CHANEL · Water-Fresh Tint, Les Beiges 2019 Collection

Easily one of the most highly anticipated products to come from CHANEL this year, the Water-Fresh Tint from the Les Beige 2019 Collection is as unique to look at, as it is to wear. Boasting a new breakthrough technology, let’s just say that your skin has now found its bestest BFF … or at least, mine certainly has.

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Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint (CAN $85.00/each) | Available in 6 shades and housed in a rectangular tube with a dose-controlled pump dispenser, the transparent base not only displays the shade, but makes it easy to monitor product usage. Each Water-Fresh Tint also comes with its own kabuki brush which works beautifully for a smooth application. The cutting edge patented microfluidic technology of the formula is a first in the cosmetics field, and is composed of 75% water which provides an instantly refreshing sensation upon contact with the skin.

Micro-droplets of encapsulated pigments that are suspended in the base melt upon application, melding perfectly into the skin on contact and help create a radiant bare-skin effect. The ultra lightweight feel of this product also gives a slight blurring and smoothing effect upon the skin, while the sheer coverage provides evenness which still allows your skin’s natural texture to show through. The formula also includes Tamarind Seed Extract known for its moisturizing properties, to deliver long-lasting comfort and hydration throughout the wearing. Note that this produce bears a delicate Neroli Flower fragrance, one that is subtle and quite pleasant, dissipating immediately upon application.

The pump is one of the most efficient I’ve seen, enabling one to effectively control the amount of product dispersed without any waste. Instructions state to deposit an amount on the back of the hand first before application, but I actually prefer to pump it directly onto the brush and then apply it to the skin. The cooling fresh effect is immediately felt, and working from the middle of the face outwards using round buffing motions, the product blends seamlessly into the skin to leave behind the lightest veil of colour — but one that can be slightly built up — providing a lovely even-toned and healthy-looking tint to the skin. Note that there are in fact 3 distinct ways to wear this product: on its own for a sheer wash of colour, under foundation and/or bronzer as a base, or lightly patted on top of foundation to “wake it up“, as it were.

The short-handled kabuki brush has a bevelled flat top and includes soft dense bristles, but with enough flexibility to them so that they splay evenly along the skin.

Swatches of the entire range: just 1 small pump shown

Light – pale oyster/cream, ideal for fair to light complexions

Medium Light – soft ecru, ideal for light to medium complexions

Light Deep – light nude tan, ideal for light to medium complexions

Please note that in the above swatch Medium Light and Light Deep are mislabeled and should be inverted (ugh). All three are shown at the initial blending phase.

All three shades are blended out a bit more in the above swatch, but the texture can still be further sheered out.

Medium – neutral nude, ideal for light to medium complexions

Medium Plus – soft camel, ideal for medium complexions

Deep – soft brown, ideal for medium to dark medium complexions

Interestingly enough, the two shades that I thought would be much too dark for me — Medium Plus and Deep — turn out to be quite wearable on my skin tone after all. In fact, lately I’ve been wearing a thin layer of Medium Plus with a light touch of CHANEL’s Soleil Tan cream bronzer and a dusting of the N° 30 Healthy Glow Powder on top, which gives my skin such a perfect tanned look, people have actually asked me whether I’ve just returned from holiday (I wish). Something tells me that Deep will be spot-on for when my face finally does take on a slight tan.

Since I prefer my coverage on the sheer side, I was super excited to try this product but I wasn’t prepared for exactly how much I would turn out to LOVE it. The texture feels fresh and light and once blended into the skin, magically seems to “transform” the look of the complexion into something so much more even-toned, and in a truly natural way. It’s actually not easy to fully explain the effect, but one that I’ve probably been waiting for — and just never knew it, until now. Stand up and take a bow, CHANEL because you’ve certainly done good.

Available at CHANEL counters nationwide

Kindly provided by CHANEL for my unbiased consideration

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