OPI · Barbie Collection 2023


True story: when I heard that OPI was launching a Barbie Collection, I squealed. MAJORLY. For me, this theme hits home, because I grew up with Barbie; I still have my first doll given to me when I was 3, and I also have all of my daughter’s Barbie dolls (plus a billion accessories) in storage. Translating this icon’s appeal into nail polish was a match made in heaven, and I can honestly say that the shades truly do Barbie (& Ken) justice.



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Barbie, or Barbara Millicent Roberts, was born 64 years ago on March 9, 1959 — and yet she remains timeless. With over 250 careers in her repertoire, there’s little she hasn’t accomplished and that list continues to grow. She’s had many iterations over the decades as well, and it wasn’t until relatively recently that more relevant body shapes were introduced, proving that this beloved doll continues to adapt with the times. I personally spent HOURS with my Barbie dolls, dressing them, imagining so many different scenarios, and even crafting furniture for them. One of my most precious memories is watching my daughter & husband playing Barbies together; he was always Ken, forever calling on Barbie to go out on dates — he wasn’t always successful, however, lol.

Several years ago there was a Barbie exposition here in Montréal, and I had been invited to the media opening. I could have spent hours staring at all the exquisite dolls! The best part, however, was winning this Limited Edition 1959 Gay Parisienne replica.

With a Barbie-printed logo on the caps, all shades comes with OPI’s wide brush that makes application a breeze. The crème hues have rich pigmentation, while the shimmers/glitters give you options; you can go for a translucent effect via 1 coat, a second coat for more opacity, or even layered over any other shade for a unique new combination. They’re all self-levelling and come to a beautiful shiny finish.

For all swatches: 2 coats of polish, no base or top coats applied

  • Bon Voyage to Reality! – palest pink crème
  • Hi Ken! – lemon yellow crème
  • Feel the Magic! – cotton candy pink crème
  • My Job is Beach! – sky blue crème
  • Hi Barbie! – true Barbie pink crème
  • Every Night is Girls Night! – iridescent glitter
  • Welcome to Barbie Land! – fuchsia shimmer
  • Best Day Ever – baby pink shimmer with iridescent glitter
  • Yay Space! – icy baby blue with micro shimmer


My inner little girl is so thrilled with this collection — but my outer big girl loves it too! The crèmes are all gorgeous, but my heart belongs to Hi Barbie! Another big surprise for me was Yay Space! — this shimmering baby blue has a mesmerizing effect. There’s something here for all tastes and if you’re a fan of Barbie like me, then you won’t wan’t to pass these up … grab them while you can!

Available at select retailers and online



Kindly provided by OPI for my unbiased consideration

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