NARS | Limited Edition Orgasm Blush

NARS LE Orgasm Blush opener


For beauty fans the world over, you haven’t really lived until you’ve experienced a NARS orgasm. Provocative metaphors aside, when NARS launched their original Orgasm Blush back in 1999, it became an instant cult-classic that went on to spawn countless imitations – but none have been able to come even close (insert snicker here). Fast forward to 2016, and NARS is about to unleash a supersize version of the original ‘O’; introducing the Limited Edition Orgasm Blush — who says size doesn’t matter?



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NARS LE Orgasm Blush box

NARS | Limited Edition Orgasm Blush

NARS LE Orgasm Blush compact

NARS | Limited Edition Orgasm Blush

NARS LE Orgasm Blush liner

NARS | Limited Edition Orgasm Blush

NARS LE Orgasm Blush mirror

NARS | Limited Edition Orgasm Blush (mirror detail)

NARS LE Orgasm Blush

Limited Edition Orgasm Blush (CAN $52.00) | Housed in the brand’s signature black rubberized casing, this limited edition version is made unique by the special NARS logo printed on the lid, a coy message on the inner mirror (#whatmakesyoublush), and flirty packaging designed in collaboration with Fabien Baron of Barron & Barron – a renown French Director, Art Director and magazine editor. Comparatively speaking, this version holds a whopping 3.04 oz of product versus the regular size of 1.92 oz (and which retails for CAN $38.00), making it close to double the original in size, but at a better price point as a bonus.

For the 6 people out there who have yet to succumb, Orgasm is a universally flattering peachy-pink shade that’s brimming with a shimmery golden shift and in a texture that is incredibly fine milled. This shade seems to somehow transcend all complexion boundaries and manages to suit all skin tones, from the palest (who need to apply this more as a sheer wash of colour) to the darkest (where it can even do double duty as a highlighter). The shimmer is of the variety that melds into the skin once it begins to warm up with your natural oils, to provide that ∗ahem∗ carnal glow, and not the type to emphasize pores. Staying power, especially over foundation, is excellent and even when some colour has faded, there’s a nice radiance that lingers on. Much like the real deal, in fact – maybe even better, since there’s less exertion involved in getting there. Just saying.


NARS LE Orgasm Blush 2

NARS | Limited Edition Orgasm Blush

NARS Le Orgasm Blush macro

NARS | Limited Edition Orgasm Blush

NARS LE Orgasm Blush 3


NARS LE Orgasm Blush swatches

NARS | Limited Edition Orgasm Blush swatches

NARS LE Orgasm Blush & comps

NARS | Limited Edition Orgasm Blush vs Orgasm and Super Orgasm

NARS LE Orgasm Blush & comps 2

My first [NARS] Orgasm was around the time this cult-fave shade was launched, and I’ve since gone through several of them – hitting pan every time, which is about as rare an occurrence as you get with a beauty aficionado like myself. Then came Super Orgasm, a brighter version of the original with larger glitter chunks included – just to make sure you really get noticed. Over the years, NARS has released one Orgasm after another in several limited edition palettes, making it pretty difficult to have missed picking one up at some point (I’m fairly certain I have at least 6 floating around here), but as it’s one of those shades you can never really get enough of and so wearable, I don’t mind the overlap.

Upon receiving this Supersize version, the first thing I did was pull out my original to see if there are any colour variances – and there are; as seen in the swatch below, the original seems rather washed-out in comparison but that could also be due to its age, with some of the pigment possibly having dried out. Super Orgasm is a different animal altogether, sort of like Orgasm on steroids, and while still gorgeous, the chunky glitter it holds makes it nowhere near as easily wearable.

NARS LE Orgasm Blush & Comps swatches

NARS | Limited Edition Orgasm Blush vs Orgasm and Super Orgasm swatches


Climaxing in this oversized version, NARS wants to make sure you never have too little of a good thing. Blush is a product that can instantly brighten the face but not all shades are made the same; with Orgasm, you really can’t go wrong – regardless of your skin tone or skill level. There are even handy tutorials on the NARS website with placement options to help you ‘hit the spot’, so to speak. I can literally go on and on with the bawdy allusions (endless possibilities here), but at the end of the day, you need to experience this for yourself. Fair warning though: once you experience an Orgasm of this magnitude, there’s no going back.

Available now via and Sephora online – June 1st at counters


NARS LE Orgasm Blush closer


Product sample kindly provided for my reviewing pleasure/As always, all opinions are my own


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