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NARS recently introduced the Sculpting Multiple Duo (CAN $52.00/exclusive to Sephora), a dual-ended contour/highlighter in stick form that is available in 3 shade combos. Housed in the brand’s sleek black rubberized packaging, these duos are not only portable, but ridiculously easy to use, requiring little more than one’s fingers to apply, whether to cheeks (my fave), eyes or even lips. Add a swipe of mascara, and boom — look done.



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Sculpting Multiple Duo – contour | What I really like about the contour end of these Duos, is that the shades lean more on the subtle side and therefore provide more flexibility re: application. While not exactly flat in finish, there’s just the barest hint of a sheen to keep the colour from appearing 1-dimensional. As to blending, it’s in a word: effortless, and while there are only 3 shades, they manage to cross over a wide variety of skin tones just the same.

  • Sidari Beach – the palest and more cooler leaning of the 3, this can also be used as a highlighter on those with very deep complexions.
  • Laguna – originally released as a limited edition Multiple a while back, this cult-fave shade is suitable for light to medium complexions & gives that perfect beauty glow.
  • Oahu – the deepest of the 3, this shade is excellent for medium to dark skin tones but can still be made to work on light-medium complexions, provided you use a light hand and blend, blend, blend.

Naturally, the first thought that came to mind was to compare these Sculpting Multiple Duos to the recently released Diorblush Light & Contour Sticks (reviewed here) and while the concept may be the same, the shades definitely vary with the Dior versions being several degrees deeper and coming to an velvety powder-like matte finish.

NOTE: all swatches (both the contour & highlight, along with comparisons) have been applied quite heavily in order to accent their colour.






Sculpting Multiple Duo – highlight | When NARS originally launched the Copacabana Multiple, it became an overnight sensation and subsequently a must-have in every makeup artist’s kit. With a lightweight creamy texture and softly shimmering finish, these highlighters give skin a subtle illumination (think: candlelit glow, not disco-ball flash), but do make sure to blend all edges out in order to achieve the most flawless effect.

  • Copacabana – the only shade of the three that’s also available as a [solo] Multiple, it may the coolest leaning of them all but looks equally amazing on those with warmer undertones (I’ve been using this one for years).
  • Hot Sand – released as a limited edition shade as part of the Hot Sand Collection (and still showing availability on the NARS website), this is a pinker-hued highlighter and may even work as a blush (sort of) on those with ultra fair complexions.
  • Playa Flamenco – the warmest leaning of the three, this shade leaves a delicate gold radiance on the skin (also looks amazing at the inner eye corner and along the brow bone).

In comparison to the highlight portion of the Diorblush Light & Contour Sticks, you can see that both the finish and the shades – for the most part – are quite similar, with the obvious exception of Dior’s Intense Contour that veers significantly deeper than any of the others. I would say that the Dior are also much more pigmented, albeit very easy to blend out just the same.




NARS · Sculpting Multiple Duo | highlight swatches


NARS · Sculpting Multiple Duo | highlight swatches & comparisons


Obviously, the whole contour/highlight trend is not going anywhere soon and why should it? These techniques have been around for decades, despite what social media might have you believe. Done right, you can gently (emphasis on the word ‘gently’) sculpt your face, whether it’s to emphasize certain features (the highlighter end) or to detract from others (the contour side) by creating shadow & light along your canvas face. If you’re someone who enjoys makeup and loves trying out various techniques, then these Sculpting Multiple Duos are worth looking into because not only are they very easy to work with and blend seamlessly into the skin (again, make sure to buff), but will lighten up your makeup bag by quite a bit as any one of these lovelies can be a total multi-tasker. Not a bad deal, am I right?

Available exclusively at Sephora



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