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The Loop Duty Free Montréal & ommorphia



If you follow me on social media (and if not, I would love to have you join me! @Instagram @Twitter @Facebook and Snapchat @ommorphia), then you were the first to see the sneak peeks I posted last week about a very special project I was working on. I’m so thrilled to announce my partnership with The Loop Duty Free (Montréal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport), a drool-worthy emporium of beauty, fragrance, fashion & more — and an absolute must-stop for travellers.

Owned by Aer Rianta International, their first duty-free store was created in 1947 at Ireland’s Shannon Airport in 1947, and since then the chain has added several more worldwide locations (Europe, Asia, Middle East, India, New Zealand, Barbados) as well as four stores across Canada (Montréal, Ottawa, Halifax, Winnipeg).

I absolutely love travelling (I just need to do more of it) and what The Loop offers is some seriously major discounts off most major [beauty] brands you’ll find at retailers (starting at -20% and MAC the exception at -15%), with the price you see being the price you pay: no taxes, no surprises. When I came face to face — so to speak — with this store’s entire stock of beauty, I swear I actually did a happy dance (see below for proof). To say I was actually giddy with glee (yes, GLEE), would not be a lie.

Over the course of the next few months, I’ll be spotlighting many of the unique features that The Loop offers so whether you’re either A) travelling B) about to travel C) planning on travelling or D) know someone who’s travelling, and if beauty + saving money is your thing (duh), you’ll definitely want to tune in and read/see all about it. I’ll also be interspersing that with some flash posts on my social media channels (all listed above) so follow me to stay “in the loop”! I couldn’t resist #sorrynotsorry 

Visit The Loop Duty Free to learn about all their extra perks & special promos





So totally doing a happy dance because BEAUTY


Imagine: this is just one end of The Loop’s vast beauty range (insert OMG here)



When confronted with Armani Beauty, one must swatch. It’s totally a rule.




Dior lippie heaven (also, just making sure I already have these shades. I swear)


An entire wall of La Mer to play with — couldn’t resist applying some for free, naturally


Busted in selfie-mode (true story: I was busy snapping that massive bottle behind me)



That smile? Because of the words ‘Duty Free’ Enough said.




Selected! Passport ready & I’m good to go!

Dress: Zara · Shoes: Stuart Weitzman · Purse & Agenda: Louis Vuitton · Jewellry: Hermes, Tiffany, Dior

Many thanks to The Loop for sponsoring this post/All opinions are my own

L’Oréal Paris | Pure-Clay Masks + An event at the top of the world (sort of)

L'Oreal Pure-Clay Masks opener


It bears repeating: your face is your canvas, and taking the time to properly prepare said canvas yields nothing but amazing results — from skin that looks & feels healthy to makeup that applies so much easier (seriously). With these goals in mind, L’Oréal has just recently launched their Pure-Clay Mask Collection, three new face masks, each targeting specific needs.

Right after I returned from holiday, I received an invitation to attend the preview of this new range (which also showcased several other new upcoming & very interesting products from L’Oréal) – a timely invitation indeed, as my skin was ready to be whipped back into shape.

The event took place at Les Enfants Terribles located at the summit (the 44th floor) of Montréal’s Place Ville Marie, offering not only a wonderfully delicious menu but spectacular 360° views of the city. Kicking things off with glasses of chilled Veuve Clicquot to set the tone, we enjoyed a tapas-style meal surrounded by all the new products that we were able to test in situ, ending with a refreshing iced dessert (which was so like eating a dozen Piña Colada) and going home with a gift bag filled with all this newness.

A huge thank you to the entire L’Oréal Paris team for all their love 

A full review on the masks follows the photo recap of this event – enjoy & keep scrolling!

