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In honour of Shiseido’s 150th Anniversary, the brand has created limited edition packaging for three of its most loved and iconic products (Ultimune Power Shot, not shown). 150 years is a milestone that very, very few brands can boast about, and even if I weren’t already a fan of Shiseido, that fact alone is worthy of the highest respect.



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Eudermine Revitalizing Essence 150 Year Anniversary Edition (CAN $78.00/100 ml, 3.3 fl oz) | Marking the first product launched by the brand in 1897, this limited edition red bottle is a glass reproduction of that very first iteration, a design which was inspired by “kumadori” — a makeup style of kabuki, and also incorporates an arabesque pattern that has been used by SHISEIDO since 1920. In fact, with its roots steeped in Japanese beauty rituals, this essence was used by geishas who applied it to protect their skin under all the heavy makeup they wore. A staple of any J-beauty routine, this lightweight and fast absorbing essence drenches the skin in moisture and helps with water retention. Key ingredients include:

  • Bio-Hyaluronic Acid: Intensely hydrates and withstands changes in external humidity to keep skin’s moisture at an ideal level
  • TMG & Bio-Compatible Amino Acid: Regulates epidermal cell turnover to promote supple and refined skin

It’s recommended to use this morning and night as the first step after cleansing. One way is to saturate a cotton pad which you then use to wipe all over the face & neck, but I prefer to apply several drops to my hand which I then warm up between my fingers and press into my skin. This way, less is wasted and I also massage any left over onto the tops of my hands.




Ultimune Power Infusing Concentration 150 Year Anniversary Edition (CAN $185.00/75 ml, 2.5 fl oz) | This limited edition bottle also displays a kumadori-inspired design, with red and ombré metallic touches as well. The culmination of 150 years worth of Japanese skincare innovation, this serum is said to deliver 2X skin’s defence with ImuGenerationRED Technology™ providing “vital flowing nutrients that are fed to the skin, visibly reducing signs of aging, amplifying hydration, and boosting radiance in 3 days“. Key ingredients include:

  • Fermented Roselle Extract: Increases skin’s capacity to hold water and prevents elastin degradation for plumper, smoother, and more radiant skin
  • Heartleaf Extract: An Eastern ancient herb that soothes skin and strengthens its protective barrier, helping to optimize oxygenation
  • Reishi Mushroom: Rich in antioxidants and polysaccharides, it hydrates and protects skin for age-benefitting properties
  • Iris Root Extract: Known to survive in extreme temperatures, this hardy plant is recognized for its vitality and moisturizing abilities

To be used morning and night after cleansing & toning, but before any other serums or moisturizers are applied, the milky texture spreads easily and is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving any sticky residue behind. All you need is two pumps (warmed up between your fingers) to cover both the face and neck, and any left over can also be massaged onto the tops of your hands (as I like to do).

I’ve actually used this serum before and absolutely loved it. Not only does it leave my skin feeling thoroughly and completely nourished, but with continued use I found my skin tone looked more even and a touch brighter. It also plays beautifully with other skincare products, and is especially effective when paired with other Shiseido moisturizers.



As both products are quite transparent (especially the Eudermine Essence), I didn’t bother with swatches. That said, dispensing the Ultimune serum is easier because of the pump mechanism, and while it’s not an issue to dispense drops from the Eudermine bottle, it does take a bit more precision. I actually don’t mind, as I not only love its traditional vibe, but I find that this attention to detail adds something to my beauty routine; almost like an extra pampering touch similar to what you’d get at a spa. Or maybe that’s just me.

Shiseido is one of those brands that North Americans tend to overlook, frequently overshadowed by its European counterparts. I personally adore Shiseido skincare and have always experienced excellent results whenever I’ve tested any of the ranges. Note that both of these products are part of the permanent line and that it’s the unique packaging that makes them limited edition — which I’m thinking would also make for a spectacular Christmas/holiday/birthday gift as well. Or you might just want to treat yourself: trust me, you won’t regret it.

Available online and Hudson’s Bay (this packaging is limited edition)



Kindly provided by Shiseido for my unbiased consideration

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