Les Khakis de Chanel


Les Khakis de Chanel


A few weeks ago, when I first learned about the 3 limited edition Les Khakis de Chanel nail polishes, my excitement grew to see what they looked like; I was not disappointed. Trust Chanel to not only embrace the new military trend which has permeated the worlds of fashion and beauty, but to capture it so well in these 3 shades, created by Peter Phillips, Global Creative Director of Chanel and made in honour of Fashion’s Night Out.  They are described on Chanel’s website as follows:

  • Khaki Brun – a pale stony taupe
  • Khaki Rose – a dusky pink beige
  • Khaki Vert  – a mossy foam green


Chanel’s Khaki Brun



closeup of Khaki Brun


The lighting conditions I used to photograph these polishes does not do their creamy intensity, any justice.  Khaki Brun is probably the most ‘military’ one of the bunch, melding deep olive and a true camouflage green into one colour.  In some lights and at certain angles, it takes on a much darker hue and I can see where the ‘brun’ part of the name comes into play as you get fleeting glimpses of the brown undertones.


Chanel’s Khaki Rose



closeup of Chanel’s Khaki Rose


Khaki Rose has a more taupe-ish cast to it and once again as in Khaki Brun, depending on which light you view it, it can lean more towards the taupe and in others, it has the creamy look of milk chocolate, but there is no doubting the rose undertones.


Chanel Khaki Vert



closeup of Chanel’s Khaki Vert


Khaki Vert is the most unique one of the bunch in my opinion, being a dusty, muted almost drab green but with depth, giving it an edgy vibe.  All shades of green seem to still be riding high on the fashion trend and while I thought at first that this was similar to Essie’s new Fall colour ‘Sew Psyched’, when I put them side by side you could see that whereas Sew Psyched leans more towards the grey with a pearly sheen, Khaki Vert seems to have a mossier hue.

The application with these, as with every single Chanel nail polish I have ever tried, was totally flawless; they go on and spread like butter, in most cases can almost be opaque in one coat, dry with a natural glossy finish and are all easy to remove.  In all the closeup pictures above, you can get a much better representation of the true colour of each shade.  They are rich, creamy, luscious and oh so perfect for Fall.  I would have to say that Khaki Rose is probably the most versatile shade, being more of a neutral but one that both cool and warm-skinned types can easily pull off.   Khaki Brun is deep and the darkest of the three, but far from falling into the ‘black’ range. Vert is probably the most notably ‘trendy’ shade of them all, but not outrageous enough to make simply the colour of the moment.  All three Khaki’s seem to have the chameleon-like ability of suiting a range of skin types, making them easy and fun to wear.

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