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Spring has always signified rebirth, and nowhere is that more visible than with cosmetics; bringing home the point, is the newly reformulated Prism Blush from the venerable House of Givenchy. Taking their iconic prism light-reflecting technology and kicking it up a few notches, the brand is set to launch 8 new cheek shades that are infused with colour & light, inspired by the paintings of  Mark Rothko. In other words, get your wallet/credit card ready …



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While Prisme Blush was already a part of the brand’s permanent range, there have been several noteworthy changes. For starters, the case has been given a slimmer profile and now comes in a horizontal compact (as opposed the previous vertical shape), although the black lacquer finish, stud closure, and 4G logo all remain the same. Secondly, each blush comes with 2 shades only (compared to the 4 smaller hues of the original blushes), making it easier to apply either individually or combined at will. Bearing a light rose/soapy fragrance (which dissipates fairly quickly after application), the formula has also been improved upon and now contains:

  • Black Tahitian Pearl Powder – to remineralize, smooth and add radiance
  • Synthetic Pigments – to provide both sparkling colour & a radiant matte finish
  • Lauroyl & Lysine – for added ease of application & greater staying power

01 Passion Prisme Blush (CAN $55.00) | The warmer leaning duo of the two blushes shown, the lighter shade works well as a subtle highlighter — perfect for daytime/work wear or for anyone who prefers a softer radiance, while the darker shade makes for a stunning pink/coral blush. Pigmentation is excellent and a little goes a long way; use a stipple or fan brush for a more diffused effect or combine the two shades for a unique new shade.


08 Tender Prisme Blush (CAN $55.00) | Without having seen the other 6 shades in person, it appears to me that Tender is the lightest of them all and also seems to lean both warm (the peachy side) & cool (the lavender side). On my light-medium skin, the two shades show up only when combined and then in the subtlest of ways — not a bad thing, especially when you want to balance out a stronger eye yet still want a touch of cheek colour. I suspect that this will be absolutely lovely on those with the fairest complexions, but probably not that wearable on darker skin tones.

I honestly adore blush and the ability it has to instantly brighten and enliven one’s face. Of course, not all blushes are made equal and you do need to understand your skin tone in order to find the shade that best suits you; one thing that I love about a duo such as this, is that you can combine the two complimentary hues to create something that’s basically customizable and which has more depth than a single would. Non-powdery, the finish of each Prisme Blush is one that melds with the natural oils and warmth of the skin and just seems to look better & better throughout the wearing. Of the two, my vote goes to Passion mainly because it just works easier with my complexion … and my nature (I’m Greek, remember? We’re all about passion).

Available April 20 at Sephora



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