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Guerlain has launched many new products for 2024, including new additions to one of my favourite ranges, Terracotta. There’s a reason why I’m such a huge fan of this brand: well crafted and beautifully packaged products + a mindful ethos … what’s not to love?



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Terracotta Natural Perfection Concealer (CAN $52.00/each) | Let me preface this by saying that I rarely wear concealer, but when I do, I want it to do the job by literally fading into the background. Sounds counter-intuitive, right? Concealer is one of those products that you do NOT want anyone asking what you’re wearing and as far as that goes, I give high praise to this one for doing exactly that. Coming in 16 shades (all with neutral undertones) and comprised of 95% naturally-derived ingredients, this combines the long-lasting power of a liquid product with the blurring radiance of a powder. Offering buildable coverage that comes to a seamless finish, the no-transfer technology also provides comfort & hydration throughout wear. Infused with argan oil  — the signature ingredient in Terracotta — the texture not only adds a touch of brightness to the under eye area, but helps to blur dark circles and imperfections.

  • 1 N – very light skin with neutral beige undertones
  • 2 N – light skin with neutral beige undertones


Brow G The Brow Pencil 03 Medium Brown (CAN $43.00) | Housed in a retractible pen format, this comes in 5 shades and includes a spoolie on the end. The pencil tip is quite fine which helps with precision work, allowing you to apply realistic hair-like strokes, after which the spoolie can then re-distribute the product for a nicely dense appearance. Long-lasting and with enough flexibility to the formula that makes it super easy to use, it applies effortlessly without ever feeling dry.

Noir G The Graphic Liner 01 Black (CAN $52.00) | With its ultra-fine felt tip, this is a  waterproof liner in an easy-to-use pen format. The innovative formula is infused with natural-origin charcoal for a deep black hue that comes to a matte finish. Buildable for more intensity, the tip has just enough flexibility that makes it easy to work with and enough rigidity to allow for drawing on precise lines. Smudge, flake, and crease proof.


Terracotta The Healthy Glow Powder Blush (CAN $58.00) | Housed in a matching compact case to that of the brand’s iconic Terracotta Powder Bronzer (a long time fave of mine), this new blush comes in 6 shades. Made with 90% naturally-derived ingredients, the formula is a bit of a contradiction; with an ultra-fine texture to the powder, it’s exceptionally pigmented and yet applies in an airy-like way. What is this sorcery? Infused with argan oil, the signature ingredient in the Terracotta range, all the shades have been inspired by the earth — no wild or crazy colours here, thank you very much — only totally wearable hues. Easy to blend out for a seamless finish upon the skin, you can also build up for more intensity, if desired.


Personally, I adore coral & peachy shades and always reach for those over other colours; this one has been in constant rotation since it came in. What’s more, its slim compact profile makes it super easy to tuck into a makeup bag for travel and/or touch-ups.


Météorites Light Revealing Pearls Cool/Rosé (CAN $87.00) | One of Guerlain’s most iconic products, the Météorites pearls are not only visually stunning, but give skin the most magical and incredibly-hard-to-describe finishing touch. Available in 4 shades, these comes housed in a tin with an exquisite multi-coloured overlapping motif, and includes a small plush puff for application — although I personally prefer a brush for the job. Originally launched in 1987, each pearl is hand made to this day, with less than a handful of people who are specialized in creating them. Designed as a true multi-purpose product, these help with colour correction thanks to a carefully selected range of hues, set makeup, as well as simultaneously brighten the complexion while also helping to blur fine lines and imperfections. The gossamer-like texture is comprised of 95% naturally-derived ingredients, and the signature fragrance has been given a fresh tweak that now has sandalwood, musk, and vanilla added to its iconic violet heart for a new modern touch. Even though this particular colour harmony is aimed at fair complexions, I’m surprised to find that I’m not only able to easily carry it off, but I find it adds a nice touch of brightness to my skin. Of course, once I get a hint of colour on my face, I’ll be definitely switching over to a deeper hue.

It’s literally a work of art, both inside and out. Small wonder these are so highly collectible the world over, am I right?



I’ve reviewed Guerlain’s Météorites pearls many times over the years, and I usually include swatches but in the end, pictures don’t do this finish justice, not to mention how incredibly difficult it is to accurately capture in photos. Let me put it this way: the way you skin looks with a light layer strategically applied, will definitely have people complimenting your complexion.


