Givenchy · The Magical Winter Dream Holiday 2022 Collection


Inspired by the upcoming festive season, Givenchy’s The Magical Winter Dream Holiday 2022 Collection is tightly curated & drop-dead gorgeous — and I just couldn’t wait to shoot everything the second it landed across my desk. This collection is so, so, so display-worthy … not to mention wear-worthy.



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Inspired by the puffer jackets created Matthew M. Williams (The brand’s designer) seen on Givenchy’s recent runway shows, the collection takes 3 iconic pieces and dresses them up in metallic silver padding. I’m absolutely loving this effect and this packaging is one I’ve never seen before — so unique!


There are 2 lipstick formulas in this collection; Le Rouge Sheer Velvet — including shades N°27 Rouge Infusé and N°16 Nude Boisé (not shown here) that already exist in the range, and Le Rouge Interdit (that was re-launched in September) available here in a single new shade, N°338 Rouge Vigne.

The cases come in ribbed & padded metallic silver, with the iconic 4G logo stud closure at the base. Both lipsticks have the 4G logo also stamped into the lipstick bullet and they also bear a very subtle fragrance — it’s quite pretty, in fact, and does seem to dissipate quickly after application.

Le Rouge Sheer Velvet N°27 Rouge Infusé, limited edition (CAN $54.00) | A subtle red with a hint of pink, this comes to a velour-like matte finish — but one that never feels drying or like it’s sucking all the moisture out of your lips. The texture is unique, being both matte & sheer, and unlike anything I’ve previously tried. For those who want a hit of colour without overly committing to it, this formula is spot-on perfect. Very comfortable to wear and it may leave a faint stain behind for some lasting pigmentation.

Le Rouge Interdit Intense Silk N°338 Rouge Vigne, limited edition (CAN $54.00) | A cool-based red, its texture is buttery smooth and incredibly colour-saturated, providing full opacity by the very first swipe. To say this feels ridiculously creamy upon application, would not be lying. The soft brilliance at the finish is also another perk and the high level of pigmentation also means that even when the majority of shine is gone, you’ll still have colour visible on the lips. A product this emollient implies that reapplication will be needed, but you can bet that I’ll take any chance to whip this beauty out in public.



The details, the craftsmanship, the overall gorgeousness …


Prisme Libre N°12 Lumière Polaire, limited edition (CAN $79.00) | The brand’s iconic loose powder has been amped up in this holiday version, and comes in 4 pastel hues: fresh pink, shimmering lilac, frosty purple, and glowing orange — all infused with ultra fine pearlescent particles that capture the light in the subtlest of ways. This is the type of product that needs to be tried and seen in person, because attempting to accurately capture it in pictures is quite difficult. The four shades have been designed to work synergistically together and apart from helping to set makeup, this powder also provides a soft blurring effect while simultaneously helping to brighten skin tone. Sounds contradictory, I know, but it’s also true. The shimmery bits are not overt (or obnoxious), but very elegant and have just the right amount & level or sparkle. Delicately fragranced, the scent dissipates quickly after application. Suitable for light to medium-light complexions. It also occurs to me that for those who hate obvious highlighters, you could probably substitute this powder for a more low-key effect.


Each powder comes with a seal along with a buttery-soft velour puff, the latter being perfect to help press the powder into the skin without disturbing the rest of your makeup.



I initially thought there were only 2 shades of powder as they do appear similar, but once I poured the product onto my skin I could see the differences. In the above swatch the blended out part was lightly done as I was trying to capture some of the sparkle (which I obviously didn’t, lol) but the product can definitely be buffed into the skin for an invisible effect.

I wondered how close N°12 Lumière Polaire was to the brand’s iconic N°1 Mousseline Pastel aka: the powder that started it all, so I compared the two and while the texture is similar, that’s where it ends. Both have pastel hues but Mousseline Pastel also appears to be more colour-correcting and without any fine sparkle to it — thus making Lumière Polaire quite unique.


I have always leaned more towards luxury beauty, primarily because I am detail-oriented and stunning packaging just speaks to me. Thankfully Givenchy’s Holiday 2022 Collection also delivers performance-wise — then again, this brand has yet to disappoint and definitely knows a thing or two about quality. Just note that these particular pieces are all limited edition: fair warning, as they say.

Available starting early October through Sephora and Holt Renfrew



Kindly provided by Givenchy for my unbiased consideration

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