L'Oreal Pure-Clay event

Just hanging with my L’Oréal fan (totally sticking out with my ultra-tan)

L'Oreal Pure-Clay event 2

Why yes, that is a bottle of Veuve chilling in a bag

L'Oreal Pure-Clay event 3

I absolutely adore this girl. Love her even. Just putting that out there

L'Oreal Pure-Clay event cityscape 1

My city is so pretty

L'Oreal Pure-Clay event cityscape 2


L'Oreal Pure-Clay event cityscape 3

The other Big ‘O’ – Montréal’s Olympic Stadium built for the 1976 games

L'Oreal Pure-Clay event cityscape 4


L'Oreal Pure-Clay event 4

Media table set-up (don’t you just love the fresh eucalyptus touches?)

L'Oreal Pure-Clay event 5

Couldn’t NOT include a shot of these Panton Butt Chairs

L'Oreal Pure-Clay event 6


L'Oreal Pure-Clay event shampoos

One of the other launches of the day, the Extraordinary Clay haircare range

L'Oreal Pure-Clay event haircare

… plus new products from cult-fave Elnett too

L'Oreal Pure-Clay event food 1

Give me a cheese platter, and I’m yours

L'oreal Pure-Clay event food 2

Meat platters do it for me as well. Just saying.

L'Oreal Pure-Clay event food 3

Island vibe with a tropical-style dessert 

L'Oreal Pure-Clay event 7

Well equipped to test out the new Pure-Clay range

L'Oreal Pure-Clay event 8

Passing the sniff test with flying colours (and no, I’m not about to drink the mask)

L'Oreal Pure-Clay event 9


Moving along, let’s dive into the Pure-Clay masks, shall we? I’m that person who is not only mildly totally obsessed with skincare, but love the ‘me’ time of the ritual itself. Apart from the instant results you get from a mask, it has the added bonus of letting you multi-task while it does its thing, since you generally have to leave it on for several minutes. Renowned for their purifying properties, clay masks aren’t exactly front-page news, but finding the right one to address your individual skincare needs is not always clear cut either.

Enter L’Oréal’s Pure-Clay range, formulated with beneficial clays, a creamy texture and fresh scents (yes, they all actually smell really, really good). Since this isn’t a product for daily use, you’ll definitely get good mileage from each jar and their price point won’t break the bank either (retailing for CAN $19.99/each, although I’m betting you’ll be easily able to score them on sale as well). One of the newest trends in the world of skincare is to multi-mask’, which only makes sense; your skin isn’t the same all over, so why would you want to use the same mask on all parts? I’ll gladly sport tribal war paint if it means my skin will glow.

Each mask is formulated with 3 complimentary mineral clays for maximum impact along with other beneficial ingredients that are sourced from around the world:

  • Kaolinite – present in kaolin clay and known for its absorbent properties, helps rid skin of unwanted impurities (like anyone actually wants impurities?!) and removes excess shine without stripping the skin’s natural oils
  • Montomorillonite – a clay derived from the ‘igneous rocks of the smectite family’ (I know, right?) which technically comes via rocks that have been formed from the cooling & subsequent solidification of lava. So basically, volcano mud – yay! Helps to purify and rebalance the skin, and also has the cool feature of swelling when in contact with water.
  • Ghassoul – extracted from the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco, where it has been used by women there since the 8th century for its natural cleansing properties. That’s a pretty impressive pedigree for clay, wouldn’t you agree?

L'Oreal Pure-Clay Masks

L’Oréal Paris | Pure-Clay Masks

L'Oreal Pure-CLay Masks 2

L’Oréal Paris | Pure-Clay Masks

L'Oreal Detox & Brighten Mask

Energizing/Detox & Brightening (CAN $19.99) | Its blackened gray colour points to the charcoal contained in this formula, reputed to help reduce the look of dull skin by increasing luminosity and evening out skin tone. With a pleasant citrusy scent, it dries to a lighter grey hue (so you actually know it’s dry. Duh). Great for blemish prone and/or oily skin — I’ve used this all over for those times when I wanted a real deep cleaning but more often than not, I’ll apply it to a specific area such as my cheeks.

