Guerlain · Parure Gold Skin Matte Foundation


Guerlain recently launched the Parure Gold Skin Matte Foundation along with an accompanying foundation brush, and I’ve had the chance to play with these for a short while now. Spoiler alert: I am definitely impressed.



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Guerlain muse Natialia Vodianova flanked by May Fall and He Cong


L’Or Radiance Concentrate Make-Up Base (CAN $86.00) | The brand was kind enough to also include this primer, as it’s the perfect companion to layer underneath this new foundation. Housed in a glass bottle and dispensed via a pump, it contains flecks of real 24-karat gold flakes suspended in a formula that’s composed of a hydrating gel and tightening polymers, all of which melts into the skin without leaving any kind of residue behind. When worn on its own, it provides a very subtle glow along with helping to visually even out the skin tone. You can even mix this in with your foundation for a soft boost of radiance, but it probably performs best when applied first before foundation to help the latter lay down smoothly and better adhere to your skin. As someone who doesn’t often use a primer first, I’m actually really loving the effect of this one and have been reaching for it quite a bit — and definitely to wear with this foundation.




Parure Gold Skin Matte Foundation (CAN $102.00/each) | Guerlain first launched Parure Gold Foundation in 2009 (which became an immediate hit), and this latest version takes things to a new level with a new matte finish (more on that later on) as well as upping the ingredients to give it more skincare benefits than before. Housed in a frosted glass bottle and dispensed via a pump, it’s comprised of 85% rejuvenating skincare-based ingredients, and the formula also contains white peony extract (from the root to the petal) as well as pure 24-Karat gold for an incomparable radiance — not to mention plenty of 00h-la-la. The texture is creamy and fluid at the same time, and can be either sheered out or built up if needed. As to the finish, while the name says “matte”, I find it to be more of a luminous velvet, one that’s so beautiful and natural looking, as opposed to coming across as flat or 1-dimensional the way traditional matte foundation can appear.

I couldn’t wait to test drive this foundation since Guerlain has never let me down, and I was right in knowing it would be amazing. For starters, the shades I received are excellent matches to my complexion so that was excellent. I first tested it by applying with the new brush and while the finish left behind was very air-brushed looking, it was a bit more opaque than I personally prefer. My absolute favourite way to apply this is by using a dampened sponge — the effect is so natural, while still providing excellent coverage and it’s easier to get to the trickier parts of the face (ie: around the nose), or thinning it out if need be. Wear only makes the finish even more insanely gorgeous, as my body heat and natural oils merge with the foundation to look like my skin … but a million times better. Featherlight, I don’t feel weighed down throughout wear time and really appreciate how transfer-resistant it is.

Available in 18 shades

  • 3N Neutral | medium skin with neutral beige undertones
  • 3.5N Neutral | medium skin with neutral beige undertones, slightly deeper than 3N

The above swatches were applied against my lightly tanned skin, but sill still work on me once that fades.

Since I frequently cocktail my foundations, I combined these 2 shades as well and it turns out that they match me perfectly — as I suspected they would.


Parure Gold Skin Foundation Brush (CAN $72.00) | The latest brush from Guerlain may have been created in tandem with the new foundation, but can certainly be used with all other liquid foundations you currently own. This kabuki-style brush has a head of dense synthetic bristles that are slightly bevelled, domed,  and velvety soft, while the short handle is made of sustainably sourced wood and in a size that makes it easy to work with. You can add the foundation directly onto the brush and then apply to the skin, and while this method works quite well, I personally prefer using this brush more in a buffing capacity, as the finish it leaves behind is similar to that of air-brushing.



As I’ve gotten older I’ve become pickier with the foundation I’ll wear and normally I steer clear of matte finishes, as they can be quite unforgiving to mature skin, but I can’t get over how beautiful the finish is on Parure Gold Skin Matte — even my husband commented on how good my complexion looks with it on! I also enjoy the feel along my skin; so lightweight that I forget I’m wearing anything at all. Definitely on the pricier side of the spectrum, but also very worth it for the finish alone. Plus the bottle looks so gorgeous on the vanity that you’ll want to display it!





Kindly provided by Guerlain for my unbiased consideration

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