My Fave Summer Glow Makeup Products


It’s now September, but I’m still keeping that summer glow alive with the help of these fave ‘enhancers’ and when combined with a bit of bronzer, the result is just fab. No need for self-tanner either (although that’s also a really great option) and the best part? It’s super easy and can be customized for every skin tone and using products you may already have.



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Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Summer & Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer | With a texture that’s a hybrid liquid/cream, these are dispensed via a dropper and are incredibly pigmented, with one drop literally going a long, long way. Incredibly easy to blend out as well, they also have excellent staying power. What I absolutely love about this product, is how beautifully it melds with the skin and provides the most believable colour + glow, thanks to an ultra fine shimmer in the formula. The Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer (previously reviewed here) came out earlier this year and what makes this particular shade interesting, is that it provides a hint of summery colour along with shimmer, meaning it can work alone on bare skin, or combined with either foundation or even bronzer for an extra zing. Not as colour saturated as the Liquid Bronzer, but nicely pigmented just the same with one bottle lasting quite a while.

*Unfortunately, the Maestro Liquid Summers are no longer available but I’ve seen other brands with similar products.




Guerlain Terracotta L’Eau Hâlêe & Terracotta Touch in Medium | Guerlain is not only one of my favourite brands, but hands down the master when it comes to bronzers. The L’Eau Hâlée which was launched in 2016 (limited edition and no longer available — reviewed here) is a liquid stain that’s dispensed via a dropper, and while a watery texture, you don’t need much to work with plus it’s easy to layer. The option with the longest staying power of everything shown in this post, it’s also the one that looks the most natural on bare skin.

The Terracotta Touch in medium is basically a loose powder version of the brand’s Terracotta Bronzer and was launched in 2019 in a travel format, dispensed through an attached powder puff (limited edition and no longer available — reviewed here). Looking at the swatches below, you might be wondering how this is included in this roundup as it’s barely visible along my skin (which also has a light tan), but that’s the beauty: it’s a powder that ‘fuses’ with the skin and provides a hint of colour, along with this incredible soft glow … that’s also so damn hard to describe or even capture on camera, but take my word for it. While this particular format is no longer available, the effect can still be replicated with other Terracotta bronzing powders in the current lineup.



CHANEL Baume Essentiel Golden Light | This is a twist up multi-purpose product that can be used on the cheeks/face, eyes, and even along the décolleté. With a balm-like texture, it melts into the skin and can be blended out & even slightly layered — but not that much, as it’s emollient nature doesn’t lend itself to messing around with it too much. It has a light pigmentation, but I’m ok with that as it gives the most gorgeous glossy sheen to the skin. Staying power is ok, as long as you don’t touch your face too much. But still, I absolutely love it!

CHANEL Sheer Glow Highlighting Fluid Sunkissed | (Previously reviewed here) This is a fluid highlighter with a soft hint of golden/bronze colour. Apart from wearing it as a traditional highlighter along the high points of the face, it can also be worn on bare skin (cheeks), layered over bronzer for an extra glowy pop, or blended in with foundation — although I’m not a fan of wearing it all over the face in that manner. The resulting finish is not as blingy as you’d think, and when light hits it, the effect is almost mesmerizing – yet still somehow natural, if that makes sense.

CHANEL Soleil Tan Deep Bronze Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream | (Previously reviewed here) If you’re wondering why the original and/or reissued version of this cream  (previously reviewed here) isn’t included in this roundup, it’s mainly because ever since this deeper version was launched, it’s the one I’ve been reaching for — although once my summer tan fades, I’m sure I’ll be gravitating towards the lighter one again. As the name states, this is a dense cream and super pigmented, meaning a little will definitely go far. I prefer going in with a dense flat-topped brush for application and blending out, or even using my fingers for the job. Again, because of its creamy texture, this also melds into the skin for a truly natural-looking finish and the ultra fine shimmer in the formula helps to add a soft sheen and subtle dimension.



NARS Laguna Liquid Bronzer | Launched in 2016 with the Tahiti Bronze Collection (reviewed here), this is the liquid version of the brand’s iconic Laguna bronzer, the latter which also happens to be the very first powder bronzer I ever purchased/tried. Dispensed via a pump, its liquid nature means it will not only blend easily into the skin, but as it dries down you can also layer it up for a stronger intensity. As seen in the swatch below, there’s a fine complex shimmer in the formula that serves to add a really lovely glowy sheen, whether applied on bare skin or over foundation.


Stila Lingerie Soufflé Skin-Perfecting Primer in Sun-Kissed | Launched in the spring of 2019 (reviewed here), this has one of the most unique textures I’ve ever felt — it literally looks and feels like chocolate soufflé! By the way, how absolutely gorgeous and display-worthy is the jar? Created to work either alone on bare skin or layered over foundation, it’s best applied with a brush (I find that a dense flat-topped brush works best) and blended out. The shimmer in the formula is not excessive or gaudy, and actually serves to capture the light with movement. Sadly, this is no longer available and if you happen to have this product but have forgotten about it, then I strongly urge you to rediscover it.



Diorskin Nude Air Summer Glow | Launched in 2016 (limited edition, no longer available), this is a loose powder with the barest hint of tan colour and loaded up with incredibly fine shimmer. Now ordinarily I’d never advocate layering shimmer all over there the face, but there’s something about this product that just WORKS. The texture is so gossamer fine that it leaves what can best be described as a “glowy veil” upon the skin. I like to apply this with a dual-fibred brush for the best effect and finish; going in with the puff might be a bit overkill, although on bare skin the puff works best for buffing it in.


The inspiration behind this post happens to be the makeup looks I’ve been sporting lately — easy, glowy, and still staying summer strong. I usually don’t like showing products that are no longer avialable and wanted this to serve as more of a guide; there are so many other options out there to help create a similar effect. In fact, several items here had been laying  forgotten amongst my other products, so it’s nice rediscovering them again … something that might be the case with your own makeup!


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