L'Oreal Purify & Mattify Mask

Purifying & Mattifying (CAN $19.99) | The sage green colour points to the eucalyptus in the formula, a plant known for its ability to absorb impurities, unclog pores, and help to reduce shine. With its fresh and almost ‘soapy’ scent, this mask is probably my fave out of the three due to how gentle it feels upon application, without leaving behind that ‘tightness’ normally associated with face masks.

L'Oreal EXfoliate & Refine Mask

Exfoliating & Pore Refining (CAN $19.99)| The only mask with textured granules, its ruddy hue points to the red algae in the formula that helps in exfoliating dead skin cells (sounds gross, but if it works…), smooth imperfections (I’m guessing that’s what the exfoliation part is for), and tighten the look of pores. I’ve been really loving this along my nose, chin and forehead for major ‘debris-cleaning’, although I’ve also found that a mini-version on the cheeks (mini as in leaving it on for about 3 minutes instead of longer) does an excellent job of actually making my pores seem smaller, and therefore my foundation subsequently lays down smoother. Win-win.

L'Oreal Pure-Clay Mask swatches

L’Oréal Paris | Pure-Clay Mask swatches

L'Oreal Pure-Clay Mask swatches 2

L’Oréal Paris | multi-masking with all three Pure-Clay Masks at once. Fun times.


There’s something almost soothingly primitive about a mud mask and which hearkens back to our earliest beauty roots (if masking was good enough for Cleopatra, then it’s definitely good enough for me). At the end of the day, it’s results that matter most and I’m actually quite impressed by these new Pure-Clay masks — all three of them, in fact. I’ve been reaching for the green and black ones the most, although the red one is at the top of the heap for those times I need gentle exfoliation. Definitely worth checking out – gives new meaning to getting dirty. And then clean.

Available through mass-market retailers nationwide

L'Oreal Pure-Clay Masks closer

Provided for review consideration/All opinions my own

Guerlain | My Super Tips (Beauty Survival Kit)

Guerlain My Super Tips opener


Just in time for travel season, Guerlain has released a travel size collection of skincare heros that you really won’t want to be without. As a brand that is the very epitome of understated luxury, don’t expect fireworks and/or trumpeting; instead what you’ll get is four must-have products for your face & lips that produce results — quickly and effectively.

Guerlain My Super Tips boxed

Guerlain | My Super Tips (Beauty Survival Kit)

Guerlain My Super Tips

Guerlain | My Super Tips (Beauty Survival Kit)

Guerlain My Super Tips 2

Guerlain | My Super Tips (Beauty Survival Kit)

Guerlain My Super Tips swatches

Guerlain | My Super Tips (Beauty Survival Kit) swatches

Guerlain SOS Cream

SOS Cream (CAN $35.00) | A rose scented ultra-nourishing dense cream that becomes instantly absorbed into the skin, leaving a buttery soft feel behind. Created to give your skin a shot of TLC after being exposed to external irritants and influences, it can be used morning or evening — or whenever you feel the need for a little bit of extra pampering.

Guerlain Midnight Secret

Midnight Secret (CAN $35.00) | A lightweight cream in a semi-fluid texture with a soft lavender fragrance, and that is meant to be applied in the evening before bed. Aimed at giving your skin a more refreshed and revitalized appearance, along with helping to reducing puffiness and a tired/dull complexion, this is the perfect product to have on hand to beat the late-night blahs. Seriously.

Guerlain Radiance in a Flash

Radiance In A Flash (CAN $35.00) | A peachy pearlescent cream-lotion with a cooling feel upon the skin, bearing a light & fresh floral fragrance, this adds a jolt of luminosity to the skin with an instant tightening effect you can feel immediately upon application. Worn alone, it provides a light evenness of tone (not meant to camouflage like a foundation, however) and also works beautifully under foundation as a radiant-type primer. It can also be applied over foundation on strategic key areas to give your skin some enhancement.

