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CHANEL Le Rouge nail polish opener


Several weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to get a preview of the new Le Rouge Collection N°1 Fall 2016 from CHANEL and even though I basically fell hard for EVERYTHING, it really comes as no surprise that my eyes figuratively devoured the two nail lacquers. I expected at least one red shade (it is Le Rouge, after all) but a sheer gloss? In red? Colour me intrigued.

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CHANEL Le Rouge Collection N°1 Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart for Chanel Le Rouge Collection N°1, Fall 2016


CHANEL Le Rouge nail polish duo

CHANEL | Le Rouge Collection N°1 Fall 2016

CHANEL Le Rouge Collection Rouge Radical Nail Gloss

530 Rouge Radical Nail Gloss, limited edition (CAN $32.00) | A sheer tomato red hue in a jelly-like formula with a medium/thick density that nevertheless applies easily (do not overload your brush to avoid any pooling along the cuticles or along nail edges). Self-levelling to the point where it can even smooth out any light nicks on its own as it dries, the finish is incredibly brilliant — more like liquid vinyl in fact, and stays that way even once dry. Interestingly, this shade is much more opaque than I thought it would be, giving good coverage at 1 coat and appearing almost fully opaque at 2 (longer nails will still show through, however). With its stained-glass kind of effect, Rouge Radical is one of the most unique ways to wear red that I’ve seen in a long time, as it can even be layered over any other hue to transform it into something completely new (and thus create colours unheard of before). BONUS: non-staining upon removal.

Swatches shown with: 1 coat, 2 coats & 2 coats in indirect light to highlight the glossiness

CHANEL Rouge Radical Nail Gloss 1 coat

CHANEL | 530 Rouge Radical Nail Gloss, 1 coat

CHANEL Rouge Radical Nail Gloss 2 coats

CHANEL | 530 Rouge Radical Nail Gloss, 2 coats

CHANEL Rouge Radical Nail Gloss swatch 3

CHANEL | 530 Rouge Radical Nail Gloss, alternate light

CHANEL Rouge Puissant

528 Rouge Puissant (CAN $32.00) | A true red hue with a perfect balance of both cool and warm undertones, making it wearable by all. Bearing an excellent flow and coverage, this hybrid crème-jelly formula is almost opaque at 1 coat where it looks a touch more blue-based, but becomes definitely deeper with a second layer. Self-levelling and coming to a natural glossy finish, I wouldn’t skip base coat first as this pigment-rich lovely has some stain potential.

Coats: 2 (no top coat), layered with Rouge Radical Nail Gloss on last 2 swatches

CHANEL Rouge Puissant swatch 2 coats

CHANEL | 528 Rouge Puissant, 2 coats

CHANEL Rouge Radical over Rouge Puissant swatch

CHANEL | 530 Rouge Radical Nail Gloss (1 coat) over 528 Rouge Puissant (2 coats)

CHANEL Rouge Radical over Rouge Puissant swatch 2

CHANEL | 530 Rouge Radical Nail Gloss, 1 coat


Taking a colour as classic and ubiquitous as red and reinventing it? That is exactly what CHANEL has done with Rouge Radical Nail Gloss. First seen in Sunrise Trip (L.A. Sunrise Collection), this particular formula has been totally improved upon, turning this new version into the must-have shade of the season. While Rouge Puissant is definitely nothing ground-breaking in terms of colour, it does happen to be that perfect red that falls neither too blue nor orange based and worth looking into if you’re a red polish aficionado (I’d suggest shopping your CHANEL stash first, however). As stated above, Rouge Radical Nail Gloss is limited edition and we all know what that means … you’ve been warned.

Available August 6 at CHANEL counters nationwide


CHANEL Le Rouge Collection N°1



Glorious red nail candy kindly provided/As always, all opinions are my own

6 Responses to CHANEL | Le Rouge Collection N°1 Fall 2016 – Nails

  1. carole says:

    The last picture is my favorite-such a glossy red effect. And i agree with the stained glass window effect. What a great way to describe it. I am checking out your reviews of the eye pallet-do you think it’s good for a blue eyed person? i will get a chance to see it all this weekend, and I can’t wait. In the meantime, thank you for such an in depth review.


    • Eugenia says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Carole! As to the palette, it will look amazing with blue eyes – mine are green and I find the shades really make my eye colour pop! (wearing shades from this palette as I write this, in fact!) Enjoy the collection when you finally see it this weekend! 🙂

  2. spatti says:

    I love the Gloss! I really was expecting one coat to be too sheer but it’s perfect.

  3. NYCBelle says:

    Is 530 worn alone? Beautiful if so.

    • Eugenia says:

      As stated in my post, I’ve shown #530 Rouge Radical worn several ways: 1 coat (1st swatch), 2 coats (2nd swatch) as well as over #528 Rouge Puissant (last 2 swatches). Happy to hear you liked it!

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