Urban Decay | Afterglow Highlighter in Sin, Aura & Fireball

UD Afterglow Highlighters opener

It’s official: I am a highlighting addict. While this relatively new obsession of mine might be attributed to how strategic ‘strobing’ can impart a youthful radiance, the real reason may also lie with these three new beauties from Urban Decay; I’m going with both. Following the success of the brand’s Afterglow blushes (reviewed here), Urban Decay introduces Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Highlighter (available in 3 shades) for achieving the glow you wish you were born with. Seriously.

Housed in a sleek ‘iridescent white’ (looks silver to me) metallic case that has a magnetic closure, the meshed initials on the lid have been cut-out so that you can identify the contents of each powder with ease. Plus, it looks really cool.

Each powder has complex iridescent shimmer particles that are ground so ultra smooth, as to merge perfectly upon the skin, providing it with a multi-dimensional glow. The texture of each powder is creamy to the touch with hardly any residue upon swirling brushes across their surface; as they are all quite richly pigmented, a little really does go a long way so start with just a dab, and work your way towards more intensity (if desired). All display exceptional blendability and regarding staying power, their name is well deserved: easily lasting 8+ hours (more so when worn over foundation), fusing beautifully with your skin’s warmth and natural oils for a lush radiance.

UD Afterglow Highlighters opener 2

Urban Decay | Afterglow Highlighter (compact detail)



All the Afterglow Highlighter hues found in this real afterglow image (credit)

UD Afterglow Highlighters compacts

Urban Decay | Afterglow Highlighter

UF Afterglow Highlighters 1

Urban Decay | Afterglow Highlighter

UD Afterglow Highlighter swatches

Urban Decay | Afterglow Highlighter swatches


UD Sin Afterglow Highlighter

Sin Afterglow Highlighter (CAN $32.00) | A soft gold hue that leans more warm than cool, but which can be sheered out to be made wearable by even those with fair complexions. Probably the most pigmented out of the three, this shade is simply gorgeous against a light tan, and works beautifully when paired along the upper cheekbones & inner eye corner. Or the brow bone. Or cupid’s bow. Bridge of the nose. Collarbone area. Décolleté … shoulders … shinbones … I’d probably slather this everywhere, if it were socially acceptable.

UD Sin Aftrglow Highlighter macro

Urban Decay | Sin Afterglow Highlighter

UD Sin Afterglow Highlighter swatches

Urban Decay | Sin Afterglow Highlighter swatches


UD Aura Afterglow Highlighter

Aura Afterglow Highlighter (CAN $32.00) | An iridescent pearly pink hue that leans more cool the warm, but I’ve made it work on my light-medium skin tone by applying it over a warmer blush for a really unique contrast. A stunning shade to wear on all the high points of the face (brow bone, bridge of the nose, upper cheekbones, cupid’s bow) as well as the inner eye corner, collarbone area, and even along shinbones to capture the light and add some glam.

UD Aura Afterglow Highlighter macro

Urban Decay | Aura Afterglow Highlighter

UD Aura Afterglow Highlighter swatches

Urban Decay | Aura Afterglow Highlighter swatches


UD Fireball Afterglow Highlighter

Fireball Afterglow Highlighter (CAN $32.00) | (Side note: every time I look at the name of this shade, I start singing the song by Pitbull, lol) A peachy hue with a gold & pink prismatic flash. Surprisingly, this is the most universally wearable shade of the three, as it has both cool and warm tones to suit a wide range of complexions. Those with fair skin tones can potentially make this work as a blush (although it is quite shimmery), while its tone won’t come off ashy-looking on darker complexions.

UD Fireball Afterglow Highlighter macro

Urban Decay | Fireball Afterglow Highlighter

UD Fireball Afterglow Highlighter swatches

Urban Decay | Fireball Afterglow Highlighter swatches

UD Afterglow Highlighters 2

Urban Decay | Afterglow Highlighter


Urban Decay has been on fire lately and pumping out one incredible product after another. Highlighters are here to stay, and if you’re looking for that red-carpet glow that seems to grace basically every celebrity’s face, then you’ll certainly achieve it with ease by using any one of these Afterglow Highlighters. From the three, my personal favourite is Sin for its absolutely effortless golden radiance, followed by Fireball for its unique & wearable highlighting colour, and lastly Aura for its moonlight-cool glow. So basically, I love them all. You’re shocked, right?

Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighters will be available as of April at Sephora and select Shopper’s Drug Mart locations across Canada. Find more information on the brand via www.urbandecay.ca

UD Afterglow Highlighters closer



Product samples kindly provided by the Urban Decay team for my unbiased consideration

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