Dior · Rouge Blush 2023


Dior has been hitting it straight out of the park lately, and their reformulated Rouge Blush range is a perfect example of that. With shades inspired by the brand’s iconic lipstick hues, there is literally a colour and finish for everyone … and I mean EVERYONE.



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To make things more cohesive, I’ve divided the blushes into groups according to finish, and first up are the shimmers. Note that these reformulated blushes are now made with 90% natural-origin ingredients and infused with floral skincare ingredients for continuous comfort and hydration, while also providing long-lasting wear. Beautifully pigmented and with an almost creamy texture, this first group displays more of a sheen than full on shimmer, giving skin a luminous glow. Available in 5 shades (EDIT: I totally forgot to include 314 Grand Bal — a nude with coral shimmer — both in my photos & swatches).

  • 365 New World – rose with pink shimmer
  • 625 Mitzah – coral pink with gold shimmer
  • 720 Icone – rosewood with burgundy shimmer


Available in 3 shades (792 Lady Dior, not shown), the holographics are quite unique visually, displaying a delicate iridescent shimmer seen upon the surface, but which is also found throughout the blush. The texture is soft and bears a medium pigmentation, which in my book is a good thing as no one wants a disco ball on their face. What makes this range fun, is that you can (and should) layer them over other blushes to create a whole new colour combo that also leaves an interesting effect behind.

212 Tutu – soft tea rose with iridescence

601 Hologlam – delicate peachy pink with iridescence


Available in these 3 hues, these may have a true matte finish but it’s one that doesn’t come off as flat. Pigmentation-wise, I feel that the mattes have the softest colour saturation when swatched on bare skin, but appear more pigmented when worn over foundation. Note that 962 Poison draws inspiration from the iconic perfume of the same name, which came in a gorgeous aubergine-coloured bottle — a fragrance of which I probable went through several bottles when it first launched years ago.

  • 100 Nude Look – neutral nude pink
  • 475 Rose Caprice – cool pale pink
  • 962 Poison – bordeaux


Available in 10 shades (975 Opéra, not shown), the satin range offers not only the most variety, but includes some unique colours as well. With excellent pigmentation and a creamy texture, they’re all easy to blend out and never look chalky.

  • 028 Actrice – apricot pink
  • 277 Osée – cotton candy pink
  • 339 Sillage – pale mauve nude
  • 343 Panarea – softest rose pink
  • 449 Dansante – pale nude
  • 505 Sensual – neutral pink
  • 643 Stand Out – tangerine
  • 959 Charnelle – brown rose
  • 999 – warm red


Dior’s iconic red 999 shade has had many iterations (reviewed here), and I immediately had to pull out my 2018 version to compare to this new one. Visually they appear extremely close, but there are a few differences: the 2018 blush seems to be a touch redder and with slightly less sheen to it. That said, both have a wonderful texture and blend effortlessly upon the skin.


Blush is one of those beauty staples that everyone needs, as this product can immediately add life to your complexion. Dior’s Rouge Blush has enough finishes and shades to suit all tastes and skin tones, and what’s more, the product absolutely delivers. There are a few here that don’t personally work on me: 449 Dansante is much too pale for me, but will be excellent on someone with very fair skin — or in a highlight-ish capacity on a darker complexion, and 643 Stand Out completely clashes with my tone, but will look spectacular on someone with darker skin. So if you’re in the market for blush, I certainly recommend giving this range a look.

Available at Dior counters nationwide and online




Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration

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