Pixi Beauty · On-the-Glow Superglow Highlighters & Blush


Even though I lean towards luxury beauty, the one mass market brand that consistently impresses me — both in terms of colour cosmetics and skincare, is Pixi. Weeks ago I had the opportunity to preview the launches reviewed in today’s post and I’m so happy to finally be revealing them … plus I don’t have to keep it secret any longer, lol



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On-the-Glow SUPERGLOW Highlight Moisture Stick (CAN $24.00/each) | Available in 4 shades, these are balmy highlighters housed in a retractable stick format. The key ingredients are:

  • Fruit extracts to nourish & renew
  • Ginseng to revitalize & balance
  • Aloe Vera to soothe & calm

Along with the vitamins and antioxidant properties of the key ingredients, the formula also includes 3D mineral pigments for a ‘natural-looking’ glow. The texture is emollient and very smooth, no grittiness whatsoever. You can definitely apply these directly to the skin from the stick, although you can also pick up product using a flat-topped brush if you’re concerned about keeping things more sanitary. That said, fingers are great for blending the product, but a brush also works well. Perfect for giving bare skin a soft glow, you can also apply over foundation without worrying that it’ll displace anything underneath it. Of course, the creamy nature of this product means it won’t fully dry down, but as long as you’re not touching your face too much, it shows good staying power. Another use is to apply this to other areas of the skin (collar bones, décolleté, shoulders, etc) where you want to add a touch of luminosity. Note that they all blend easily and I love their portability; perfect for on-the-go touchups.

  • NaturalLustre – bare, champagne radiance
  • PetalDew – brightening, soft-pink reflects
  • IcePearl – snow white luminosity
  • GildedGold – the perfect golden gold


I still had some summer tan on my skin when I tested everything and note that all shades have been heavily swatched in order to show their complex shimmer.

On-the-Glow BLUSH pH Tinted Moisture Stick (CAN $24.00) | With similar packaging, ingredients, and concept as the highlighters, this stick blush has a transparent finish but reacts with your skin’s pH levels to create a customized cheek colour. Easily blended along the skin using either fingers or a brush, you can even build it up for a deeper hue — but don’t expect major opacity as this is more along the lines of a natural cheek flush. The colour you get is unique to you, and I really like that it’s portable so that you can dab some on throughout the day, if needed. I do recommend that you wait after initial application to allow the colour to develop, before going in to add more.



I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tried from this brand to date; the original Glow Tonic is a permanent fave, and while I know that creamy highlighters and blush may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I really love how effortless these are to use, as well as way more forgiving/flattering on mature skin than their powder counterparts. The final perk is the price point, which can’t be beat. You’re welcome.

Available online and Shopper’s Drug Mart/Pharmaprix stores



Kindly provided by Pixi Beauty for my unbiased consideration

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