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For Spring 2017, the Guerlain Météorites Happy Rosy Glow Collection is all about illumination & femininity, with a heaping dose of, well … happiness. Bearing iridescent packaging and dainty pink touches abounding, the brand is giving us yet more compelling reasons why we need these cult-fave little spheres of powder perfection in our lives — plus how gorgeous will any of these pieces look on your vanity table?



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Météorites Happy Glow Pearls, limited edition (CAN $89.00) | Housed in a container that mimics an oversized pearl complete with a mirror on the inner lid and a generously sized pale pink powder puff, this latest iteration of the brand’s iconic Météorites pearls provides correction as well as illumination to even out skin tone. The four shades come in a combination of matte and shimmery pearl finishes, while the colour selection goes a long way in brightening the skin but as with other Météorites, it does so in a subtle way — so subtle in fact as to be literally invisible, but which leaves an impression just the same. The shades are:

  • light pink with multicolour reflection flecks to give an ‘ultimate glow’ (the largest ball)
  • mauve/lavender to catch the light (matte)
  • pink to refresh the complexion (matte)
  • champagne/gold to reflect light (shimmery)

Trying to describe how Météorites work along the skin is virtually impossible; the best way to put it is that they act almost in a stealth manner by giving your complexion the type of finish that will have people mentioning how good you look. The bonus part is that this version does indeed add a brightening effect as well, but of the variety that appears as though it’s coming from within, and not just surface level. Note that as all with all Guerlain products, these pearls are scented with the brand’s signature violet fragrance — but it’s one which doesn’t linger once applied.

Now isn’t this a pretty sight?

Météorites Powder Brush, limited edition (CAN $51.00) | I’ll be the first to say that past Guerlain brushes have never impressed me all that much and in fact I have one that if it weren’t for the fact that it was part of the Pucci Collection, I’d have gotten rid of it long ago due to how rough it feels along the skin. That said, I’m thrilled with how lovely this Powder Brush is; housed in a washable sleeve and bearing a white lacquered handle with an embossed silver ferrule, the bristles are soft and display a nice flexibility which help make application effortless, leaving behind a flawless finish without any demarcation lines. And can we talk about how adorable the pink bristles are?



564 Pearly Pink KissKiss Lipstick, limited edition (CAN $45.00) | Honestly, I am slightly obsessed with the name of this lipstick; KissKiss … I can literally say it all day long! One of two limited edition shades released with this collection (the other is 565 Blossom Glow), this formula is enriched with plumping hyaluronic acid spheres to provide fullness as well as continuous moisture throughout the wearing. For someone who tends to avoid wearing anything in this colour family, I surprisingly LOVE this faded pink shade as it gives just enough life to lips without appearing juvenile, and as to the texture: buttery velvet is the closest in describing it. Staying power is about par for something light, approximately 3 hours wear, less if eating and/or drinking.


Is there anything really left to say that I haven’t already covered? If you’ve yet to dive into the wonderful world of Guerlain Météorites, I can’t recommend enough that you give these little pearls a test drive — but seriously; go to your nearest counter & try them on, then walk outside to see your skin in natural light. You will be amazed and never want to be without them again (or maybe that’s just me, but still …). Just a word of warning: these limited edition versions usually sell out faster than you can blink, so don’t wait to long to think about it. And while the brush is wonderful, it’s not exactly a must-have in my book — unless you happen to be a collector of unique beauty pieces (∗ahem, guilty∗), then by all means indulge. And if you happen to be looking for that perfect dusty pink lippie, you definitely need to give KissKiss Pearly Pink a shot. Bonus: you get to say “KissKiss” out loud.

Available at The Bay, Sephora & select counters



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