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In celebration of the original tv series Star Trek’s 50th birthday, MAC has teamed up with the franchise and released a limited edition collection based around 4 key female characters from the show (Lt. Uhura, Deanna of Troi, Seven of Nine, and Vina the Orion girl). At the collection’s media pre-launch that I attended back in May, I was totally drawn to the nail polish trio where all 3 shades immediately made me think of Uhura and her glam talons that you just couldn’t help but notice in each episode. Sporting chrome and glitter like it was nobody’s business, that woman certainly went where no other woman had gone before.



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MAC x Star Trek Studio Nail Lacquer


MAC x Star Trek Studio Nail Lacquer


Enterprise, limited edition (CAN $16.50) | A brilliant metallic silver-chrome with a white undertone to keep it on the cooler side of the spectrum. The formula has an excellent flow & density — but does dry relatively fast as this type of polish is usually prone to — so you do need to work quickly & keep a steady hand, in order to minimize any visible brush strokes. Highly reflective at the finish with minimal shimmer spread at removal.

Coats: 2, no top coat — also shown with one coat of Skin of Evil layered on top


MAC x Star Trek Enterprise Studio Nail Lacquer


MAC x Star Trek Enterprise Studio Nail Lacquer swatch


MAC x Star Trek Enterprise & Skin of Evil Studio Nail Lacquer swatch


Holla-Deck, limited edition (CAN $16.50) | A gold foil/metallic hue with glitter flecks in gold and bronze in the mix, bearing an excellent flow & density and which applies in a self-levelling way. There’s almost a 3D quality to the finish that makes it appear somewhat textured, although this effect only adds visual interest and overall depth to this über-brilliant shade. Take care in removal to keep any shimmer spread to a minimum.

Coats: 2, no top coat — also shown with one coat of Skin of Evil layered on top


MAC x Star Trek Holla-Deck Studio Nail Lacquer


MAC x Star Trek Holla-Deck Studio Nail Lacquer swatch


MAC x Star Trek Holla-Deck & Skin of Evil Studio Nail Lacquer swatch


Skin Of Evil, limited edition (CAN $16.50) | A semi-transparent base filled with ultra fine green/gold “lizard skin” shimmer (sounds weird, I know) and black hexagonal glitter pieces in tiny & small sizes. The formula falls a touch on the thicker side (as compared to both Enterprise and Holla-Deck) but is still quite easy to work with and applies in a self-levelling way. The final look has a unique multi-tonal greenish shift that’s almost prismatic and you pick up enough glitter per brushful that no ‘fishing’ is necessary, although you may need to nudge a few pieces in place (along the sides and/or free edge of the nail) with an orange stick. Some elbow grease will be required for removal, but nothing excessive.

For the swatches below, I’ve opted to show it at 1 coat (which gives off a dainty yet still strong presence), 2 coats (basically fully opaque at this level), and with a matte top coat that may tamp down the brilliance but serves to make all the glitter pieces stand out instead. No top coat on any of the swatches.


MAC x Star Trek Skin Of Evil Studio Nail Lacquer


MAC x Star Trek Skin Of Evil Studio Nail Lacquer swatch (1 coat)


MAC x Star Trek Skin Of Evil Studio Nail Lacquer swatch (2 coats)


MAC x Star Trek Skin Of Evil Studio Nail Lacquer swatch (mattified)


MAC has really upped their nail polish game, and this trio is a complete standout for me. With the holidays coming up, you really can’t go wrong with a good silver and/or gold metallic shade and both Enterprise and Holla-Deck fit the bill perfectly. Skin of Evil is one of those hues that’s oddly compelling, regardless of whether you’re a glitter fan or not, and I find its combination of tones very unique in my collection. So, forgetting the fact that I’m a 100% bonafide Trekker, I still give all three a thumbs up — I’m so ready to channel my inner Uhura. And Seven of Nine. And Deanna of Troi. I’ll even do Vina, minus the green body paint (but holy moly did that girl had some serious mojo).

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