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Lisa Eldridge is a makeup artist that I’ve admired for years, so when she created her own beauty line I had no doubt that the products would be stellar, but I’ve actually resisted picking anything up … until now. That all changed when I saw the eyeshadow palettes she recently launched. I can sum them up in two words: swoon-worthy.



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Housed in Lisa’s signature soft gold shade and bearing both her ‘lips’ logo and narrow ribbing on one half, these palettes both look and feel quite luxe. There’s a full sized mirror on the inner lid, and they also have a magnetic snap closure. Apart from doing intensive research into all her formulations, Lisa is also somewhat of a beauty historian as well as being a very mindful woman, therefore the thought and care she put into developing these palettes is evident in so many details. There’s the slim yet ergonomic design of the cases to start with, but each shade can also be popped out and refilled. If you have more than one of her palettes and find yourself leaning more towards certain colours in each, you can even swap them around to create a palette unique to your preferences. Note that all shades are Microplastics, talc and cruelty-free.

As an added incentive, this Velvet Pompadour Pouch was actually a gift with the purchase of 3 products, which worked out perfectly for me since I was actually considering these 3 palettes. This is a medium sized pouch in hot pink velour embroidered with Lisa’s logo on one side. While the size is great for holding makeup essentials, I’m not ready to destroy its pristine beauty, so for now I’ll leave it on display in my beauty cave. Or maybe use it as a clutch over the holidays!

When Lisa posted the first images and swatches of her palettes, I wanted them ALL. But realistically speaking, I had to narrow it down because while the palettes themselves are reasonably priced (at the current exchange rate, they work out to CAN $79.00 each), I knew there were would be duties to pay (which set me back another CAN $68.00 … UGH). I also considered the fact that I already have more makeup than any human being will ever need, and so my selection criteria became even more streamlined. Vega was the palette that I initially dismissed, but came back to because I realized it held shades that I can totally see myself using on a daily basis. Myth was a no-brainer right from the start, primarily because I have green eyes and love wearing purples to accentuate them. Sorcery was the palette that literally made me gasp out loud, and while I felt that the shades would not be ones I’d turn to often, there was absolutely no way I could resist its siren call. The remaining two palettes, Cinnabar and Muse, also called to me — especially Cinnabar, as I adore wearing copper, but I needed to rein myself in and figured I could always pick them up at a later date.


Vega Eyeshadow Palette (£49.00) | “Inspired by graphic optical artistry and illusionism, and the infinite nature of the galaxy” I feel that this is THE palette for lovers of both a neutral and/or smoky eye. Containing a mix of textures from matte, metallic, and even a glittery topper, this palette can effortlessly take you from day to night. All shades (with the possible exception of Supernova, which is in a category all its own) are pigment rich, blend out easily and wear beautifully (especially over primer, much needed if your lids tend to get oily as mine do). In addition, there is zero fall down seen — even when swirling a brush across the pans, a feat that is miraculous in my opinion. As this palette holds a nice selection of both cool and warm hues, it can definitely be worn by a broad range of complexions. Supernova is a unique and absolutely incredible shade; you can dab a bit in the inner eye corner for a nice reflect, or use your finger to pat it over any other shade, elevating the look into something almost magical.


  • French Grey – light, neutral stone (velvet)
  • Smoke & Mirrors – medium/deep, cool grey slate (seamless matte)
  • Moonswirl – cool, silvery mink taupe (metallic)
  • Turbulence – cool, medium brown (seamless matte)
  • Supernova – silver, with rose pink & silver sparkles (luminous)
  • Lamp Black – true black (seamless matte)


Myth Eyeshadow Palette (£49.00) | “Takes its inspiration from the Mauve Decade and Victorian Gothic hues” Lisa loves the history of beauty, and that’s clearly evident with the era that inspired this palette. While I love the contrast of purple hues against my green eyes, I realized that I don’t actually own a palette with as much variation on this shade, which made Myth even more attractive. As with Vega, all the shades apply spectacularly and have blown me away with how well they’ve been crafted. There are two hues in particular here that have absolutely wowed me: Victorian Trim, with its jewel-like mulberry colour — one that has been missing in my eyeshadow collection, and Illusionism — the most magical topper I’ve ever seen and tried, giving off true fairy vibes. While not exactly a neutral palette in the traditional sense, you can still pull off a daytime look with several of the shades here. I’m also especially drawn to Mauve Decade and recall a MAC palette I had purchased many years ago specifically for a hue that was very similar to this – and which I used up completely, but have never come across again … until now (thank you, Lisa).


  • Nocturama – deep, blackened violet (velvet)
  • Illusionism – transparent base with ultraviolet sparkly pearls (top coat)
  • Mauve Decade – muted, grey lavender (velvet)
  • Faded Amethyst – smokey and lustrous, taupey amethyst (metallic)
  • Victorian Trim – rich and brown, vibrant mulberry (velvet)
  • Violet Stone – pure violet (velvet)


Sorcery Eyeshadow Palette (£49.00) | “Inspired by mediaeval tales and legends … Sorcery is a story of the magicians, fairs and fantasy of the Middle Ages” If this palette doesn’t make your heart skip a beat, I’d be shocked. First things first: how mesmerizing are these jewel-like hues? I’m also loving all the names (fact: Lisa spent many sleepless nights thinking of the names for all the shades, as she wanted them to be absolutely perfect. I say she totally succeeded), as I too am a fan of that era and the names all resonate with me. But this palette — where to even start? Initially, and while I couldn’t take my eyes off the colours, I was tempted to pass on it because I assumed there were too many metallics for me to work with. I’m so glad I didn’t pass because not only was it the first to sell out, but because now that I’ve seen & swatched everything, I would definitely have had the worst buyer’s remorse of my life. What convinced me, however, was the looks Lisa created using this palette (as seen on her Youtube channel) and just like that, it was “add to cart”. While everything here is exceptionally party-perfect, I can still see several of the shades toned down for a more daytime look. Madrigal is beyond exquisite, and anyone who remembers CHANEL’s iconic Peridot nail polish (released in 2011, no longer available, reviewed here), this is the eyeshadow version. Mercurial is well named as well, as this shade seems to shift depending on the light and angle — and about as magical as eyeshadow can get. But in the end, there isn’t a single shade of this palette that I’m not obsessing over, as they’re all the stuff eyeshadow dreams are made of.


  • Troubadour – deep, inky teal (seamless matte)
  • Grotto – cool, emerald green (metallic)
  • Madrigal – blackened, antique green gold (metallic)
  • Mercurial – a prismatic ‘green to heather’ duo chrome (luminous)
  • Mage – pale, silvery sage green/grey with icy blue, pink, gold & pink pearls (metallic)
  • Swansong – rich, sapphire blue (metallic)


It’s almost as if I had been waiting for Lisa to create eyeshadows, in order for me to finally order something from her line … and my instincts were right. I knew without a doubt that she wouldn’t put her name on something unless it was perfect, and once again I was correct. The fact that none of the shades contain microplastics or talc, is yet another indication of how mindful she was in their creation, and yet still managed to produce a product of such stellar proportions without using any of those ingredients. All in all, I can’t recommend these palettes enough. All that’s left now is saving up for the rest, lol

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