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What do you get when you combine exquisite blush with an iconic powder formula? The answer is Givenchy’s latest, Prisme Libre Blush. This newest launch from the luxury French brand, is unique yet familiar … it’s the application part that provides a twist.



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Prisme Libre Blush (CAN $58.00/each) | Well known for their iconic Prisme Libre loose face powder, Givenchy took that same concept and applied it to blush. With 6 shades available (5 Popeline Violine & 6 Flanelle Rubis, not shown), each includes 4 complimentary shades of loose powder that are meant to be combined, along with an adorable little velvety puff which works well enough for application. According to the brand, once you remove the inner seal, the recommended method is to close the cap (remove the puff for this), shake the contents twice, and then you can either press the puff into the powder that emerges or the powder that collects in the cap, pat that onto your cheeks, and then use the puff to blend it out. While this method does work to a certain degree, in my opinion it’s far easier to use a brush from the get-go, as you have better control over how much powder you pick up — you can always go back in with the puff to blend things out. The breathable & comfortable formula contains photochromatic pigments which help diffuse light and provide a depth of colour, along with organic pigments for vibrant colour that stays true without fading. The weightless texture is due to the ultra fine and silky powder that never feels heavy upon the skin, and allows pores to ‘breathe’. As this is a lighter-than-air veil of powder, you’re able to manipulate the look upon the skin for an exceptionally natural-looking application.


1 Mousseline Lilas – cool toned light pink & lilac, candy pink effect

2 Taffetas Rosé – vivid pink, blush rose effect

3 Voile Corail – coral & orange tones, apricot effect

4 Organza Sienne – brick red & burnt sienna, rosewood effect

Swatches shown are of all four shades per blush, heavily applied to provide the closest approximation of colour. Bear in mind that your application will be unique as it will be determined by the method you use to apply, as well as how much of any particular shade you pick up.

Apart from mascara, the other product I rely on to give life & brightness to my face, is blush and as far as I’m concerned, Givenchy has hit it out of the park with these new Prisme Libre Blushes. This product does come with a learning curve, but to me that’s part of the makeup experience: learning innovative ways to apply and use products. The best part, however, is their performance and I can honestly say that few blushes provide that glowing ‘lit-from-within’ effect that these do. So to repeat what I said at the very top: these are totally worth the effort.

Available at Sephora, Holt Renfrew, Givenchy counters and online




Kindly provided by Givenchy for my unbiased consideration

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