KissKiss Bee Glow Honey-Tint Lip Oil (CAN $52.00/each) | Housed in a transparent tube (love how that helps with monitoring usage) and including an oversize flocked paddle applicator (also perfect for scooping out enough product for full coverage with one stroke), this is a hybrid care/gloss lip product. Comprised of 92% natural origin ingredients, the formula also contains a balm layer infused with “bee-caring” ingredients for smoothness (aka: Corsican honey, bee propolis and royal jelly), a pigment later with Eosin for tinting (this ingredient self-adjusts to your skin’s pH levels for a unique and customized shade), and a high shine coating layer with light-reflecting vegetal oils for a glaze-like finish. The nourishing and plumping effect also delivers long-lasting care, so your lips continue feeling hydrated long after the shine is gone. The non-sticky finish is a huge plus, while the soft honey fragrance is an absolute treat. The one thing I did notice, is that you need to not be aggressive in pulling the applicator out, in order to avoid any potential product spillage.

  • 258 Rose Glow – delicate pink, suitable for all skin tones & complexions
  • 775 Poppy Glow – soft red for that “bitten” lip effect

In the above swatches, it’s extremely hard to tell colour difference between the two and I’m afraid that’s basically my fault, as I didn’t leave enough time for each Bee Glow Oil to work with my skin’s warmth in order to colour-adjust. That said, these are not meant to be opaque and while there will be some shade differences, that will definitely be on the subtle side.


Noir G Bee Primer Honey-Infused Lash Plumper Serum (CAN $49.00) | If you wear mascara, then you already know how important it is to take care of your lashes, and that’s where this little beauty comes in. Housed in a crisp white tube and including a traditional bristle brush, this is a unique lash serum/primer that can be worn either alone (overnight as a mask, to be removed at morning) or under mascara. Made up of 91% natural-origin ingredients, the continuous lash care is thanks to the following:

  • beeswax, for exceptional length & volume
  • Åland honey from Finland, for visibly stronger & more beautiful lashes
  • Squalane, for conditioning, strength, and shine

The curve of the brush helps the bristles evenly and fully coat lashes, reaching even tiny hairs you had no idea were there. Never crunchy feeling, I love pairing this with the Noir G Mascara for maximum impact, and it’s great knowing that my lashes have a protective coating to help maintain their health throughout wear. Looking at the swatches below, you can clearly see the effect of pairing the serum with mascara (last photo) — pretty impressive, in my opinion.


The Aqua Allegoria Collection pays tribute to nature’s beauty and each fragrance is not only wonderful on its own, but they can also be layered for a combo that’s as unique as you are. Made with more than 90% natural-origin ingredients, the French beet-root alcohol used in the formula comes from a network committed to sustainable farming. Florabloom is the newest addition to the range and comes in Eau de Toilette as well as Forte Eau de Parfum formats, both created by Guerlain perfumer Delphine Jelk.

“Florabloom is a joyful, multicoloured explosion of rainbow florals within a bouquet whose heart beams with true-to-nature tuberose. Set around dazzling white tuberose flower, roses, iris and violets accords come together against a mossy background to reveal sunny and bright creamy facets. Inspired by a rare natural phenomenon known as a superbloom, this creation evokes the multicoloured carpets of desert flowers that so spectacularly spring to life after heavy rainfall”

Aqua Allegoria Florabloom Eau de Toilette (CAN $139.00/75 ml, 2.5 fl. oz) | There’s something at once sweet, refreshing, and fresh about this fragrance; opening up with a sharp fruitiness thanks to the mango, bergamot and lime, within minutes the heart of tuberose, violet, rose, and iris start to mingle in a creamy floral dance. Finally, the base notes of coconut, musk, and sandalwood create a dry down that’s softly grounded, merging beautifully with everything that came before.

Aqua Allegoria Florabloom Forte Eau de Parfum (CAN $159.00/75 ml, 2.5 fl. oz) | While the two share a name, they are surprisingly different from each other in many ways including staying power, with the Forte coming out on top. The opening notes of mango, almond and mandarin orange give this version a more tropical/fruity punch, but within several minutes the heart of tuberose, violet, rose, and iris comes forth, giving a nod to its eau de toilette sister, while also serving to provide a romantically elegant feel. The base notes of musk, coconut, sandalwood, and moss add an earthy touch that keeps this scent modern and grounded, but never stuffy.

The brands I am passionate about and personally reach for over & over again are few, with Guerlain being one of them. From their skincare, to the colour cosmetics and fragrances, this storied House never disappoints. If I were forced to pick favourites from the new launches shown here, I’d have to say that the lash serum, lip oils and blush would head the list, but everything else is a super close second. In other words, I approve of everything. And I’m just going to put this out there: Mother’s Day is fast approaching and take it from me, any one of these would make the most perfect gift!

Available at Guerlain counters and Guerlain Boutiques



Kindly provided by Guerlain for my unbiased consideration

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