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NARS knows a thing or two about sizzle, and the 2023 Orgasm Collection is bringing ALL the intensity. Inspired by the brand’s iconic Orgasm blush, I’m loving the playful summertime vibe of the pieces and from where I stand, the heat can’t come soon enough (see what I did there? lol).



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Previously reviewed NARS Orgasm Collections:


I love the juxtaposition of the dainty pale pink packaging with all the hot fire on the inside — so NARS


Orgasm Rising Eyeshadow Palette (CAN $64.00) | The blush pink lacquered case opens up to reveal a full sized mirror on the inner lid, along with nine eyeshadows in a mix of matte, satin, and metallic finishes. It’s been thoughtfully designed and curated; if unsure, you can select any row — either horizontal or vertical — and then use that to create an effortless look. Or go wild and choose as you please! I personally prefer to mix & match depending on my mood. This palette may lean warmer, but there are enough shades to make it easy for those with cooler complexions to wear. The hues are richly pigmented and absolutely spectacular, displaying buttery smooth mattes and metallics that feel like crushed velvet. I also love how versatile this palette is, not to mention how travel-friendly it happens to be; you literally have all the colours you’ll need to create a variety of looks without needing to tote tons of other palettes with you. Limited edition

  • Hotwired – golden shimmer
  • High Speed – sparkling opal
  • Orgasm – peachy pink with gold shimmer
  • Seven Heaven – matte sand
  • Seduced – sparkling amber
  • Reckless – satin terracotta
  • Push It – matte warm chestnut
  • Faster Pussycat – metallic copper
  • Galapagos – bitter chocolate infused with gold


Orgasm Four Play Blush Quad (CAN $60.00) | Housed in the same packaging as the eyeshadow palette, this is technically 3 blushes and 1 highlighter, although I guess you can mix the highlighter shade with any of the other three to create an entirely new blush colour. The pans are all large enough to accommodate a wide selection of face brushes without worry of overspill. The cult-fave Orgasm shade is the star, joined by siblings Orgasm X (released in 2020 — click the link above to see my review on the entire collection) and the newest hue Orgasm Rush aka: the deepest iteration yet. The complex shimmer of Swinger has glints of peachy pink in the mix, which in turn makes it the perfect highlighting companion to the rest. All display an excellent texture; richly colour saturated, smooth on application, and blending like a dream. As with Orgasm Rising, this is also an “all-you-need” palette that provides good variety, and will be perfect to travel with. Limited edition

  • Swinger – golden shimmer
  • Orgasm – peachy pink with golden shimmer
  • Orgasm Rush – rosy bronze
  • Orgasm X – satin deep coral pink


Orgasm The Multiple (CAN $51.00) | Originally launched several years ago, in essence this is the iconic Orgasm blush in a creamy format housed in a retractable stick. What makes this version different is obviously the blush pink packaging, but the formula seems to have been tweaked as well and feels creamier now. It could also be that the original I have feels drier because it is older, but I don’t remember it being as emollient to begin with. Colour-wise they’re almost identical; my eyes see the original as being a couple of degrees more pink and even the shimmer seems more evident than that of the 2023 version. This product is well named, as it can be used numerous ways: on its own as a combination blush/highlighter, serving as a base when applied before powder blush, dabbed over powder blush for an extra pop of shimmer (use fingers for this method), worn as eyeshadow/inner eye corner highlight, or applied to other parts of the body you wish to spotlight (collarbones, décolleté, shins, shoulders). Yet another useful product to bring along with you on your next trip, no? Limited edition & also available in Orgasm Rush (not shown).



There’s absolutely no doubt that NARS is not only the undisputed master of all things sensual in the beauty world, but also knows how to put together a capsule collection that just screams summer. I’ve been a huge fan of the original Orgasm blush for years (decades ago, it was actually my very first purchase from the brand) and have really enjoyed all the iterations and permutations that have followed. One word of advice, however: the entire collection is limited edition so if something has caught your fancy, I wouldn’t wait too long to snap it up.

Available for a limited time at select retailers & online




Kindly provided by NARS for my unbiased consideration

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