OPI – Touring America Collection Part 2 (swatches & review)


When I posted my review on the first half of this collection (here), I should have mentioned that there are really eight crèmes in this series, and not six as I had stated; the reason I didn’t originally include the two I have here for you today, is because colour-wise, I felt they were better suited to this half, so…without further ado, I bring you my second half of OPI’s Touring America Collection!  What I really like about this series, is that apart from the traditional sombre shades one expects to find in a Fall collection, there are also several delightful unexpected surprises, such as toned down corals, a muted red and ultra fine inner shimmer. Get ready to flaunt your tips & toes across the country with these travel-worthy colours!  All swatches are with OPI Start To Finish base and top coat and two coats of lacquer of each shade.


‘Are We There Yet?’ took me by surprise, as I really did not expect to like this colour as much as I did.  A true salmon hue with slight orange leanings, it is made all the sweeter by the addition of exceptionally fine pink shimmer that really comes into it’s own when the light hits it.  While you can still see some visible nail line, I chose to not add a third coat as I like the rather feminine appeal of it with this slight translucency.  A more typical Spring/Summer shade, it’s slightly dusty tone will add an unexpected pop of colour to your fall wardrobe.  Absolutely love it!


Lacquers that hold an “inner fire” draw me like a moth to a flame (ha!) and ‘Color To DIner For’ most definitely falls into that exalted category. This is a cross between a ruby and a brick red shade and has tons of ultra fine golden and magenta shimmer swirling deep inside, giving it that precious “lit-from-within” look that’s just so amazing to look at. Much like ‘Are We There Yet?’, this shade needs to be viewed in full sun to see it’s entire glory, but shaded light (bottom photo) gives it a sultry 40’s-era vampiness.  While the base shade appears more blue based, the addition of the gold shimmer means that it will suit all skin tones across the board.


Deeper in tone and slightly more vibrant than ‘Are We There Yet?’ as well as filled with the same type of shimmer, ‘I Eat Mainely Lobster’ is a richly pigmented pink-tinged coral. The shimmer in this polish is made up of equal parts pink and golden hues, which give it a beautiful depth of tone and elevate it far above other similar shades.  Another colour that basically transcends the seasons, something about this shade brings to mind the vibrant peachy-oranges one sees in the changing of Fall foliage…plus, it’s just so pretty!


I was a little stumped by the name ‘My Address Is “Hollywood” ‘ but it finally came to me: old Hollywood glamour.  Think Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, Carole Lombard….the faded dusty rose of this shade makes me think of those iconic beauties of filmdom’s past. What saves this hue from looking musty and old-lady, is the addition of that same fine shimmer, but in a more vibrant pink tone.  Seen in full sun (top photo) there appears to be a touch of coral in it’s base, but when viewed in shaded light (bottom photo), it becomes a cooler muted rose-pink, ladylike and fun at the same time!


‘Honk If You Love OPI’ (ok…I admit, I don’t get the connection to this name AT ALL!, but it’s funny nonetheless) is a va-va-voom shade of  deep, deep purple. Slightly red leaning, it is intensely colour saturated but I love how even in shaded light (bottom photo), it never comes across as anything other than the darkest of purples.  I included two sunlight photos (top & middle) so you can see how this shade can alternate between appearing between mid and über-dark and I also noted how glossy this polish dried to. An interesting touch of mystery in a bottle of nail polish!


‘Road House Blues’ is wonderfully unique in my stash, as other than NARS’ ‘Midnight Express’ (reviewed here), I have not come across a deep navy blue like this that didn’t have a jelly finish.  This has such a sophisticated tone to it, and yet something about this shade of navy looks unexpectedly chic on fingertips.  Another bonus was that while blue shades are notorious for staining your nail beds, this one left absolutely nothing behind but a clean slate upon removal.  Something tells me that this will be the shade that I reach for over and over again in this collection….so edgy!


Final thoughts: Wrapping up my review of this collection, I must say that OPI definitely has a winner here.  The formula on all was spot-on, with the minor exception being that the four shades with shimmer tended to dry to a more satin than glossy finish, necessitating a top coat, but they all still applied effortlessly just the same.  OPI brushes have that patented ‘Pro-Wide’ shape, and while it makes for a swifter application, those with narrower fingernails (or that teeny baby toe nail!) might find it a touch more difficult to use, but I love the flexibility that these brushes have. I’m still not sure why OPI chose to “double up” some shades (Suzi Takes The Wheel & French Quarter For Your Thoughts/Are We There Yet? & I Eat Mainely Lobster) but while they may outwardly look close, they all offer something different. Overall, this is a very wearable Fall collection, with some interesting twists to keep it sizzling! The Touring America Collection will launch this July/August and will be available wherever OPI products are sold.




*Disclaimer: Product samples were provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration

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