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When Lancôme launched their Juicy Shakers last year, who didn’t fall instantly in love with their utter cuteness? Dipping once more in the creative pool, the brand has reinvented these lippies with a new super-pigmented (and I mean SUPER … but more on that further on) matte finish that are surely going to stir things up, cocktail hour or no.


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Matte Shaker Liquid Lipstick (CAN $29.00/each, available in 7 shades) | Distinguished by their predecessors via a black cap, these are liquid lipsticks in a water-in-oil emulsion formula with a patented ‘Ulta Thin Film’ technology for the most featherweight feel upon the lips along with Vitamin E for comfortable wear, along with intense colour payoff that comes to a satin/matte finish. They need to be shaken in order to combine & fully activate the ingredients and have an approximate 90 second dry-down time. The unique cushion sponge applicator has a gently rounded tip that makes it easy to get to all lip contours (just don’t expect master precision), and you also have the option of layering the shades for more intensity. The light fruity fragrance is noticeable only initially, then quickly dissipates after application.

  • 186 Magic Orange – coral/orange
  • 374 Kiss Me Chérie – cherry red
  • 378 Pink Power – fuchsia/magenta
  • 379 Yummy Pink – hot pink

There are endless ways in which you can wear these Matte Shakers; straight up is the obvious choice, and even at that you can create either a light wash of colour by dabbing it along the centre of the lips and using a finger or smooshing lips together to spread the colour out, or applying several layers (waiting for each to dry in between) for major colour saturation. Another option is to create some lip art styles by either alternating shades on both top & bottom lips (I’m showing it this way in the middle swatch, top row), or going for an ombré effect like I’ve done below (centre swatch, bottom row) — and that’s just for starters.
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But here’s where a warning needs to be inserted; these are HELLA pigmented. As in you-might-need-a-blowtorch-to-remove-all-traces level of pigmented. The upside is that regardless of how much you eat, drink, kiss, etc., you will have continuous colour on your lips — a great choice if you want something that will last intact without worrying how your lippie has migrated. But this level of commitment will definitely not work if all you’re looking for is a pop of colour that can be easily wiped off in the event you’ve changed your mind. After much experimentation, the best method for removal that I found was by alternating a dual-phased remover, followed by a lip scrub/exfoliant … just keep things gentle because the last thing you want is irritated lips (I came close).


I must be a sucker for punishment because after my initial swatching session where I discovered how insanely long-lasting these Matte Shakers are and where I needed an entire day to banish all traces from my lips (for real), I couldn’t resist trying a few more lip art styles. As someone who loves the look of matte but hates the desiccating feel most leave behind (not to mention how sensitive my lips are to begin with), I cannot get over how invisible these actually feel. You literally forget you’ve got anything on and they’ll be perfect for a wedding and a baptism I have coming up because trust me; you need something as ridiculously long-lasting as these for Greek functions … although I may need some divine help to remove the shades later. #worthitthough

Available mid-April



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