Guerlain Super Lips

Lip Hero (CAN $35.00) | Brimming with nourishing oils and butters, this lip balm aims to not only provide lips with an instant plumping effect (albeit, slight as it is), but will keep them thoroughly nourished with beneficial long-term effects. The convenient slanted tip makes application on the go a breeze, and the warm almost vanilla/butterscotch-like scent (my absolute fave) is positively delicious. I have two last words: Holy Grail.

Guerlain Super Lips swatch

Guerlain | Lip Hero swatch


A quick show of hands: Planning a quick weekend getaway? Need some conveniently-sized skincare helpers in your daily makeup bag? A fan of Guerlain’s amazing products? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then you need to check these little treasures out. As someone who is somewhat obsessed with lip balms (and believe me, I’ve tried TONS), I now refuse to be without Lip Hero and love the difference it’s made to my frequently parched lips. I’m now a complete fan of how quickly Radiance In A Flash becomes absorbed into the skin, yet still manages to leave a nice base behind and as to Midnight Secret? Let’s just say that I had occasion to put it through vigorous testing this past weekend and was so pleased at the results. For anyone who’s a fan of rose-scented skincare, you’ll adore SOS Cream, but what will wow you even more is the way your skin will feel after application … impressive enough that I think I’ll petition Guerlain to create a full-body version.

Available at Guerlain Boutiques & Institute as well as

Guerlain My Super Tips closer



Thank you to Guerlain for providing this amazing beauty survival kit/As always, all opinions are my own

Lierac Premium Absolute Anti-Aging| A Special Giveaway

Lierac Premium Giveaway opener

A few short weeks ago I had the pleasure of participating in the launch of Premium Absolute Anti-Aging from Lierac (reviewed here) and after having personally indulged in this exceptional line from the brand, I’m now giving the opportunity to one (1) lucky reader to win the entire collection (valued at CAN $390).


a Rafflecopter giveaway

The contest will run from today March 21st (2016) until noon March 28th (2016). One winner will be selected and notified via email who will then have 24 hours to respond, failing which a new winner will be chosen.

Good luck to all! 

Lierac Premium Giveaway 1

Lierac Premium Giveaway 2


Lierac | Event Launch: Premium Absolute Anti-Aging


Lierac Premium opener


Always at the forefront of skincare innovation, French brand Lierac has just launched Premium Anti-Aging Absolute – a range of products that unite the latest breakthroughs in cosmetic dermatology with genetics technology. At the heart of this range, are three exceptional floral extracts: black rose, black orchid, and black poppy – all known for their amazing regenerative properties. Another first for Lierac is the endorsement of this new range by none other than famed British actress Dame Kristen Scott Thomas, who happens to not only be a long time fan of the brand but is perfectly fluent in French as well, thanks to her years of working as an Au Pair in Paris when she was younger (she is now 55, and looking drop dead gorgeous).

This past week Lierac held a launch event for Premium Anti-Age Absolute here in Montréal that I attended. The venue was the stunning Suite 701 at the stately Place D’Armes Hôtel & Suites in the heart of historic Old Montréal, where the wine was flowing and with delicious nibbles in abundance (the desserts were to die for). After a brief introduction by Raphaël Desrues, General Manager of Alès Group Canada Inc. (the parent company of Lierac), we were able to test drive the new range as well as indulge in complimentary (and theme-matching) flash tattoos. Apparently the placement of my tattoo was a big hit, as it seemed to spawn countless copies throughout the evening!



Actress Dame Kristen Scott Thomas, spokesperson for Lierac Premium



Wearing black & gold, in keeping with the theme



With girl boss extraordinaire Caroline Dubé, founder of Luxine PR (representing Lierac)


With Rima McMahon (centre), Marketing & Communications Manager for The Alès Group Canada Inc., a woman whose knowledge of the brand is outstanding!



With Raphaël Desrues, General Manager of Alès Group Canada Inc.


