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Inspired by the extravagant creative world of Turkish jeweller Begüm Khan, Guerlain’s Animal Fantasy Holiday 2023 Collection is filled with lush jewelled tones and exquisite packaging — but then again, a stunning collection such as this is everything I’ve come to expect from this storied brand and the never disappoint. NEVER.



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Natalia Vodnianova for the campaign



Ombres G N° 879 Glittery Tiger Eyeshadow Palette, limited edition (CAN $105.00) | The cover of the palette has holographic silver tiger stripes on a black velour background and it’s just so gorgeous. Inside, are 4 richly pigmented shades that are all intensely saturated, buttery smooth, and blend effortlessly. Interestingly, while three are very strong & vibrant hues, they can easily be sheered out for a softer look. Staying power is excellent, when applied over primer.


  • emerald green with shimmer, top left
  • eggplant plum matte, top right
  • shimmering pink ivory, bottom right
  • brilliant gold shimmer, bottom left



Rouge G Glittery Tiger The Double Mirror Case, limited edition (CAN $48.00) | One of two limited edition cases from the collection (Feline Fantasy, not shown), this displays the same pattern seen on the cover of the eyeshadow palette, and includes a mirror that pops open once the lipstick is extracted. This is most definitely a true statement piece and not just holiday-worthy, but I’m thinking it’ll also make a great gift for that Guerlain Rouge G lipstick lover on your list (or you can also treat yourself, wink wink). Sold separately from the lipstick.

Rouge G Velvet N° 234 Roaring Red Lipstick (CAN $44.00) | One of three new exclusive shades of the collection (N° 521 Flamingo Pink and N° 41 Untamed Garnet, not shown), this is a true red shade that has both cool & warm undertones, meaning it will suit a broad range of skin tones. Richly pigmented, you get full & opaque coverage from the first swipe and it comes to a velvety finish, one that’s not so matte that it absorbs all light and sucks every ounce of moisture from you lips — but buttery smooth and with a very comfortable wear. Its intense hue means it will also leave a light stain behind when the majority of colour wears off, but I actually like that effect; just add a bit of lip balm and you’ve got a whole new look.


Météorites Fierce Glow Light Revealing Pearls of Powder, limited edition (CAN $84.00) | Housed in a metallic case whose pattern is inspired by tortoise scales ( I mean, how STUNNING is this?), the inside contains Guerlain’s iconic light-reflecting and colour-correcting pearls in the shade 2 Light. Fragranced with the brand’s instantly recognizable light violet scent, it quickly dissipates upon application. I didn’t bother with a swatch, because the effect is basically invisible and almost impossible to accurately photograph but one that needs to be applied & worn to be fully understood. There are several shades (white, pink, yellow, purple and green) and each pearl is hand made, but the real magic lies in the powder’s texture. So incredibly fine-milled, it lays down as a whisper light veil along the skin and not only serves to set your makeup, but somehow makes your skin look amazing. Pure sorcery, I tell you.





Not surprisingly, Guerlain has created one of the loveliest holiday collections of the season and everything is both wearable and absolutely display-worthy. The brand’s Météorites are highly coveted by collectors and usually the first to sell out, but I have a feeling that everything else will also move quite quickly. That said, you know the drill: better act fast!

Available at Guerlain Boutiques nationwide



Kindly provided by Guerlain for my unbiased consideration

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