Estée Lauder · Bronze Goddess Summer 2017 Collection


You had me at ‘goddess’ …

The 2017 version of Estée Lauder’s cult-fave Bronze Goddess Summer Collection has landed at counters, and I’ve got a few goodies to share with you today; beach sadly not included. Oh, and can we take a hot minute to swoon over Carolyn Murphy’s divine Bronze Goddess-ness?


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Carolyn Murphy for the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess 2017 campaign

Heat Wave Illuminating Powder Gelée, limited edition (CAN $55.00) | The undisputed pièce de résistance of the entire collection (and the item that will most likely sell out at lightning speed — you’ve been warned) is undoubtedly this lustrous highlighter. Originally launched in 2013, this reissued version is a soft gold with slight yellowish undertones in the base, and comes housed in a round compact that bears exquisite rose gold & turquoise detailing along with the most stunning radiating sun-ray pattern on its surface. The texture is unique as well, being dense and almost creamy feeling to the touch, but which applies like the most luxurious of powders along the skin. Pigmentation is strong, so you really don’t need much for Heat Wave to show up — I suggest using a fan brush to start with, then build up as desired. Staying power is excellent, melding beautifully with skin’s natural heat & oils without overly emphasizing pores.

Thanks to the latest reissues (Modern Mercury from the Victoria Beckham Collection and now Heat Wave), I now have the entire Powder Gelée highlighters released from Estée Lauder to add to Shimmering Sands and Topaz Chameleon. Of the four, the shades that are probably the most easily wearable are indeed Heat Wave and Modern Mercury, the other two being much deeper in tone and showing a higher pigmentation level, although I’m sure with a little bit of effort they too can be sheered out for a more ‘natural’ effect, if you will.


Summer Lip Glow, limited edition (CAN $34.00/each) | Formulated with vitamins and butters for a rich yet lightweight formula, these lipsticks provide a light hint of colour for lips that glow and will be the perfect accompaniment to a Summer tan (that’s how I see them). The texture is creamy and buttery with an easy glide along the lips and very comfortable to wear. Staying power, as expected with light natural shades such as these, is not high — but the beauty is that you can reapply as needed with no mirror required to do the job.

  • Sunlit Nude – peachy/nude with ultra fine shimmer
  • SunBlush – rose pink/nude with ultra fine shimmer


Bronze Goddess Whipped Body Creme (CAN $61.00) | I have been obsessed with beach-inspired scents for as long as I can remember (I’m a Summer baby; the beach is in my DNA) and the second I opened up this jar, I was instantly transported sea-side. For real. The texture is creamy yet mousse-like to provide a lightweight feel that’s never greasy, and a little definitely goes a long way as it leaves skin feeling nourished and immediately smooth-looking. The scent is definitely present; if you’re like me and need to be careful of anything that may lean on the strong side, I suggest starting with a small amount and building up. As this is long lasting fragrance-wise, you can even skip adding anything else on top … just don’t be alarmed if people start leaning in close. #justsaying

Top notes:

  • Bergamot
  • Warm Amber

Heart notes:

  • Tiaré Flower
  • Vanilla

Base note:

  • Creamy Coconut


Shimmering Oil Spray for Hair & Body (CAN $55.00) | Made with several nourishing oils (jojoba, safflower, olive), this spray can be used on hair to both tame flyaways and add a touch of sparkle, or along the body for hydration with a side order of gleam. Bearing a lighter version of the collection’s signature Eau Fraîche fragrance (as well as being a much lighter take on the Whipped Body Creme‘s scent), it also contains finely milled shimmer for that sun-kissed sparkle (it’s a thing, believe me) — just remember you need to shake the contents first to combine it all. As seen in the swatches below, the shimmery bits are quite tiny and when thoroughly massaged/blended into the skin, they are not readily evident unless the light happens to catch onto one, then it’s WHOA — so, so gorgeous.

Note that the fragrance notes are the same as in the Whipped Body Creme


Here it is: Estée Lauder has definitively captured the essence of Summer and packaged it up real nicely too. I can’t really speak of the other items in this collection, but of the pieces here I can say that if you love highlighters that glide on butterfly wings along the skin, better grab Heat Wave — before it’s gone again. And if anything beachy-scented gets your motor running, you’ll need either the Whipped Body Creme or the Shimmering Oil Spray. I don’t usually sport lipstick at the beach, but I think I’ll be making an exception for both Sunlit Nude and SunBlush since they’re both subtle enough to enhance but not stand out … assuming I can even get to a beach anytime soon, that is — but when I do, that’s what I’ll want to be wearing. Because, SUN.

Available at The Bay, select retailers & online



Media samples kindly provided, all opinions are my own

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  1. I’m so mesmerized with the Shimmering Oil Spray. How long does the fragrance last on the skin? The collection on the whole looks so beautiful, and the post you put up is just as amazing! 🙂

    • Eugenia says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words! The fragrance actually lasts a good while and even hours later I can still pick up subtle hints of it!

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