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For Holiday 2017, Dior has created the Precious Rocks Collection (all pieces limited edition) which draws its inspiration from the gleam of treasured jewels. That said, nothing embodies that theme better than today’s featured items: Ruby & Emerald Eyeshadow Palettes along with the Precious Rocks Nude Air Luminizer. Believe me, it was almost painful to mar these stunning surfaces with a brush but so, so worth it. Read on to learn why …



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857 Ruby Eyeshadow Palette (CAN $73.00) | The colours of this quintet are centred around the middle cranberry shade, serving as lovely complimentary hues. As with all of Dior’s 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palettes, the system in place is pretty easy to use: the top 2 shades + the centre are excellent for creating a daytime look, while the bottom 2 shades + centre work beautifully for a more dramatic evening look. All five bear shimmer of varying degrees, but it’s so finely milled as to lay down upon the skin seamlessly with no visible fallout. The pigmentation on all is superb, regardless if applied with a dry brush or dampened (which turns the volume up significantly — so, so gorgeous) and all blend effortlessly without becoming muddy. Staying power over primer is true until removed. TIP: while these colours are universally flattering on so many skin tones and eye colours, these are particularly striking for those with green eyes.


347 Emerald Eyeshadow Palette (CAN $73.00) | Basically, this is the green version of Ruby, although these shades can almost be considered a touch more wearable by virtue of their colour family; red can sometimes be intimidating for some to wear, but trust me it’s amazing. Centred around the middle jewel-like hue, the same principle applies here as before (i.e.: the day & evening options), and the unique addition of that chartreuse colour (bottom left) enables one to create some very interesting looks. Pigmentation & blendability are spot-on, as is the staying power (over primer). For those with brown/black eyes, this selection will hit all the right buttons but in truth, these shades will suit both cool & warm complexions equally well.


Precious Rocks 001 Nude Air Luminizer (CAN $69.00) | Here’s the thing: if you’ve yet to try any of Dior’s Luminizers, then you’re in for a treat. After tearing my eyes away from this drop-dead gorgeous pattern (I mean seriously; Dior’s pieces are all display-worthy), I dove in and one word sums it up: WOW. The shade is interestingly both warm & cool leaning, meaning it will suit a broad variety of skin tones, but it’s the texture that’s the most impressive feature: ultra refined and silky, laying down in that magical Dior seamless way that helps it meld upon the skin with continued wear (as opposed to simply sitting at surface level). Bonus points scored for its excellent staying power, especially when applied over foundation/primer. PS: How cute is the Mini Kabuki Brush it comes with?

Naturally, I had to pull out some other Dior Luminizers to compare as I was under the impression that this Precious Rocks 001 version would be identical to the 001 shade that’s part of the regular lineup, but as the swatch below clearly shows, there are visible differences both in colour & intensity — although the texture/finish on all three is identical. The Glowing Gardens Glowing Pink 001 shade appears similar to Precious Rocks 001 when seen in the pan, but shows up much lighter and pinkier in comparison.

A few more comparisons to the Precious Rocks Luminizer:


For me, all three of these products are a complete & total hit; the eyeshadows — apart from bearing such original colours — all come with superior pigmentation and execution, while Dior’s Luminizer formula really sets the bar high for all other brands. Absolutely perfect for the upcoming holiday season but which can take you well into Spring (which I’m already looking forward to, lol), any of these would make a welcome addition to your beauty wardrobe. Well done, Dior ∗bows head∗

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