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Dermalogica Holiday 2014 Event

Dermalogica event opener

Holiday season is most definitely here, and Dermalogica wants to get your skin a-glowin’! Please join me – along with Jessica of Westmount Fashionista – as we host a fabulous exclusive flagship event at Dermalogica’s Montréal location. Get ready for a fun-filled informative evening on how to achieve your best skin ever, try out the brand’s Skin Bar® to receive that perfectly customized & personalized skincare regimen, and enjoy cocktails along with yummy appetizers – all before leaving with your VIP gift (not to mention tons of great gift ideas for the holidays & beyond).

Looking so forward to meeting you and seeing you there!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Dermalogica à Montréal, 132 rue McGill

RSVP: – space is limited, so don’t delay! Mention ommorphia sent you!

Don’t for get to enter my MAKE UP FOR EVER Studio Case GIVEAWAY – ends soon!


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My Dermalogica skincare experience


This past August, I took part in a media event held at the Dermalogica flagship store in Montréal (reviewed here) where we were given a preview of their latest products and I was able to learn a bit more about this brand. A few weeks ago, I was invited back to personally experience their flagship ‘Dermalogica® Skin Treatment‘ (CAN $95.00/60 minutes) – a facial session that can be tailored and customized to suit each client’s individual needs. Let me also state here, that this was the first ‘real’ facial treatment I’ve had since my mid teens – and while I may have been a little anxious to start with, after this experience, I can honestly say that I am planning on making this a regular feature in my life.

Each Dermalogica® Skin Treatment includes:

  • professional double cleansing
  • exfoliation
  • high frequency or Galvanic modalities
  • extractions (as needed)
  • masque
  • toner
  • skin protection

You can also further customize this treatment with a Touch Therapy session (CAN $15.00/15 minutes), that can include:

  • pressure point: face
  • reflex point: foot
  • age reversal: face
  • stress relief: back
  • stress relief: scalp
  • stress relief: hand and arm

The store is located in the centre of historic Old Montréal, with a charmingly understated yet lovely minimalist storefront. Upon entering, I was warmly greeted and after taking a look through the full range of retail products available that are displayed on shelves along the store’s walls, Jessica, the technician who was to perform my treatment, came to introduce herself and I was then directed to fill out a short questionnaire prior to starting (mandatory).

The treatment takes place in a private room that sits one level above & overlooks the rest of the store, with fully screened privacy features and your choice of music to set the mood, as well as relaxing ambient lighting. After changing into the sarong-style robe provided (there’s a comfy leather chair placed for your convenience & hangers for clothing, as well as trays to place your jewelry in), I lay down on the treatment bed and opted to be ‘cocooned’ (where my arms were tucked into the sheets as well – optional, in the event you like your arms free).

Throughout the entire treatment, every step of the various procedures were thoroughly explained to me and Jessica made sure that my comfort level remained constant the entire time (even through the extraction process upon my nose and chin – which is so NOT fun, but what a major difference it ultimately made; those areas of my face were basically visible-pore-free for the first time in ages). Upon completion, I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was certainly unprepared to see my skin glowing and looking brighter & more vibrant than ever. Before leaving, Jessica sat down with me at the store’s ‘Skin Bar‘ (this is where you can try all the products on offer, before committing to any one particular item) and detailed what Dermalogica products I would get the most benefit from, in my case: exfoliating products. My treatment also included 2 full products of my choice (I need to confirm whether this is the standard practice; if so, it’s one amazing deal) and I left that day with the Daily Resurfacing Cleanser and the Daily Microfoliant (reviews to come).

Something tells me that a new addiction has just been created: the luxury facial.

A huge thank you to Dermalogica for providing me with this wonderful service


























This December, I will have the pleasure – accompanied by the lovely Jessica of Westmount Fashionista (who also happens to be married to my nephew!) – of hosting a wonderful and informative private event at the Montréal Dermalogica store, where our guests will be given the opportunity to learn more about this brand and their amazing products, as well as leave with fabulous gifts … but not before enjoying the delectable goodies that will be provided! I will be updating with full details once everything is set – but believe me, this is an event that is NOT to be missed.

Dermalogica (Montréal), 132 rue McGill, Montréal, Qc H2Y 2E5 Tel: 514.871.3003 email: for an appointment





Hand Chemistry | Intense Youth Complex

Hand Chemistry opener


You can change the colour of your hair to hide your age. You can even use makeup to erase years from your face, but the turning back the clock on the skin of your hands, has been almost impossible to do … until now. Finally on our shores from across the pond where it’s been literally selling off the shelves, is Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex, a hand cream that ‘targets the eight signs of hand ageing simultaneously for visibly younger looking hands in just 10 days‘. Forget waiting for 10 days; I saw results from the first application.

EDIT: Please note that the exterior of Intense Youth Complex has had a slight ‘face-lift’ (new design), although everything else remains the same – my product photos are shown with the original version.


Hand Chemistry info

Hand Chemistry | Intense Youth Complex


Hand Chemistry info 2

Hand Chemistry | Intense Youth Complex


Hand Chemistry box

Hand Chemistry | Intense Youth Complex


Hand Chemistry ingredients

Hand Chemistry | Intense Youth Complex


Hand Chemistry

Hand Chemistry | Intense Youth Complex (CAN $19.99) – I’m not a chemist, so I won’t try to explain exactly how all the ingredients in Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex work, but in a nutshell, the active components of this hand cream (such as the mushroom derivative Tremella Fuciformis, an algae ferment, Sacha Inchi oil and Maize Propanediol) work synergistically to supply longer-lasting and more moisture to the skin than Hyaluronic Acid, increase the moisture content (which translates to firmer and plumper looking skin) and finally form a protective barrier to keep this new-found moisture locked in.

The hand cream is white in colour with a medium consistency and smooth texture, bearing a pleasant and natural smelling citrus/herbal scent. Once applied, it takes a few minutes to become fully absorbed into the skin, but even at this stage, the change is clearly visible – lines become less pronounced and the the surface of the skin itself also seems magically smoother – nothing overt, but a noticeable change just the same. When applied to the palms, Intense Youth Complex leaves a slippery, silicone-like feel behind which takes several minutes to absorb on its own – something worth noting. The directions state to apply this cream morning and evening, but since I love the results so much, I find it very difficult sticking to that — I literally want to use it all day long. After about a week, I noticed a huge change in the skin of my hands as they appear significantly revived and well, refreshed-looking.


Hand Chemistry 2

Hand Chemistry | Intense Youth Complex


Hand Chemistry cap

Hand Chemistry | Intense Youth Complex

 Hand Chemistry before swatch

Hand Chemistry | Intense Youth Complex (unretouched)

 Hand Chemistry after swatch

Hand Chemistry | Intense Youth Complex (unretouched)


I moisturize my hands A LOT and even though there are several brands that I have always sworn by, none of them have ever shown results as rapidly as the Intense Youth Complex. The fact that this hand cream isn’t priced out of the stratosphere, makes things even sweeter and with Winter just around the corner and the ensuing dryness my skin goes through every year, I’ll be ready for it. Or, at least my hands will … now Hand Chemistry needs to come out with a full-body version of this cream, and I’ll be set.

Available through Shopper’s Drug Mart/Murale stores (Canada) – find more information via:


Hand Chemistry closer

*Disclosure: Product sample provided by the company/PR for my unbiased consideration