum since it’s the one recommended to apply after using the LED mask, and so far my skin has been loving it. I definitely plan on testing out the rest as well, and if the one I have tried is any indication, I have high hopes for the other three. By the way, the Glow Serum can also be used under foundation to give your skin that little bit of je ne sais quois kind of radiance.

I’m doing a deep dive into age-benefitting skincare + devices this year, and have already begun incorporating the products shown into my routine — and it’s actually a good idea to write down a schedule that you can stick to, because consistency is KEY: don’t expect results if you use these once in a  blue moon; that’s not going to happen. And now for the even better part: CurrentBody was kind enough to provide my readers with a 20% off code (EUGENIA) that you absolutely should take advantage of (by the way, I don’t earn anything from this). For example, the mask works out to CAN $380.00 from $475.00 — and just in time for gift-giving season as well! The code will be valid until the end of november — enjoy!

Available online 



Kindly provided by CurrentBody for my unbiased consideration

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