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For Fall 2017, Guerlain is fully embracing the matte lip game with the launch of two new ranges, KissKiss Matte Lipstick — the stars of today’s post, and Intense Liquid Matte (review coming soon). Created to feel as good as they look, these differ from many of their contemporaries in several ways, but I won’t spoil it for you …


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Guerlain Tetris, perhaps?


KissKiss Liplift Lip Primer (CAN $44.00) | Part of the brand’s core lineup and the best-kept secret of makeup artists the world over, this is something you’ll want to invest in if you wear lipstick. Housed in a slim gold case designed by renown jeweller Herve Van Der Straeten, this lip primer bears a subtler version of the brand’s signature vanilla-violet fragrance, and is applied directly from the tube but also extended slightly past the lips’ natural contours, then smoothed/smudged in with a fingertip. The texture is creamy and easy to work with, serving to act as an anchor/protector under lipstick (particularly effective with matte lip products), while the microbeads in the formula also expand slightly as soon as they come into contact with your lips to provide volume as well.





KissKiss Matte Lipstick (CAN $44.00/each) | Available in 8 shades (plus 1 more exclusive to Sephora – not shown), this is next-level matte. Housed in the brand’s signature luxe gold casing but with a modern matte finish & embossed with the KissKiss logo on the bullet, these are made with spice extracts to provide a slight (but temporary) plumpness to lips, along with precious oils to nourish, smooth, and hydrate. Finally, the latest generation of hyaluronic acid in the formula brings ‘volume and curve’ to lips while maintaining a sense of comfort throughout the wearing. Note that these all bear the brand’s iconic violet-vanilla fragrance, but one which seems to dissipate quickly after application.

As with all Guerlain lip products, the application itself becomes a sensorial experience, and these are no exception to that. Literally gliding along the lips, the texture here is neither too creamy so that it slides around, nor too firm that it feels dry and/or chalky — but somewhere exactly in the middle (i.e.: perfection). Coverage is pretty much full on from the first swipe, including the lightest shade, and staying power is excellent throughout the wearing, with the darkest shades obviously lasting longer, while all fade to a light stain version of themselves. Note that Hot Coral and Daring Pink do seem to stain deeper than the rest — most likely to do with the type of pink pigment in the formula, I’m guessing. As to the finish, while not exactly matte in the truest sense of the word since they don’t exactly dry down completely, I would classify these more along the velvet side of the spectrum — a fact which I personally love since they give off ‘matte-like’ vibes, but feel so comfortable & weightless throughout the wearing, and none of the desiccating sensation usually associated with the type.






I couldn’t resist throwing in a ton of shots; these literally beg to be photographed but the wearing is where these KissKiss Matte Lipsticks truly shine. Don’t ask me to pick a favourite; I actually love each and every shade and am hoping the brand releases even more colours in the range. For anyone who loves the look of matte lipsticks but whose lips cry in protest at the very thought of wearing them, fear no more: Guerlain to the rescue.

Available at Sephora, The Bay and Guerlain Boutiques



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  1. These are so beautiful! I’ve never tried a Luxury lipstick but I think I’m going to have to soon.

  2. Carolina says:

    I love the packaging on these, it makes me want one just because of the packaging! The colors are beautiful too xx

    Carolina’s Makeup Life

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