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MAKE UP FOR EVER has just launched WATERTONE SKIN-PERFECTING TINT, and there’s plenty to love about this product. Part of a new generation of foundation formulas, this is less about full-on coverage and more about letting your natural skin shine — and that feature alone sits absolutely within my wheelhouse.



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WATERTONE SKIN-PERFECTING FRESH FOUNDATION (CAN $50.00/each) | Housed in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser, this is a sheer yet still lightly buildable water-based foundation that is said to “minimize imperfections, provides 24-hour hydration (although I don’t plan on testing that claim, as there’s no way I’ll wear foundation that long), gives radiance & an even-toned appearance“. The 94% natural ingredient formula is also silicone & oil free, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), and even safe for acne prone and sensitive skin types. The texture leans on the thin side but not runny, spreading easily along the skin — while staying power is excellent without showing any signs of oxidation (when it darkens and changes colour) or separation ie: around the nose.

Available in 20 shades with a range of undertones

The three shades I was sent to test out all have yellow undertones (hence the “Y”) which best suit my complexion. Because I have a light tan at the moment, the deepest shade (Y305) is my perfect match, although I’m certain I’ll be reaching for the the lighter hues once the weather starts cooling (I can’t even think about that yet – ugh). I was also sent the makeup sponge and brush, and tested out both: the sponge is great for stronger coverage, while the brush makes it easy to reach all areas of the face with ease, especially around the hairline which can sometimes be tricky using a sponge. Of the two, I prefer the brush — surprisingly, as I found the finish was more even and natural looking, whereas the sponge seemed to drag the product somewhat. This foundation is fragranced, and while noticeable at first, I couldn’t really smell it after application, but it’s still worth noting for those with sensitivities. I personally prefer a sheer coverage and tend to wear something more opaque only for special occasions where I want my makeup to stay put (ie: a wedding), so in that regard WATERTONE is bang on perfect. Incredibly lightweight in feel, I was also surprised by how even my skin looked after application, in the best & most natural “no makeup” kind of way.  I also tested it out in the ridiculously humid condition of an indoor clay tennis court and guess what? My skin still looked flawless after sweating it out for an hour. Impressive, especially for something that’s more of a tint and not designed for major opacity.

  • Y225 – light skin with golden undertones
  • Y245 – lighter medium skin with yellow undertones
  • Y305 – lighter medium skin with slightly golden undertones


Artisan Brush #116 (CAN $48.00) | As someone with a rather extensive makeup brush collection, some of my faves that I reach for often are the Artisan range from this brand. Extremely well crafted, they also provide excellent application results and are able to withstand multiple washings without falling apart. This brush, which is meant to be used with the WATERTONE foundation, is made of synthetic bristles and has a wood handle (not sure if it’s solid wood or a composite), and a metallic ferrule. The round densely-packed head has a well in the centre where you can dispense the foundation into directly, and then dot along the face before blending out. The finish you get using this brush is as close to air-brushed as can be — and I’ve gotten the same result using this brush with other foundations as well. An absolute KEEPER.

Watertone Sponge (CAN $21) | Created specifically for use with the new WATERTONE foundation (or any other water-based foundation, for that matter), this creamy-looking beige sponge has a pointed tip and flat bevelled edge to help make it easy to reach all areas of the face & neck. Dense yet still soft, it’s best to dampen the sponge first & then squeeze out excess moisture before use (note that it will basically double in size), and I highly recommend you wash it immediately after to avoid product buildup and staining. Unlike some other sponges that feel rather dense, this one is almost airy and has a great flexibility to it — it looks promising to hold up well through use & multiple washings, but only time will actually tell.


It’s easy to see the colour differences between the 3 shades when they’re swatched heavily (top image), but blended out they becomes harder to tell apart, meaning that this ultralight formula makes for a truly seamless finish.


It still seems a little weird putting on foundation after more than a year of non-stop mask wearing, and yet lately I find that the act of doing so makes me happy — as though I’m taking back control. Where foundations are concerned, I lean towards sheer formulations, yet I still want my skin to look flawless; enter WATERTONE and its magical way of giving me exactly the effect I prefer. The fact that it held up beautifully under the rigorous testing I put it through, doesn’t hurt the cause either. Oh, and you might also want to pick up the #116 brush while you’re at it … well worth the investment.


Available at Sephora (16 select shades), all 20 shades at MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Loft




Kindly provided by MAKE UP FOR EVER for my unbiased consideration

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