Still holding on to the theme of the night with my gold & black chevron flash tattoo



behind the scenes beauty blogger action


Lierac Premium Black Rose, Orchid & Poppy triptych

Floral inspirations: black rose, black orchid & black poppy

Lierac Premium packaging

Lierac | Premium Anti-Aging Absolute

Lierac Premium open packaging

Lierac | Premium Anti-Aging Absolute

Lierac Premium collection

Lierac | Premium Anti-Aging Absolute

Lierac Premium swatches

Lierac | Premium Anti-Aging Absolute swatches


Lierac Premium Crème Voluptueuse

The Voluptuous Cream (CAN $145.00) | Housed in a luxe black & gold box (that comes with an applicator spatula) and available in two versions, the Voluptuous Cream is the denser of the two and therefore more suitable for drier complexions. For use both day & night (which makes it so convenient, wouldn’t you agree?), this cream is rich in Shea butter, botanical glycerine and botanical oils, perfect for adding suppleness and moisture to the skin.

Inspired by advanced science based on stem cell research, this range focuses on Foxo Protein, the ‘immortality protein which acts at the source of all stem cells’, and is therefore responsible for keeping our skin healthy. As we age, our skin slows down production of collagen and elastin which results in slack skin, deep wrinkles and pigmentation issues; by reproducing the action of Foxo Protein in the Premium range, these signs of aging are effectively countered – thus giving skin a newfound strength and clarity.

While too rich for my combination/oily skin, this is nevertheless the cream I turned to for nightly use. A little really does go a long way — although that didn’t stop me from slathering it all over my face, neck and décolletage. This cream bears a fresh and lovely floral fragrance which adds to the entire sensorial experience, although those with sensitivities should still take note. The best part? Waking up to velvety smooth skin.

Lierac Premium inner seal

Lierac | The Voluptuous Cream (inner seal)

Lierac Premium Crème Volupteuse open

Lierac | The Voluptuous Cream

Lierac Premium Crème Volupteuse ingredients

Lierac | The Voluptuous Cream, ingredients list


Lierac Premium Crème Soyeuse

The Silky Cream (CAN $145.00) | The lighter version of the two creams, the texture here is almost ‘whipped’, which helps it glide effortlessly along the skin to become quickly and thoroughly absorbed. Made with botanical glycerine for complete hydration, light emulsifiers, and a micro-powder derived from bamboo leaves, this cream will impart an invisible veil upon your skin, making it absolutely perfect for daytime use – especially if you have combination/oily skin like I do. Also fragranced with the same scent as in the rest of the range.

Lierac Premium Crème Soyeuse open

Lierac | The Silky Cream

Lierac Premium Crème Soyeuse ingredients

Lierac | The Silky Cream, ingredients list

Lierac Premium Masque Suprême

The Supreme Mask (CAN $100.00) | I am a huge fan of masks – slightly obsessed, even, so I couldn’t wait to try this one out. Created along the same principles as the rest of the range, there is a 4.5% concentration of the Premium Cellular Complex (or the ‘magical elixir’ as I like to call it), along with a 10% concentration of Hyaluronic Acid Solution (the highest of the entire range) for adding deep and intensive moisture back to your skin. Made to be used once to twice per week, this mask is best used in the evening (after cleansing and before applying the Voluptuous Cream) to further enhance all its beneficial properties.

Lierac Premium Masque Suprême open

Lierac | The Supreme Mask

Lierac Premium Masque Suprême ingredients

Lierac | The Supreme Masque, ingredients list


As much as I love makeup and colour cosmetics in general, the older I’ve gotten the more excited I get over skincare – in particular, skincare that’s effective. After having tested the Premium Anti-Aging Absolute range for the past month now, I can tell you that my skin has absolutely loved it – and I’ve loved the way it’s made my skin feel: buttery smooth, slightly more dense (I literally do a cheek pinch test) and looking visibly more even toned. And while price-wise it may seem a little steep, I believe that the effect I’ve seen speaks for itself, thus making this range well worth the splurge for those looking to get actual results.

Lierac skincare is available at Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix stores across Canada. Find more information via

Lierac Premium closer


Post kindly sponsored by Lierac, all opinions are strictly my own