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Dior’s original Rosy Glow Blush was launched 10 years ago and came in only one hue: hot pink. Then in 2020 the brand reissued this cult-fave product and added another colour — but we all wanted more. Well, Dior listened and has come back with 6 shades for 2023. Pair these blushes with any of the matching Lip Glow Oils, add a slick of mascara, and there’s your summer look. Easy-peasy.



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Rosy Glow Blush (CAN $55.00/each) | When Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup, was given the challenge to come up with new shades for one of the brand’s best-selling products, he “rose” to the occasion (see what I did there? lol). Apart from the addition of 4 new hues (Pink and Coral already existed), the Dior logo on the outer packaging has been reimagined, and the formula has been given some tweaks, although it’s still made with the ‘colour reviver’ technology that contains eosin at its core, to help provide a customizable cheek colour as it adapts to your skin’s own pH levels. The texture of the powder is quite soft and blends seamlessly into the skin. As this blush will react with your skin’s warmth and oils, it’s best to start light and then give it a few minutes to evolve — you can always add more, if needed. The resulting finish is luminous, giving skin a gorgeous glow that’s never shiny.



001 Pink – candy pink

004 Coral – subtle apricot

006 Berry – delicate plum

012 Rosewood – silky rosewood

015 Cherry – muted red


020 Mahogany – warm brown with reddish undertone


I have the original that launched over 10 years ago, but it seems to be in hiding — hopefully it’ll turn up at some point. That said, I do have both the Pink and Coral blushes that relaunched in 2020 (reviewed here) and so I couldn’t wait to pit them against the 2023 versions. Colour-wise, the differences are minimal and not really noticeable, both to the naked eye and swatched. Personally, I find that the 2020 iteration has a bit more visible “glow” and the texture feels smoother, although somewhat more powdery than the 2023 blushes. What sets the newer blushes apart, is that they have a better blend than the originals and the fact that they now come in 4 new shades makes them wearable by a wider range of skin tones.


Lip Glow Oil (CAN $50.00/each) | Launched in 2020 (reviewed here), these became an immediate hit and counters couldn’t keep them stocked … and for good reason: they not only feel amazing, but look equally fabulous on lips. Created to be nourishing and beneficial to lips via the infusion of cherry oil, the texture is both silky and balmy at once. The eosin in the formula is what allows it to colour-adapt, meaning it will provide a custom hue on everyone, all reliant on your skin’s unique pH levels. The oversized flocked paddle applicator makes application a breeze and you can easily cover lips with one swipe. Of course as this is an emollient product with quite a bit of slip, reapplication will be needed, but bear in mind that even when the gloss fades, you’re still left with a light hint of colour along your lips.

Note that in the below swatches, you may not immediately see a huge colour variation between the shades; that’s primarily because I didn’t leave enough time between swatches, but there are definitely differences seen when the product is allowed to sit on the lips for a few minutes, especially with the more vibrant/darker hues.

  • 001 Pink – pale pink
  • 004 Coral – soft tangerine
  • 006 Berry – delicate plum
  • 012 Rosewood – light rosewood
  • 015 Cherry – sheer red
  • 020 Mahogany – light brown



I have nothing but great things to say about both the blushes and the lip oils, as everything not only looks beautiful from an aesthetic standpoint, but they all deliver as promised. I love how the blushes look unique on every skin tone and you can even combine them for totally new colour-combos. As a gloss girl at heart, I’m having an absolute moment with not only how easy these are to sport (no mirror necessary, thank you) but how thoroughly nourished my lips feel throughout wear and beyond. Final verdict? All are definitely worth checking out.

Available at Dior counters and online



Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration

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