New from Giorgio Armani: Ecstasy Mirror Lip Lacquer



Armani Beauty recently released Ecstasy Mirror Lip Lacquer, and while the name alone is intriguing, I have to admit that their look also pulled me in to give them a whirl. That may sound superficial, but I have to be honest here: I’m ALL about the entire package (with results being at the top, of course).



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Ecstasy Mirror Lip Lacquer (CAN $49.00/each) | Housed in the brand’s signature black lacquered casings with the GA logo done in silver, these come with a gradient of cut-out windows that display the colour found inside. This last is convenient for 2 reasons; you can see at a glance what shade you’re reaching for AND it helps with monitoring product usage. Formulated with unique new pigments that provide intense saturation and combined with an ultra lightweight feel upon the lips, I can definitely attest to both, as you get great coverage per swipe and there’s no heavy sensation felt once applied. The flocked applicator works extremely well in covering all lip contours, and note that they are lightly scented (somewhat sweet like candied fruit but I can’t exactly put my finger on it). As to the “mirror” part, I’ve experienced other Armani glosses that certainly offered more shine, so I’m not sure in what context the brand is using that word here; that said, the shine does seem to develop a few minutes after application. Staying time is good, and while reapplication will be necessary for a product that has slip like these do, they do leave a stain behind so your lips don’t wind up looking bare (both of the reds I tried here leave a significantly stronger stain). Bonus points score for the nourished feel imparted throughout wear.



What makes these new Ecstasy Mirror Lip Lacquers interesting, is how easily they provide coverage while being comfortable throughout wear. Armani’s iconic 400 Four Hundred shade is probably my most preferred red from the brand, as the pigments are just perfection — so that’s my favourite of the bunch here. Considering that these are basically elevated liquid lipsticks, they do lean a little on the pricey side, but as I said at the top: I’m all about the entire package … and yes, they definitely deliver.

Available at Sephora, online and select retailers




Kindly provided by Giorgio Armani Beauty for my unbiased consideration

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