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Primers & highlighters have become a ubiquitous part of our beauty regimen and now come in so many different forms — a good thing too, since this isn’t exactly a one-size-fits-all kind of product and options are always a good thing. One such item that can usually be found in most makeup artists kits and beauty vanities the world over, is MAC’s Strobe Cream, now available in 4 other shades apart from the original. Then there’s the Extra Dimension Skinfinish powders with their prismatic surfaces that just beg to be applied; I’ve yet to meet a highlighter I didn’t want to almost bathe in.


Strobe Cream (CAN $40.00/each) | MAC’s original cult-fave face primer (the shade is now called Pinklite) has been given a packaging face lift and now comes with four new siblings. Made with vitamins, botanicals, and a mega-dose of green tea, each primer helps to keep skin hydrated while also addressing tired-looking and/or dull skin by adding subtle illumination — all while serving to create a smooth base for any makeup/foundation layered on top. As someone who tended to skip applying primer in the past, I can’t even conceive of not using it now since it not only adds a light protective layer to my skin, but ensures my foundation lays down smoothly on top and will not [overly]settle into pores and fine lines. Another bonus to Strobe Cream is that it gives a gorgeous radiance to skin (more obvious when this product is worn alone, less so when foundation is layered over it) and thereby keeps makeup from appearing flat and 1-dimensional. Not shown: Redlite and Silverlite

  • Pinklite – pink pearls, cool leaning
  • Goldlite – gold pearls, warm leaning
  • Peachlite – peach pearls, warm leaning with a subtle cool shift




Extra Dimension Skinfinish (CAN $38.00/each) | Available in four shades (Beam Blush and Double Gleam not shown), these are compact highlighters in a “liquid to powder” formula with the surface of each powder embossed in a pattern of horizontal lines and the MAC logo. The prismatic reflection of each powder is meant to “sculpt and highlight” the face, although most people will probably use these as straight-up highlighters without going to any sculpting lengths. Long-lasting, their staying power is quite impressive (over primer and/or foundation) as they fuse beautifully with the skin and keep their gleam throughout the wearing.

  • Soft Frost – white that breaks violet, cool leaning
  • Show Gold – peach that breaks pink, warm leaning


Soft Frost Extra Dimension Skinfinish


Show Gold Extra Dimension Skinfinish


(EDIT: Show Gold was mistakenly written backwards … oops!)


MAC was on the ground floor of illuminating fluid primers and certainly knows how to do this product right. The original Strobe Cream (now Pinklite) is still a bestseller to this day but I’m really happy to see that the brand decided to become more inclusive by adding a few more shades to the range. The Extra Dimension Skinfinish powders are like highlighters on steroids with their highly complex prismatic finishes, but interestingly enough they are also quite wearable; depending on your bling comfort level, you can diffuse them for a light fairy-dusting or pack them on for a look that can probably seen from space — your choice.

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