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Autumn Vibes is the latest addition to the Maison Margiela Replica range, and with a provenance hailing from Montréal (my home base) plus its description of ‘woody trail & red leaves‘ (the forest is one of my happy places), my connection with this fragrance becomes somewhat personal. But even without that, I’m definitely here for the scent …



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Replica Autumn Vibes Eau de Toilette (CAN $166.00/100 ml, 3.5 fl. oz) | Housed in the brand’s signature cylindrical bottle, the fabric label and ‘thread‘ cordage around the neck are a nod to Maison Margiela’s fashion roots. The key components are:

  • Top: Cardamom, Pink Pepper
  • Heart: Nutmeg, Carrot Seeds, Maple
  • Base: Cedar, Moss

Replica fragrances are all about evoking specific memories, and from the first sniff of Autumn Vibes, I instantly get the reference. The opening has a slight sharpness — almost acrid, in fact, which reminds me of the smell of firewood wafting from chimneys. Within a couple of minutes, it begins morphing into something sweeter, mellow and cozy-feeling; like the scent your sweater picks up after a walk in the brisk fall air, which then gives way to an earthier vibe, very much like the scent of leaves being crunched underfoot. The dry down is soft, warm, and whispery along the skin, with echoes of an imagined forest. Considering that this is an eau de toilette, the staying power is surprising good, lasting a solid 7-8 hours (on me, that is).

I’ve been a fan of this range since it launched back in 2012 and have a nice little collection (previously reviewed here in more detail). Since my original post, I’ve added a few more to the family and while several are now discontinued (Blur Filter, Funfair Evening, Promenade In The Gardens, Tea Escape), the ones that I simply adore — By The Fireplace, Beach Walk, Lazy Sunday Morning, and Jazz Club — are still [happily] available, with some interesting new scents added to the lineup that I’ve yet to try: Bubble Bath, Matcha Meditation (which may be a reformulated version of Tea Escape?), Under The Lemon Trees, Music Festival (again, possibly a reformulation of Funfair Evening?), and Whispers In The Library (which I actually have as part of a sampler set, but have yet to actually wear — better get on that).


I tend to gravitate towards certain scent families: smokey, resinous, amber-y, and anything with vanilla (or chocolate, for that matter) although lately I’ve been experimenting with some florals and chypre fragrances as well. What makes Autumn Vibes particularly interesting to me, is that it bridges the smokiness of By The Fireplace (which is my absolute LOVE), the softness of Lazy Sunday Morning (in my opinion, this is one of the best daytime fragrances) and includes some light touches of Jazz Club‘s smokiness — but without the boozy factor. PS: I collected & pressed these leaves from the forest surrounding my chalet — so perfect, no?


Just a casual fragrance sniffing selfie, lol


The woods around my country place made for the most perfect backdrop






Wish I had had my bottle of By The Fireplace with me when I shot this …


Smells like memories” is Replica’s tagline, and I have to admit that not only are those words pretty much bang-on, but the concept itself speaks to me on so many levels. Fragrance is inextricably tied up with so many of my memories, as well as a conduit I use to recall a specific mood — which brings me back to Autumn Vibes and the way it makes me feel. Apart from the fact that the combined notes play so beautifully together, its essence is that of the forest, a place that truly brings me such peace. Dramatic? Maybe, but I dare you to smell this and NOT immediately get the connotation.

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Kindly provide by Maison Margiela for my unbiased consideration

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