New! Dior Diorshow Fall Makeup Collection 2020


For Fall 2020 and as seen through the eyes of Peter Philips, Dior’s Creative and Image Director, the Diorshow Collection draws inspiration from the Maison’s flagship fashion pieces to reinvent both the eyeshadow palettes and cult-fave Overcurl Mascara. As this is the season of “eyes”, these pieces couldn’t come at a better time, wouldn’t you agree?



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The brand’s eyeshadow quints have been given a few upgrades, starting with the a new larger compact case that has a slimmer and slightly more geometric profile. Interestingly enough, the protective inner sleeve has been eliminated which has had the added benefit of reduced overall packaging (well done, Dior). Each palette was also inspired by a famous runway look, tying in both beauty & fashion in true Dior style. For the first time, however, the formula now contains skincare ingredients such as aloe vera for its soothing & smoothing properties, along with pine oil for its softening action — thus creating a powder with a weightless “no makeup” feel.


279 Denim 5 Couleurs Couture (CAN $72.00) |This palette celebrates the timeless casual-chic style of denim, a new Dior hallmark. I love how these shades echo the brand’s iconic Oblique pattern (as seen on Bella Hadid’s hat below), but I have to say that viewing the palette in person really “blue” me away (so cheesy….). A far cry from the cringe-inducing blues of the 80s, these are all utterly wearable and with a formula that is truly outstanding. All blend like a dream with hardly any fall down, displaying excellent staying power without fading when worn over primer.


Bella Hadid wearing 279 Denim



  • sky blue satin, top left
  • icy denim satin, top right
  • champagne sparkle, centre
  • teal satin, bottom left
  • indigo denim satin, bottom right




689 Mitzah 5 Couleurs Couture (CAN $72.00) |Neutrals are my go-to faves, so it goes without saying that this palette fits so perfectly within my wheelhouse. But can we talk about the formula? In a word: STELLAR. Also displaying excellent blendability and staying power as the previous palette, this grouping includes a lucious matte to keep things grounded — but I have to say that the centre cranberry shade is definitely the star of the show.


Blesnya Minher wearing 689 Mitzah



  • peach nude satin, top left
  • ivory sparkle, top right
  • cranberry satin, centre
  • rosewood satin shimmer, bottom left
  • mulberry matte, bottom right



In case you’re wondering, Mitzah Bricard was a long-time friend and muse to M. Chrisian Dior, a woman known for her love of all things leopard and back in 2011 the brand paid homage to her via an entire collection. I was curious to see how the new Mitzah palette compared against the original (reviewed here), and as is clear, the two are absolutely nothing alike. Apart from the differences in the palette shape, the original Mitzah also came with a protective sleeve that had a leopard-print lining, and even the surface of each shade hold a raised leopard-spot pattern. More importantly however, is the differences in formula with the original being somewhat drier with all shades in a matte finish as compared to the new version.



Diorshow 24H Stylo (CAN $37.00/each) |Based on Peter Philips’ backstage experience, this eyeliner comes in two finishes (matte and pearly), and can provide up to 24h wear (not that I’ll ever wear makeup for that length of time). The waterproof formula has a creamy gliding texture — perfect for the delicate skin around eyes, and each pencil also comes with a built in sharpener at one end as well as a rounded foam smudger on the other. One word of advice if planning on blending out, is to work one eye at a time to avoid the product setting too quickly because once it sets, it’s there for LIFE. A quick note: each comes with a protective cap over the pencil end which took me a while to figure out that it needed to be screwed off as it looks like an actual pencil point — I thought I’d save you the frustration (and embarrassment) I felt, lol.

Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara (CAN $37.00/each) |I was first introduced to this mascara several years ago and was completely wowed by the incredible curl, volume & length it provided, so I wondered how this cult-fave product could possibly be improved. Well, it has. Housed in the same brilliant silver casing as before, the exterior now bears a new faceted band with a raised Dior logo, that underneath also displays the colour found inside. The formula currently includes cotton nectar for lash care, helping lashes grow daily stronger and more supple. Available in black, blue and brown, the silver glitter top coat is limited edition. Staying power is excellent, without smudging, flaking or leaving behind those dreaded crescents under eyes.

  • 090 Noir/Black – deepest black
  • 074 Iconic Sequins – sheer charcoal base with ultra fine silver glitter



WOW. That one word sums everything up so perfectly. Apart from the amazing upgrades in formulation, the colours are all sublime and utterly wearable. But that silvery mascara? It’s absolutely precious and gives lashes the most ethereal look, as though mini icicles got trapped into place — and definitely a must-have out of this collection (as is everything else, to be honest).

Available at Sephora, Holt Renfrew Ogilvy and The Bay


Kindly provided by Dior for my unbiased consideration

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