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Considering the fact that MAC releases something new faster than you can blink, it’s not only hard to keep up but also difficult to be wowed as well … so when the Loud and Clear Collection first appeared, let’s just say that my attention was grabbed. Something about the translucent packaging is just too tempting to dismiss, no?



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Glow Play Blush (CAN $33.00/each) | While everything else in this collection is limited edition, I believe that these blushes –at least — may be here for the long haul. Housed in convenient flip top cases, they come in a buildable cream-to-powder formula with a squishy, bouncy texture — reminds me of Urban Decay’s Lo-Fi Lip Mousse (previously reviewed here, no longer available) but this version is much smoother and easier to work with. Said to provide all-day wear with stay true colour, they also add a nice touch of radiance to the skin. Best applied with fingers (but feel free to experiment with a brush as well), they are easy to pat into the skin and provide a truly believable flush of colour. As seen in the last photo, the surface becomes indented with use and may even crack (you can literally smooth cracks back into place with your fingertip), but this doesn’t adversely affect the product in any way.

  • That’s Peachy* – light peach
  • Blush, Please – neutral light mauve
  • No Shame! – rosy pink

Showing the indentation on the surface after use



Back To Surreality Eye Shadow (CAN $20.00) | Interestingly, this collection includes 6 shades in pastel and neutral colours, but this one that I received happens to be the one that appealed to me the most — so, yay! I find that this camel-nude colour is highly versatile, as it makes for a great transition shade in the crease (when layering several colours), or even worn on its own as a sheer allover wash, providing a nice veil of brightening colour to the lid while also serving to camouflage any veining/redness. With a fine-milled texture and excellent pigmentation, it also displays an effortless blendability, staying true without creasing or fading when applied over primer.

Hot Damn-Oiselle D’Avignon Extra Dimension Skinfinish* (CAN $41.00) | The pièce de résistance of the collection (in fact, there was one other shade that I didn’t pick up and which I now totally regret #rookie mistake), this is a highlighter in the brand’s multi-reflective formula. But can we take a moment and just stare in admiration at the pattern? The detail is absolutely sublime. Housed in the same translucent packaging as the rest of the collection, the texture of the powder is super finely-milled and lays down in a lightweight manner, melding with your skin’s warmth and natural oils to for a seamless finish. The golden-rose colour is enhanced by a multi-tonal complex shimmer which also serves to add a gorgeous overall dimension. Sadly, this shade was limited edition edition and you can bet it sold out at lightning speed, but you can always visit your nearest MAC counter to check on availability. Barring that, I definitely recommend checking out the other Skinfinish shades available, as there are a couple that come quite close and are part of the permanent range.

Baroque The Internet Matte Lipstick (CAN $25.00) | In general I prefer more of a satin finish when it comes to lipstick, but this rose-mauve shade is so wearable and flattering, that I’m totally happy to make an exception. The finish is actually velvet as opposed to a true matte — and that’s a good thing, as it doesn’t dry lips out. Staying power is wonderful as well, fading to a rosewood stain once the majority of product has gone.


It pains me that most of the products shown in this post are not readily available (although as I mentioned earlier, you never know what a visit to your nearest MAC counter might reveal, as I’ve been known to score hard to find or limited edition pieces long after they were supposed to be gone). That said, the blushes are truly worth scoping out PLUS they’re all available online at last check, so considering the fact that we’re all in lockdown right now, a little beauty therapy might just be the ticket. Please Stay safe!

*Products purchased by me

Available at Sephora, The Bay and online



Kindly provided by MAC for my unbiased consideration


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